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Married To A Prince. Episode 17

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Episode 17

Hold on!
is this the same guy am gonna get married to?

hell noo!!
omg! is this what he’s gonna welcome me with?
is he a 53x freak?

omg! was this the reason why mum never wanted me out of the house?

I miss Nita
I miss mum
I miss my old life

she told me,Nita told me he’s a god damn flirt

can’t believe he’s making out in the bathroom of all places

I felt my world crumbling
I felt my heart rising and falling
what if he tries any thing funny?

no no!
my Prince charming can’t do a thing like that
I fell madly in love with his picture
is he ever gonna feel same with me?

gosh! am scared right now
am so scared
I really don’t know what’s gonna wait me here

why did I ever step out against mums order?
what offense did my dad committed to warrant me serving the punishment in his place

yeah! this is a punishment, the worst one ever

how can I be happy knowing am getting married to a hot flirt

I can’t stand it
I just can’t
I really need to see mum
she’d got some explanations to make.

I took a last look at the large bathroom door and flounce out of the room,taking different stairs and lift I came across.

the house was damn huge and beautiful but my mood was gloomy already

how could he do a thing like that when he possibly knew I was betrothed to him
how would he do a thing like that knowing he has a bride he’s gonna get married to.

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I felt so weak
if only they could conceal the wedding,I will go with mum to Korea with the speed of light and will never step a foot here again

this place has got me nothing but pains
I descended the stairs ruffling my already ruffled hair

“Karen!” the queen called
how the hell did she know my name?
I didn’t remember telling her that!
well, maybe I did

“ma’am! can you please let me talk to my mother? please I just wanna have a word with her”I said snivelling real hard

“what’s wrong Karen!
speak to me” the queen cooed pulling me to her self

she’s so nice
if only her son will be like this
I just don’t know how she’s gonna react if I spill it out

perhaps she might see me as a turtle tale and some one who can’t keep a secret
I don’t want her to get the wrong information about me

“nothing ma’am” I replied wiping the tears off my eyes with the helm of my pyjamas

can’t believe am still putting this on!

“nothing’s wrong Karen,and your crying,
did Kyle did anything to you?
speak up” she cooed and I pulled away from the hug

“no ma!
am just missing my mum!
I wanna have a word or two with her!” I said and she took in a deep breath

“well karen,I really don’t wanna turn you down but it’s against our tradition for a young bride to contact her parents while she undergoes fattening”the Queen said and I throttled backwards in surprise

this people gat to be really kidding!
when and how?

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“I aren’t undergoing fattening ma,
can I speak with her please” I said and she sighed

“your fattening began immediately you step an inch into this palace and it’s gonna end the night of your wedding
the fattening process is really important Karen! and you will really need it cause in a few months from now you will be carrying my grand child in there”she said said pointing at my tummy

what the hell !!
the last time I checked, I never told anybody I wanna be a baby making machine or something.
she shouldn’t even think of adding to my worries

“please ma’am” I pleaded
“in as much as i wanna refuse cause the king is against it according to our culture and I will be the worst mother in law to deny her daughter in law her first request.
so here we go” she said handing me one of her phones

“don’t let the king sees you” she cautioned taking her eyes back to the fashion magazine she was previously reading

I punch in mums digit
it was something i could do even while sleeping

I called her number repeatedly but it wasn’t going

why will mum switch off her phone?
or is she angry with me?

it wasn’t my fault though
it’s definitely hers cause she lot me in the dark and didn’t tell me even a bit of what happened or perhaps she left for Korea without me?

the thought of it alone made me sick
I handed the phone back to the queens personal maid cause he seems so engross in the magazine she was reading

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I pray I don’t die here
I took a bend walking into the passage that led to the room when I bumped into someone

yeah! that weird friend of mine

I still haven’t gotten the fact he’s a prince
like, he’s the kings son
prince kyles younger brother

“hey! ” he said and I nodded and made to walk past him when he held me back roughly

“this was what I was trynna preventing,but she spoilt it all”he muttered in audibly but I still heard him

“have you thought about my proposal?
you promise to think about it
remember?”he groaned pinning me to the wall

what the hell !!
did he realised I am his elder brothers bride to be?

“let go off me”I yelled and he smiled,trailing kisses down my neck line
my eyes pop up in fear


he suddenly got a call and stared into the phone,his other hand held me firm

“you won this time, but next time you sure won’t
have gat my eyes on you” he said and walked away, picking up the call

that was a close one

I ran into the room and shut the door, placing my two hands on it

I stood catching my breath
I turned away from the door and my eyes caught him leaning on the bathroom door
staring at me

it’s him!
my betrothed!
I felt scared as his cold eyes bored into my skin…