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Married To A Prince. Episode 38

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I was now left in my pant and bra
I walked towards him on the bed and lay on him,pulling off his robe

tears kept rolling down my cheeks as I slowly pulled the gold colour brief he wore, off his waist and lay in between his legs

this is gonna be the second time I am doing this but why does it have to be in this way! why?
tears kept streaming down my face as I positioned myself in front of him
fear clouded my heart

oh! please Lord!
save me and save him please

Sweat broke in my forehead as I kept riding on him
geez! it isn’t up to five minutes I started and I felt so tired and stress up
worst part of it, I couldn’t get off him and his eyes won’t f**king open
I kept panting tiredly

omg! am tired!
my whole body aches, my head seems heavy,my legs felt weak and I placed a hand on my chest which was beating faster than normal
my whole body was hot and I felt like screaming

Gracious lord!.I couldn’t explain how am feeling but I know it had to do with him, kyle!

suddenly greenish smoke like substance began evaporating from his body

I couldn’t tell what’s happening to me but I could feel it
all the pains in my body began increasing
the more the smoke kept emitting from his body,the more the pains increase
my back
my legs
my hands, my waist, my passage
everything hurt damn much and it seems Like some unseen forces held me cause i kept riding him nonstop

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the green smoke engulf me and him and all I could see was green ,the once gold colour room had magically turned into green
his gold colour robe and my royal purple robe had also turned into green

suddenly Kyle began shivering like someone convulsing
I wasn’t near cuming all I knew was that some unseen forces kept controlling me
I felt like screaming but couldn’t

suddenly his eye lid moved,his body moved
the only thing I could see in the room that isn’t green is the sweat on my body and his

oh! lord!
“Kyle please open your eyes
please” I pleaded and felt like screaming but still couldn’t

suddenly his eyes flew open and I gasp trying to breath through my mouth
lThe riding stopped immediately but the pains were still there

his eyes were pure red,then it turned green,then black before it finally turned into normal

omg! can he see me?
I couldn’t voice out a word
my tongue seems too heavy,I couldn’t move away from him and I felt lifeless and I suddenly blank out


I found a lady laying on me, she looks so weak and tired
my visions seems blur at first,then a little bit clear,a little more clearer, then it finally became clear
I flinch as the lady’s face came clearer into view

“Karen!!” I yelled as Karen slumped beside me lifeless

omg! what’s she doing here?
I feels so weak and hungry
everything that happened at the pool rushed into my head

I can’t believe sky could be jealous to the extent of piercing me with the silver arrow
no matter how hard it seems, I will strike him harder this time and as for Rana, she better pray I don’t find her
but for now my major concern is Karen and my baby
I can’t lose them, never!!

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I placed my hand on her tummy and her body was stiff and cold

what the f**k!I rushed out through the door and bumped into mum and dad who seems to be pacing to and fro,the long passage

I felt confused

what’s going on?

“mum!!” I called and mum turned towards my direction
she flinched on seeing me

“omg! Kyle!
tell me this is you Kyle!
tell me this is you!” she screamed running into my arms

“oh! mother!
have missed you so much” I held her In my hands and dads mouth dropped in surprise he couldn’t hide the excitement in his eyes

“kyle!!” he called

“dad” I responded as dad drew me into an embrace

omg! I feel so….
I can’t just explain it
it seems like a part of me was missing
a huge part of me

“where’s Karen?” mum asked with wide eyes
“yeah! have been meaning to ask you, she passed out in there
what happened?” I asked and mum bursted into tears while dad looked away remorsefully the happiness in his eyes were no longer there

“mum! dad!
what’s going on?” I asked in surprise

“am sorry kyle, she did it for you
I tried stopping her” mum said narrating some crazy stuff to me

“mum!” I called in shock” my hands cocked on its own and my eyes turned red
she began floating on the air and her feet couldn’t touch the floor

“kyle!!” she called and my grip on her loosen and she fell down with a thud

“how could you do that mum! dad
how could you all do this to her? huh?” I yelled and the window crashed into pieces

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“you were going to die kyle!
I couldn’t bare losing you” she rasp and I felt so much anger in me

“I would have been comfortable dying in love
do you think I can bare to lose her huh?” I yelled and she kept mute

“I will go in there and make love to her same way she did for me”I rasp and mum and dad gasp

kyle! you might die in there!” mum said and I felt like hitting her

“then so be it”I said and turned to dad

“tell your son to get ready for me” I rasp and walked into the room where Karen lay
I cried on seeing her
I cried so hard
f**k the throne
to hell with it and everything