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Married To A Prince. Episode 29

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Season 2
Episode 29


does that mean he had been staring at my back side?

I went numb for some seconds feeling so stupid and shy.

how could I be so dumb not to have felt it.

the thought of the stains on my dress made me wanna cry my eyes out

“here, take this!”he said pulling off his jacket and handed it to me
“thanks” I muttered with my eyes in the floor, tying it on my waist

“it’s still visible” he said and took his hands to my waist line

hold on! what is he trying to do?
he wanna help with it?
I shivered as his hands brush into my waist as he got hold of the jacket, tying it firm on my waist
I just don’t know but I felt a spark, my body reacted to his touch on my waist and my heart began beating for reasons best known to it

“let’s go” he said walking ahead of me.
suddenly he stopped and made sure i walked past him while he moved behind me
I felt so uncomfortable knowing his eyes would be fixed on my ass

thankfully, we got to our waiting ride and the guards upended the doors for us
I scamper into the bathroom immediately I got into the room

I haven’t been able to forgive myself for being so clumsy
I wonder what would be going on in his mind

perhaps he would be thinking so many things about me

I wash myself on the shower, I can’t dare to use the bathtub I will freak out

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I kept my clothe in the laundry and Mr pompous jacket
I will do justice to them when am okay but for now, i need a rest

unfortunately for me, there’s no sanitary pack among the toiletries
seems am gonna order for one later

I walked into the room and froze on seeing Mr pompous leaning on the window

omg! don’t tell me he’s angry about the stain on my clothe ?
is he even suppose to be angry?
isn’t it normal for a lady?
besides it was a mistake,I really didn’t expect it and my mind was filled with thoughts of the boring meeting and when it was gonna end to even think in that direction
or perhaps he’s angry I had used his jacket!
he gave it to me right?
I didn’t ask for it in the first place

his close eyes flurt open immediately I walked in banging the bathroom door loudly
I couldn’t even look into his eyes
I was shy and scared same time, my heart made tingling sounds and my lungs seems dried up

“hey “he called and i looked up in surprise
“how are you feeling?” he asked and I felt my cheeks flush
“am fine” I replied fondling with my fingers

I ordered this for you, I felt you were gonna need it” he said handing me a parcel

“thanks” I muttered and he breathed in and out, shoving his hands into his pocket
“am a call away if you need me” he said and walked towards the door
I raised up my head and took a glance at him
I brought my eyes back to the floor when I caught him staring at me.

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I pop up my head on hearing the bang on the door
he left already
I found myself smiling

I opened the parcel and brought out sanitary pack from it

I thought as much
I think I need to stop calling him Mr pompous, perhaps Mr nice will be better

I walked into the bathroom to get the sanitary pad fixed on
I came out minutes later and lay on the bed with the duvet over me
the cramp isn’t painful as before, but the pains are still there

the door opened and Mr pompous… oh! no Mr nice, came in with a bucket of ice

what’s he gonna do with that?

he shut the door and moved towards me where I had lay on the bed

“does it still hurt?” he asked and I smiled
” just a little” I replied and he sighed staring at the bucket of ice

“well, I actually thought your gonna be needing this too,it helps reduce pains you know!” he said and I gasp

which lady in her senses will make use of ice during her flow?

well I don’t blame him though he’s a guy not a lady

“am sorry I can’t use this, it’s dangerous for a lady to use this during her flow”I replied shyly

” oh! am sorry, I really don’t know much about ladies stuff cause I never had a sister” he replied and i smiled ” thanks Mr pompous I…” I shrink on my words

” Mr pompous?
do you call me that?” he asked and I bite my tongue

“nope!” I replied and he smirked

“so…”he motioned to me
“anything hot will do” I said and he nodded
“lemme get a maid to do that” he said and walked out of the room
I really don’t know how long I had slept after taking the tea, but I know it’s been long cause it’s almost evening
Mr pompous isn’t in the room so I got off the bed heading to the sitting room feeling a whole lot better

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I sighted him in the balcony and walked towards him, his head was bent over a board,he seems engrossed in it cause he didn’t noticed I had came in

I took a glance at what he was doing and gasped
he was drawing
geez! the drawing looks damn real
it seems it’s a lady

I took a closer look at it and gasped again
he pop up his head and quickly shoved the drawing board behind him, smiling widely at me

he drew a picture of me
omg! he’s drawing me
yeah! me!