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Married To A Prince. Episode 5

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episode 5

* Prince kyle
” hey! brother ” that son of a bitch voice flowed into my ear
if not that he was my brother, I would have spilled his dirty blood a long time ago

” what do you want sky, am busy” I said
knowing he has nothing meaningful to say other than throw silly tantrums at me, like he always done

“c-mon Prince kyle it’s been ages since I last called you
your suppose to suspend everything your doing so you can listen attentively to me, your future king” he said laughing sarcastically

I clench my teeth in anger, bumping my fist

“listen to me sky, don’t make me go mad at you, cause if I do,
you know what’s gonna happen” I said in anger

“oh! really?
the last time I checked you got mad yesterday at the dinette but couldn’t do anything
remember?”he said and burst out into another mocking laughter

” you know, I actually thought your perfect to take over dad,
though mum and dad are blind not to know you aren’t worth it,
but now i know you can never fit in there”he rasp and I felt anger welling up momentarily in me

“don’t let me get a hold it you sky,cause I swear, you won’t be able to get the scars off your face”I said in anger, twirling myself on the office chair

that’s just what I need to cool me off
cause my explosion can blow off this building

“do you think am gonna sit down with my arms locked against my back, and watch you hit me?
perhaps your gonna be the one with the scar” he laughed again and I frowned

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“just pray I don’t see you” I cooed and hung up on him

that’s it
he’s been fighting for what’s mine, the throne
something that can never be his, even in three generations to come

he doesn’t fit in there cause have been chosen already by everybody, by mum
by dad, by nature
they all wants me to rule, to be the king over them,

but sky seems to have his eyes on what’s rightfully mine,and I won’t mind plucking it off

he’s been on my neck for me to leave what’s mine for him but that’s never gonna happen, cause everyone knows I have a special spot for royalty ever since I was five
but sky is just after the benefits, the respect.
he will never get his f**king ass even an inch near what’s mine
I will make sure if that

I walked into the bar in my large office and sat on one of the stools, serving myself

drink is all I need right now least I might burn down this building with my eyes

A call came into my phone and I smashed the phone on the wall, on seeing the caller was that bastard
I think I really need to show him a tip of the iceberg, so he will taste what those who mess with me, often takes

I don’t mind drinking up the whole bar if it means taking this anger away.

I opened the bottle and drank straight from it
I don’t need the glass again, it can go to hell and rot

I was beginning to have a banging headache
I haven’t even consumed half of the bottle and my head has begun spinning already

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another of my phone rang and I picked it up on seeing mum was the caller

“hello Kyle, are you there?” mums voice came out from the receiver

“I won’t have picked your call if I wasn’t here”I said, taking another swing from the bottle

“what’s going on kyle?
don’t tell me you’ve been drinking?”mum asked and I scoffed

“you seems to know me more than sky,why don’t you watch him too, huh?
he’s my twin brother and also your son
why don’t you tell him to stop turning the palace into a brothel “I cooed and mum scoffed

“can you listen to yourself kyle,your brother have his life to live, with nobody having a say in it.

but you are the king in making,
is this how your gonna drink yourself to stupor when you finally become king, huh?”
or are you gonna turn the palace into a brothel, like you and your brother often do, huh?”she rasp

how did she came about that?

“mum..” I tried speaking but she shut me up

“never in our history have I heard of a weak king
but your planning to be one, by making your weakness more visible

you better stop this act of drinking and flirting to focus on your bride and kingdom” mum rasp

“mum cut it out,am gonna rule without a bride so don’t even go there”I cooed

“there’s no king who had ever ascended the throne without a bride, so please don’t start”mum said and I sighed heavily

“where did you slept last night kyle, I was worried about you the whole time” mum said turning sober

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“well, I choose where to stay,after all I aren’t a kid anymore.
beside you’ve gotten another son to worry about” I said and I could feel her frown
“and when did you began choosing who I worry about, huh?” she cooed and I was beginning to get pissed off

“mum I have houses okay!, I have estates, so stop making it look like am 14” I rolled my eyes like she could see me

“Kyle!”she cooed
“you know what mum,am busy and really need to get back to work” I rasp and she scoffed
“are you trying to hang up on me?” she asked

“listen mum, your son just called, telling me trash,right now am feeling pissed off so please don’t add to it” I said taking another swing

“what did he say?”she asked
“why don’t you ask him” I yelled and hung up

everybody is driving me mad