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My V Husband. Chapter 23

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 23

Rose’s POV

-At home-

I can’t wait for the robot to be delivered to me, I ordered for it yesterday.

I was in the dinning eating. Ethan has gone out. The visitor’s bell rang and I stood at once to open the door.

I was less surprised when I saw the delivery man with the robot beside him.

The robot was dressed in suit, he’s yellow in color and looked very handsome. He was smiling at me like he was real.

“You can give him any name you want, the manual to become an expert in operating him is here.” The delivery man said as he stretched a book at me.

I received it and nodded.

“He works based on command, I believe you have little ideas on how to control robot?” The delivery man asked.

“Sure…I once lived with one at my mother’s place. ” I said and the delivery man nodded as he turned away. He walked away.

“Welcome!” I said to the robot while still standing at the entrance.

“Thank you.” He said still smiling.

“Come in!” I said opening the door widely for him to step in.

He walked in gently and kept staring at the house.

“You like my home, right?” I asked.

“Sure, it’s magnificent and awesome.” He said.

“Have your sit , please.” I said to him and he sat.

I took the manual that the man had given me and began to study it. In few minutes, I was done.

“I need to give you a name…erm…I think you should bear Brandon.” I said.

“Nice name. Thank you.” He said and I nodded.

“I need to tell you why you are here actually, my husband behaves strangely when it comes to our romantic life, you can’t believe he hasn’t even made love with me since we got married.” I said but the robot just kept staring at me.

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“So…I…I want you to act like we are in love, you act like my husband.” I said.

“I’m sorry but I do not know how to fall in love, I do not know how to make love neither, forgive me. It’s the way I was created.”

“I understand. I’m not asking you to fall in Love with me neither am I telling you to make love with me. Just act like my husband, act like you are in love. In fact, act like we make love sometimes.” I said to the robot.

“Anything for you.” He said as he starred at my face.

Later that same day!

Ethan arrived from his place of work and pressed the visitor’s bell. I went to the door and opened it.

I did not welcome him, I did not even say a word. I just went to where Brandon sat and rested my head on its lap.

I was surprised Brandon started playing with my hair too.

Good! He’s getting it right.

Ethan who was suppose to walk to his room walked before us just like I had predicted.

“Rose, what is going on here?” He asked. I chuckled inside of me but maintained a serious face. It’s the first time in our marriage that he will be calling me by my name.

All this while, he had referred to me as ‘wife.’

“I don’t get your question.” I said as I adjusted well on Brandon’s lap.

“I’m confused here. Who is this young man?” Ethan asked?

“Someone that can make Love with me.” I said.

“Really? Cheating on me in my own house?” He asked.

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“Cheating? Do you call that cheating? Plus are you not cheating on me with your silly s*x do-ll?” I asked.

“Rose, you should understand me.” He said painfully.

“Understand what? That you want to make my p***sy rotten cause you wouldn’t make use of it. This man here would help you out, don’t worry.” I said.

Ethan looked away and turned back at us.

“Young man, I need you to leave my house, she’s my wife.” Ethan said.

“I’m sorry but you did not own me, you can’t command me.” Brandon said.

“What’s he saying? Own who? She’s my wife…I do not want you around her, get away how before I do something crazy? ” He threatened.

“Do your worst, Mr. ” Brandon said and Ethan expresses shock.

“Seems you are really ready for anything, you want to be making love with my own wife in my house? ….fine!” He walked away.

I winked at Brandon and he just smiled.

At Night.

I was laughing out loud as I walk towards Ethan’s room. Brandon and I walked inside Ethan’s room and we saw him laying on the bed with his eyes opened.

He was probably thinking.

“Baby, make love with me.” I said to Brandon as I robbed his chest seductively.

Brandon carried me all of a sudden and threw me on the bed gently. He licked his lower lips as he seems to star lustfully at me. Ethan screamed all of a sudden. ;” Hey! Hey! Heeey! Even in my presence?”

“Yes, you should watch us make love, after all, you won’t make love with her.” Brandon said.

Ethan bite his lips as he walked restlessly to and fro the room.

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“If I make love with her, will you leave?” He asked Brandon and Brandon faced me for an answer. I signalled for him to say ‘YES’

“Sure, I will.” He replied Ethan.

“Okay, I will. Can you leave now?” He asked Brandon.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. I need to watch you do exactly what she yearns for.” Brandon said.

Ethan began to remove his belt, he pulled off his trousers and crawled to me.

“Baby, who Is he?” Ethan whispered to my ears.

“To be husband.” I replied and he stood up unexpectedly.

“Erm…Can you please stay at the bathroom at least, there is no way I will be comfortable making love with my wife in your presence.” Ethan said and Brandon looked at my face for answer again.

I signalled for him to reply :’YES’

“Okay!” Brandon said and Ethan walked with him to the bathroom.

I noticed Ethan took a while before coming out but I ignored that.

“Baby! I’m dealing with that man?” Ethan said.


“I believe you know the bathroom leads directly to the swimming pool, as soon as we get to the bathroom, I opened the door that lead to the swimming pool and pushed him there. ” He said.

“What! ” I screamed.

“If he can swim , he will escape it but with the look of things, the rain is falling. He may drown cause the water is much.”

Jeez! The manual said the robot must not spend more than 15 seconds in the water , if it does, it will start to misbehave.

Who’s ready for the drama between psycho robot and Shy subtle Ethan? ????????