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Married To A Prince. Episode 27

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Season 2
Episode 27


and his eyes shone on seeing me
he quickly face palm himself and turned towards the door now backing me

“am sorry
am so sorry,…I didn’t see anything …I swear” he kept rushing his words like a confused man

“get me another towel please” I winced from where I sat on the floor.

he quickly got a hold of another towel and threw it at me without sparing me a glance

“wrap yourself with it
I will be in the room”he said moving to the door

is this guy being serious?
he’s gonna leave me stuck here?
how am I gonna get out of here?
for goodness sake, I can’t stand up!!

I quickly wrapped my self with the towel and my hand slightly hit my head and I suddenly realised I had a towel wrap on it

why didn’t I thought of it earlier on huh?
can’t believe he saw me
he saw my…my…
he saw it!

the thought alone made me wince more,if only I could look through his thoughts and hear what’s going on in it.

he held the door knob and stepped out while I wince again

“ooouch! I can’t stand up kyle, have sprained my ankle” I said wincing louder

he stopped on his track and pop his head at me. giving me an expression which clearly said ‘Did you just call my name?’
what’s wrong in calling him by his name?
isn’t he my husband?
this is actually the first time I called him by his name without adding ‘my prince’ to it.
that isn’t necessary right?
or was he expecting me to?

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“you can’t stand?” he asked like he don’t know
“nope!” I muttered and he took in a deep breath, ran one of his hands into his hair while the other hand was shoved into his pocket.

he brought his hand from his hair and wrap it at the back of his neck while I watch on keenly like he’s acting a drama or something.
he kept staring at the door all this while,he seems to be battling with his thoughts .

I really don’t get this guy
what’s wrong in helping your wife up?
he could at least give me a helping hand into the bathroom,
what’s the big deal there?
and with the look of things his pride his actually taking a toil on him.
he should just leave it if he can’t give me a helping hand,
am tired of watching the boring drama he’s displaying in front of me
proud jerk!

he brought his hand from his neck and placed it over his mouth then turned to stare at me,he took his eyes off mine when he found me staring at him
it was clearly obvious he’s battling with his thought

it isn’t my fault am being stuck here
is it?
after all he spilled the drink on me

he shove the other hand into his pocket and took a step forward like he was being forced to.

next I felt his hands at the back on my thigh.
what is he doing?

he placed his hands at the back of my thighs and lifted me up into his hands,carrying me bridal style

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did he just touch me?
like,Mr pompous just carried me?

right now am drowning in the sea of blushing
I could feel his Cologne all over me, the Cologne scent just like him making me wanna place my head on his chest
if only he will keep carrying me and won’t have to put me down.

we got into the bedroom and he placed me on the bed while I held on to the towel so it won’t fall off again

“get dressed” he said and made to walk out when I stopped him

“mind getting me the clothes please,my legs still hurt” I said and he looked away then walked towards the door

don’t tell me he’s gonna snub me!
can’t he be nice for once?

my eyes dilated and I caught sight of him opening my closet

he did it

he brought out a black short and a white crop top,he didn’t even bring a bra or panties.
his phone suddenly rang and he picked it up

“sir your delivery his here”I heard the voice of whoever it was that had called him
“give me a minute lemme come get it” he replied and hung up throwing the clothes at me.
he left without taking a glance at me

is he mad at me?

I picked the clothe he had brought and wore them
am damn hungry and my leg hurts like hell

isn’t he suppose to take me to the hospital?
isn’t he suppose to know am damn hungry?
this honeymooning is a mess.

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I placed the duvet over me,flinging the towel to the far end of the room.

the door flung open and he came in holding a parcel with him
I pray it’s something I can eat,he’s obviously on call

he walked towards me dropping the parcel in a stool beside the bed lamp, he gave me a stare before moving out of the room still on call
seems it’s a business call or something.

two maids walked in immediately he left and I was relieved in seeing one had a tray with covered plates ,glass of juice and a can of water
I need no one to tell me what was inside.
the other maid held a tray which had a small bottle ointment in it.
I had almost forgotten about my sprain ankle.

I took my gaze back to the parcel he had dropped on the stool.
what could be inside this little parcel?

I placed my hands on it and the parcel was hard on my touch
what could be inside?

I opened the parcel, pulling off the wrap and I froze on seeing the content
“A phone!!”
he got me a phone?

he has so many phones so definitely he got this one for me!
did he really ordered it for me?
seems this honeymooning isn’t a mess after all