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My Virgin Husband. Chapter 165

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My Virgin Husband

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 165

I couldn’t believe Ethan was believing the result. I trusted him not to have given the result a thought but here he was questioning me.

“Ethan, so you stop trusting me?”I asked.

” I’ve always trusted you but.. this is fact, this hospital is one of the most trusted hospital in the country, you and I know this. How can I just overlook something so sensitive like this?” He asked

I looked away, I was so frustrated and tired. I got inside the car and rested my head on the chair.

What’s all these again?

Ethan entered the car after a while, I could tell from his expression that he was not happy, I couldn’t speak either but what in the world are the text result suggesting.

Even though Evans and I had a past together, I’ve never engaged in any relationship with him

After Ethan and I arrived home, unlike other time, when he would hold me by my hand and walked me inside, he just walked in leaving me behind.

Am I even suppose to beg him? If I do, he would keep telling me to confess to him , but I really do not have anything to confess to him.

Three days later, Ethan who was found of coming around 5PM in the evening on working days is beginning to arrive late. He had come home around few minutes to 8PM yesterday.

I couldn’t complain cause I understand the situation that we were, I was just hoping he changed his mind and sees that I’m not the type of lady that will ever cheat on him.

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It’s few minutes after 9PM , yet he hasn’t arrived and that really made me worried. I then phoned him, at first , he didn’t picked. But he picked on the second ring.

“Ethan…where are you?” I questioned.

“I’ve been busy.” He answered. There was no affection is his voice at all.

“Busy! Ethan, this is not you! why are you changing this way, it really hurts me? You know how much we loved each other.” I said bitterly.

“I’m sorry…but I’m not even sure I’ll be coming home anytime soon but I’ll sure come home today.” He said.

“Ethan! you use to be in a hurry to come home, you use to send me text every hour when you are at work, why are you acting this way?” I asked but to my surprise, he hung up.

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