January 18, 2022

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My V Husband. Chapter 146

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My Virgin Husband.

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Written by Feathers.

Chapter 146


All I could hear were screams from Evans, I knew that Ethan will never kill his brother but I was certain he would hurt him severely until he confessed where our baby is.

I fear for what he may do after he is released but…I’m more concerned about my baby at the moment.

I was restless and decided to go back to the room that Ethan, Martha and Evans were, I want to see if there was any progress.

On entering, I was surprised to see that the ma-nhood of Evans had been destroyed.

Oh my days! this will be the greatest pain that he would never be able to live with for the rest of his life.

Evans was breathing heavily like someone that would die while Evans and Martha stayed by the side of the bed, watching him.

“He wouldn’t confess where the baby is, even after this?” I asked Ethan.

“I will be destroying all the part of his body until he confess the truth.” Ethan replied.

“What if after doing everything to him, he still didn’t tell us where the baby is, what would we do?”I whispered softly into the ears of Ethan.

” There is a level of torture that a man’s body can not withhold.” Ethan said to me.

“Rose, don’t you think you should be resting in your room, let’s handle this.” Martha said to me.

“Rose….see what your husband did to me.” Evans said and I walked to him.

“We use to be lovers….I love you Rose.” He said bitterly.

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“Even if we marry, how will you produce babies seeing that your manhood is destroyed?” I asked.

He looked away and cried.

“Ethan destroyed my life already, I know….I won’t be able to have the fun in s—X again and it hurts badly.” He said.

“Where is my baby?” I asked him.

“How can I tell you after what your hisband did to me, what worst can you guys do to me?” He asked, looking away bitterly and angrily.

“Ethan will go ahead to remove your eyes, your fingers and just everything that can make you a man, do you want to live like a dead man?” I asked him.

We suddenly heard the visitor’s bell and we all walked out to check.

Ethan opened the door and we were stunned to see his dad and many cops behind him.

“Search everywhere.” Evan’s dad commanded.