January 21, 2022

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Married To A Prince. Episode 22

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how can I live with that cold jerk for a month??

sane person who isn’t seeing me as a wife,
same cold jerk who couldn’t do me the respect of wearing our wedding ring!
I couldn’t tell if I was angry or scared
but one thing I was sure of is that,fear took over every part of me

“tha….thank you ma”I replied and she touched my cheeks tenderly

“so you really need to start packing up,the flight leaves in 3 hours”she said and I nodded

“my lord,
don’t you think…”she lifted her eyes to the direction the king had sat beside her and her eyes fell on an empty seat.

the king had left already

I pray it shouldn’t be as a result of the brawl he almost had with kyle.

I can’t stand father and son being at longer head because of me.

“oh! seems he left already”she replied and I released a light smile

“during tour stay with him, you guys would have to visit some places for sight seeing ” she said and I looked on

“the king actually made his choice but mine is a visit to the xaxu jungle, a vacation in Cairo and a…” she was saying when I caught sight of prince Kyle,moving out of the sitting room exit,while some maids and guards rolled his luggage from behind

he was screwing one of his phones with his left hand while his right hand was shoved into his pocket
seems he’s an ambidextrous, cause he could make use of his left and right hand perfectly

“you gotta go now Karen!
cause Kyle won’t mind leaving without you” she said and I quickly got up from my seat

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“hm ….sky
i really need you to help out in preparations of the ita festival,
I don’t want a non-royal to tamper with the treasury box” she said and sky scoffed

“finally am visible”he remarked sarcastically and the Queen frowned
“what do you mean by that?”she asked sky who wore a smirk on his face
“are you seriously asking me that?” he asked and the queen kept shut, obviously getting the jibe from what he was saying

“well then!
why don’t you ask your beloved son to help you out with the treasury box” he replied while I looked on curiously

“come off it sky,
your brother has a lot of responsibility to take care of,
he has lots of companies and investments to look on to…
besides he’s married and need a break,so I can’t hook that on him” she said and Sky’s face fell

well then, since he’s your favorite
I think you really need to hook this on him” he yelled and spoon some meat into his mouth

“will you stop this madness sky!
you clearly know how much I love you both” she cooed and sky stood up angrily

“tell that to the flies”he yelled and gave me an angry look,before flouncing out of the dinette



I walked out of the sitting room,ignoring mum and sky,who seems to be having a brawl

i took my eyes off my phone and couldn’t believe the sight that met my gaze

Karen had stood staring from mum to sky obviously engross in their little brawl


his this Lady serious at all?
do she think I really have all day?

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though the flight will take off in 3 hours time,but I can’t wait to take my eyes off this pervert of a brother
and she better don’t cross my boundaries when we get there.

I caught a view of sky,flouncing out of the dinette in rage

I expect that silly bride of mine,to get her butty ass off there!
but hell no!!
she stood watching mum like a bloated goat

“if in the next 5 minutes your not in the car!
you Will watch it drive through the gate without you” I stated icily before walking out of the sitting room

I got into my waiting car,the driver was already on the wheel and that wife of mine hasn’t even get here

I stared at my phone,keeping watch of the time
I will order the driver to speed up once it’s 5 minutes time

I took my eyes off my phone, staring at the large exit door and saw her hug my mum before running towards the car

she had none of her stuff with her
serves her right!
next time she won’t mess with a Prince…


I bang my room door in anger,leaning on it

why is it that anything I do,often fall in favour of Kyle huh?

am i not fit to be king?
or it isn’t part of my destiny?

even if it’s not my destiny,I will make sure it is,by crook or by hook

or my plans keep getting spoilt
even before I carry it out

my initial plan was to get friendly with Karen,since she had been chosen for my brother

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without her he can never rule as king cause she’s already a part of him

I map out a perfect plan,on making her my girlfriend, then present her to father as my bride and before the monk could trace her,we would have been married already
but every f**king thing seems to be falling in place for him

why’s he being so lucky??

now mother wants to mock me by making me handle the Royal treasure box,
isn’t it?

why didn’t she gave that task to kyle?
or is it because he owns chains of companies and investments while I own none?
but I aren’t poor
am I?

the Royal treasure box is enough to feed over fifty generations,so why do I have to work?

“and your brothers wealth is enough to feed a hundred generations” my inner mind said and I shove it off,clenching my teeth

it doesn’t have to be Kyle all the time!
I think I need to act now

I need Rana now!
she will be my tool to get him faster on his kneels