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Married To A Prince. Episode 40(Finale)

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Written by : Authoress succy



I kept pacing to and fro in the hospital reception and Karen looked tired obviously from crying
mum and sky had fell off the roof top,
how it happened, I f**king don’t know
sky died immediately in the spot while mum was still breathing but in a terrible state

the doctor rushed out of the theater and I almost ran up to him

“doctor how’s she?
how’s my mum?”I rasp and he kept mute
“it’s a narrow escape
my prince” he said and I felt relieved

“she’s out of danger and will wake up soon”he said and I smiled winking at Karen who looked away looking extremely tired

“thanks doc and how about my brother?”I asked and he smiled

“his corpse has been deposited in the morgue”he replied and I shook hands with him
“thank you doc” I greeted in excitement

“your welcome my prince
lemme quickly rush up and check on other patients” he said and i nodded

“call me if you need anything my prince, just a call away”he added and I smiled in gratitude

“Karen! he said mum is safe”I yelled in excitement punching the air

“yeah! I heard that” she replied and I Snickered
“where you eavesdropping on us or something?”I asked and she tittered

have you called your dad?”she asked and I nodded bringing out my phone
“I will do that right away”I replied placing a call across to dad
Three weeks later

“c-mon Karen! don’t be a lazy birdie” I cuss and she kept mute as she drank from her water,then placed her hands on her kneels catching her breath

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“are you being serious kyle! am tired and you know it”she rasp walking towards a pavement and sat on it while I did same reluctantly

“exercise is good for pregnant ladies, weren’t you taught back then in school?”I asked and she kept mute

“kyle I will say this for the very last time, am not pregnant!!
so stop getting on my nerves” she rolled her eyes at me

she’s fond of doing that when she’s angry

“and what makes you think your not pregnant?” i asked and she frowned
“it was only one intercourse kyle!
just one!!
and from my own view,it isn’t enough to make me pregnant!!”she rasp and I chuckled
how about the one of last night? huh?”I asked and she looked way obviously blushing

“oh! she turned dumb” I teased and she stood up and began jogging away slowly
her butts kept bouncing as she jumped up and down all in the name of jogging
I smiled before jogging by her side as we head back to the palace

“I will never go on a work out with you ever again!” she yelled and I giggled
“C-mon Karen! don’t be a lazy Queen!”I nudge at her and she let out a frown

“and who’s gonna be your queen?” she asked like she doesn’t know
“you of course”I replied and her cheeks turned red

damn this wife of mine!
she’s too beautiful to be ignored
she’s occupying every room in my heart and am proud to say, there’s no place left in it, to let!

“where have you ever seen a Queen going our for work outs huh?” she asked and I smiled

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“well then!
I think I need some big ass lady for a queen then!’ I aid and her face turned gloomy

“kyle!!” she called and I burst into laughter
“see who we have here!
Mrs jealousy”I rasp and she smiled
“don’t you dare call me that, Mr pompous!’ she threw back at me and I couldn’t help laughing my ass out

“let’s strike a deal” I said and she placed her hands on her waist
staring keenly at me with her b**bs almost popping off the crop top she had wore

“let’s run a test on you and if it shows you aren’t pregnant, am gonna give you anything you ask for!
and if it shows your pregnant, am gonna get your legs spread on the bed tonight, and won’t stop till am done having four styles with you.
deal or no deal?”I said and she smiled

“deal” she replied and I smiled
“swears i won’t mercy you, so don’t even think of crying when I start” I said

“let’s see who wins this
I own my body and knows what happens in and out”she said and I smirked

“till then puppy”I said and she frowned

“hey! don’t call me that” she yelled as we jogged on
“and what if I do?” I asked daringly
“I will ask for your head when I win this!” she said and I tittered
“how sure are you that your gonna win?” I asked and she winks at me
“watch on baby”
few hours later


I kept grinning from ear to ear when I sighted the Royal family doctor,coming into the VIP section where we had sat

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“sorry Mr loser” i whispered into kyles ear and he chuckled taking his eyes off his phone
“then your Mrs loser”he replied and I got a hold of his hair and pulled it

“okay!! am sorry please” he pleaded and I let go of his hair and sat properly as the doctor got to were we had sat

“good morning doc” I greeted and kyle rolled his eyes at me mockingly
“can we see the result?”I asked anxiously
can’t wait to get at Kyle

“oh! yes my royal Lady,here it is”he said handing the result to me
Kyle didn’t bother to see the content,he looks confident in himself

“congratulations my lady!
you are two months and three weeks pregnant” the doctor said and I felt a loud bang in my head
I lost out!
kyle is gonna damage my legs
he’s such a rough rider

“thanks doc” kyle said and shook hands with the doctor who left immediately

“see you in the night baby” kyle winks and I kept mute,digesting the doctors words

kyle we are having a baby!!” I cooed and jumped on him and he held me tight kissing my hair

“we are pregnant”he said and I smiled out tears
“yeah baby
we are pregnant!!!”

The End