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Married To A Prince. Episode 37

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“Karen!” mum called immediately I walked in with Nita

“geez!” I exclaimed and slump on a sofa
“yes mum” i replied placing a palm on my forehead
“are you okay?
you just…” she was saying when I interpolated with an eye roll

“I just puke mum! and I know it,there’s no point reminding me.
it isn’t a big deal you know, after all it’s normal to puke”I said and Nita kept smiling at me

what is wrong with this people?

the door flung open and a cute looking guy walked out from inside, into the sitting room
woah! he looks cute

“hey! babe! your back”he called walking towards us
“yeah! I came in few minutes ago”Nita replied as he pulled her into a hug

“and you didn’t bother to inform me”he said pulling her cheeks
“oouch! it hurts” she yelled and he let go of her cheeks

“I just don’t wanna disturb your sleep” she replied and he frowned
“and who told you that’s a way of disturbing my sleep?”he asked and she rolled her eyes at him

am sorry”she apologised and he smiled

“apology partially accepted until you visit my room” he said and Nita gasp
“your nothing but a bad ass “she cussed and he chuckled

his eyes flew into mine and he gasp

“omg! we have visitors!”he said and Nita smiled

“she’s Karen, ma meg daughter, the one I told you got betrothed to prince Kyle”she narrated and his eyes shone

“omg! my royal lady your…..welcome” he said bowing slightly
“thank you, am Karen” I introduced with an outstretched hand
he took my hand with his both hands in an handshake

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“am Desmond,my lady” he replied and I smiled
“Karen meet my boyfriend
the one I keep telling you about”Nita said and I let out a broad smile

“he looked cute Like you said” I rasp and he looked away shyly

“thanks” he muttered
“thanks for all you did for my mum….” I was saying when he chuckled

“it’s nothing!
I did it cause of love, if I hadn’t love Nita I won’t have taken them in
besides your mum is fun and cool”he said and mum smiled
he left pulling Nita along with him

the words he just said resounded in my head
I DID IT CAUSE OF LOVE, IF I HADN’T LOVE NITA I WON’T HAVE TAKEN THEM IN”his voice resounded and my heart skipped

omg! I need to do this
it’s a risk am ready to take

“I will take my leave now mum!” I said and she frowned
“so soon?
you just arrived!” she argued

“I know mum!
but I need to go”

“Karen!!!” the Queen cooed in sighting me
“ma’am” I responded walking towards her while the cabby I had got off, drove out of the palace huge gate

“we thought you had eloped Karen!
we thought you had left us all alone” she cooed hugging me again with tears streaming down her face

“ma’am I need to see Kyle,
I need to see him”I said and she pulled away from the hug staring at me

“what so you want to see him for?” she asked
“I want to carry out the….” I was saying when she interpolated quickly
“don’t even think of that Karen, don’t think of it
the king has invited another monk from Kenya
let’s hope this one will work out”she said and I refused

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“no my lady
lemme do this for Kyle
lemme do this for him”I said
my eyes already heat up

“what if you die Karen!
didn’t you heard what the monk said!” she rasp and I smiled

“even if I die,lemme die for love” I said mimicking mums word

Karen!!” the Queen cooed crying on my shoulders

“thank you Karen!” the king said walking in
“thank you my Lord”I responded and sky won’t stop sizing me up with his eyes

“in as much as I would want my brother to die, I can’t help wishing you die too
super woman!!”he whispered into my ears and walked out

I feel so shaken
hope am doing the right thing?

I took a slow and steady step towards the room where Kyle’s body laid
the queen kept whispering behind me like i was gonna die or something
though it’s a matter of fate, I still have hope I won’t die cause love don’t die neither does it kill

I got close to the door and it opened on it’s own

woah! is that black magic or technology?

the queen gave me a parting hug and I slowly took in a deep breath before moving properly into the room
the door got shut on it’s own and I looked around the room he was kept,it looked super beautiful
the sight of it was ineffable

I gasp on seeing that everything in the room was gold colour

seems his favourite colour is gold
i was the only one without a gold colour,I had actually wore a purple royal gown

my eyes rummaged the whole room and and finally fell on the bed were he later, my prince charming
I rushed up to the bed in fear and surprise
I gasp on seeing him
he looks so cute as always but lifeless
I gripped his lifeless body with tears dripping from my tears down to his neck
he wore a gold colour robe,a gold colour socks and hand gloves was wore on his legs and hands
he wore a gold crown like cap
a tissue was tuck in his nostrils and his hands were intertwined to the front

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“I will do this for you kyle
can’t wait to see you on your fleets”I murmured taking my hands into my robe and pulled it off slowly
I was now left in my pant and bra
I walked towards him on the bed and lay on him,pulling off his robe