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Married To A Prince. Episode 39

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I heard sobbing and slowly opened my eyes but couldn’t see anything

omg! what’s happening to me?
I felt sweat on my body and couldn’t tell were it was coming from
i heard loud voices of someone sobbing

omg! that’s Kyle’s voice!
what’s wrong?
where am I?

suddenly I felt my legs being spread sang someone came in between them still sobbing

omg! what’s going on?

I felt a slight kiss on my lips and i shivered

omg! that’s kyle
that’s kyle! I could feel it
his cologne
his soft hands

“nooo!!” I scream so loud forcing my eyes open
my vision was blur
suddenly it became clear and I saw him face palm himself obviously crying

what! did he intended to….omg!
“kyle!” I called and he took his eyes from his face and stare at me in shock

omg! my kyle is here with me!
he’s here with me!!
I rushed into his hands and he lay on the large bed, rolling me to lie on him

“Karen!!”he called in shock
“omg! Karen I thought I lost you” he cooed licking up my tears from my face while I did same to him

“oh! gracious lord!
I did it!!
I did it!!” I screamed and kyle held me tight to himself

“promise me your never gonna leave me kyle!” I said and he kept sobbing
“I promise am never gonna leave you Karen! not even death can put us apart
I won’t stop loving you Karen
I will never stop loving you” he professed and tears rolled down my cheeks

omg! that’s so romantic
I couldn’t tell how I feel
i couldn’t voice out a word

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“Kyle!” I called and he stared at me
happiness shone in his eyes

“kyle, I can’t tell how I feel but I wanna let you know that I love you
everything I have
my breath, my heart,my life
I will give it all for you kyle
can’t believe I found love this way” I cried leaning on his shoulders

the door flung open and the queen came into view
she froze on seeing kyle and I

“Karen! ” she called in surprise and I smiled
“ma’am” I replied and she rushed into my arms where I lay on the bed with kyle who had quickly pulled the duvet over our naked body

“oh! my Karen, are you fine!
do you feel pains any where?
should I call in the physician?” she rasp and I smiled

“oh! please mum!
my wife need to rest mum!
we need to rest” kyle said and i blushed

“okay lemme leave you guys to your selves
should I tell the maids to bring a
troller here?” the Queen asked and I nodded

“no!” kyle said and we glance at each other before turning towards the queen

“no” I said
“yeah!”Kyle chorused same time with me

am hungry!!’ I cooed and kyle smiled
let them in” Kyle said and the Queen walked out
happiness was written all over her

some maids came in moments later with a troller filled with foods and drinks

I can’t wait to get this food down my throat

“your hungry right?” kyle asked
“I should be asking you that!
you’ve not eaten for two months” I said and he chuckled
“eating you is the best food have ever and would ever wanna eat” he said and I looked away blushing heavily

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A week later


I gulped down the wine in the glass I had held and stare out of my room window

I couldn’t take my eyes off Kyle and Karen who were doing some love shit in the pool

I couldn’t take my eyes off them
have been watching them when they had gone for their morning work out
i stood watching them when they had taken breakfast before they ended up in the pool and it’s right in front of my room window

I looked down from my window as they play with the water

why do he always have to be lucky huh?
I shot him a silver arrow yet he survived it, even his bride

his he really more powerful like mum had said

that silver arrow took me a whole lot of stress to get
reading those old scaring books of chronicles
seeking advice from long beared monks
using my blood as a payment
all for the throne yet I failed!
I failed!!
sky you failed!!!

could mum be right when she said the throne is never meant to be mine?
was she right when she said am nothing but a loser?

I hate her
I hate her so much for loving my brother more than I
I hate her for making the little jealous seed in me grow into a tree all this years and I will make her pay dearly for it

I closed my window in anger and walked out of my room taking the lift down stairs
I saw mum alone in the sitting room sipping a wine with her eyes going through the magazine she held

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perfect timing!

“mum! ” I called and she looked up
“woah! sky
I can’t remember the last time you called me mum” she rasp but I kept a straight face

“come I wanna show you something” I said and walk away before she will bombard me with questions
she followed me as expected

I took the stairs leading to the roof top and she followed suit

“what are we doing here sky?” she asked obviously scared of the distance between the roof and the ground

“take a look at Kyle
do you see how happy he looks?” I asked and she nodded

“that’s how am suppose to be but you spoilt it all mum!
you love my brother more than I and the jealousy you cultivated in me, is gonna make me do this” I said and she gasp

“please sky am sorry
I never loved your brother more than you sky
am your mother!!” she pleaded and I scoffed

“you stop being my mother the day I learnt you never loved me” I said and pushed her off the roof

“sky please!!!” she held unto my robe and I lost my balance and found myself falling off the roof with her

sky!!” I heard distant voices and I felt a sharp pain on my head as I sprawl on the floor and blank out..