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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 15

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????kate POV????
“Why are you here mom” I heard liam say behind me

She stared at us both and Gave us a smile before sitting on the empty seat

“Just have your seats” my father said again and we sat down together

“We just found out from your mom that the both of you are an item now” my father said

“Yes Mr Lawrence, I love Kate a lot and I want to spend the rest of my life with her” liam said taking hold of my hand

“Well that’s where the problem is” my father said again

“What Is it dad” I said

“Liam Here is going to be a father soon” my father said

“What?????”we both yelled together

” its the truth Kate,seems like liam has been lying to you all this while”he said Starring angrily at liam

“But I dont even ha…… ”

“I wasn’t talking to you liam,am only talking to my child” he said interrupting liam

“Or brain washing her with your lies,my love listen to me,no one is pregnant for me, no one” he said starring at me desperately and I held his hand,showing him that I believed him,I know that’s this is all his mother plans

“Just say the truth son, I know you didn’t want Kate to find out like this but she has got to find out someday” Miranda said

“No mom,you know its a lie,you very well know that am not going to be a father” he said standing up

“Enough liam we have prove okay, so just stop lying and leave my daughter alone”my father said standing up

” no dad, liam is not the liar here, its his mom”I said standing up too

I just don’t know what Miranda said to make my father believe her like this but I won’t let them separate us

“You’ve got to wake up child,liam has someone else,he is only using you” my dad said again

“Liam isn’t doing that,he loves me and I love him too” I said holding on to him

“Just cut this drama okay,I know precisely why you are clinging unto my son,you only want his money,so you can keep on sponsoring your dad business with it” Miranda said again and all eyes went to her

“Its best you leave mom” liam said

“If I leave you leave with me” Miranda said

“Fine is that what you want, then let’s go” he said and I held his hand

“Dont go with her”

“I need to get her out of here or else she will keep poisoning your father head with things I didn’t do,just stay and clear things with your parents,don’t forget that I love you” he said and kissed my forehead before going to pull his mother out

As soon as the door close,I stood starring at my father

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“How could you act that way with liam” I said

“He is only lying to you”

“No he isn’t dad,liam is not like the rest of the guys that have been with,liam loves me genuinely” I said now getting angry

“Enough!!!!enough Kate!!!! Not another word of this,your not to see liam again and that is final” he said and walked into his study

I stood starring At my mom”what has got over dad ,why is he suddenly asking me to leave Liam”I said

“When miranda came here,she had a long talk with your father in the study,I didn’t know what they were talking about but when he finally came out he had this odd look on his face,I think Miranda managed to convince him and you should just listen to your dad,its best if you stop seeing him for a while” she said

“No mom,I won’t do that,I love Liam a lot and I won’t let anyone separate us” I yelled angrily and ran to my room

????liam POV????
“Until when mom?” I said driving the car roughly

“Until when what?”

“Until when will you stop destroying my life,why can’t you just leave me In peace” I yelled hitting the steering wheel

“Easy or you might damage the wheel” she said

“I dont care about that,tell me the reason why you are back in my life and I know that it’s not because you miss me” I said

“Whether you believe it or not,I do miss you and besides its time for you to come back home to take care of the family business”

“I thought you only wanted to do that and as you can see my business need me”

“Oh save me the lies,I know that your not staying because of your company,its for that girl”

“A girl who has a name mom,Kate ,she is Kate and yes am staying because of her” I said

“Cant you see that there is no way the two of you can have a relationship” she said

“Because of Sarah right? Well to hell with Sarah and I know that she is not pregnant,its all just a lie between the two of you” I said

“Fine its a lie I cooked up but believe me when I say this,you and Kate can’t be” with the way she said it,I turned to stare at her and she really looked serious about it,why would she say that we can’t be together, I thought as I got to the hotel she is booked in and stopped the car

“William you’ve got to think.about this”

“There is nothing for me to think about, I love Kate and she is the only one I want with me,the earlier you accept that the better for you” I said..

????kate POV????
“I still can’t believe this,Liam is having a child” Lucy said

“It wouldn’t be a surprise to me,all men are the same” Sandra said

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“If I had known that this is how it would turn out,I wouldn’t have told him where you are” jessica added

I sat on the bed listening to my sisters banter,mom had called them to come, so they could come speak to me and make me see reason but there is nothing to reason about here,I love Liam and am not ready to let him go

“Those are lies created by dad and Miranda,Sarah is not pregnant for Liam,she is a slut and Liam hasn’t seen her for three years,so how would he have slept with her” I said

“Don’t be a fool Kate,dont you know men,you’ve had your experience with them and you should be smarter than this” Jessica said

“He might have lied to you that he was going on a trip and then he will go behind your back to sleep with Sarah” Sandra added

“Liam would never do such a thing,he loves me a lot”

“Love, love,love,that’s all you say,dont you know that love dies and besides I dont think that that guy loves you,so sis wake up before its too late” Jessica said and left the room

“I agree with Jessica on this one,no man is worth your tears” Sandra said and left too leaving only Lucy

“What?aren’t you going to say yours and leave” I said

“No,have seen the way liam acts around you,I mean he was so desperate to find you when you left and when he was still working here,he has always had eyes for only you,never did I see him with anyone and by hearing this from dad,I think its all a lie” Lucy said

“Me too but no one seems to understand,that stupid Miranda have managed to brain wash dad” I said standing up

“But you’ve got to talk to him about it,tell dad that its all a lie” Lucy said

“Have tried that already but dad won’t believe,mom told me that when Miranda came to see dad,they both went to the office to talk,they didn’t even let her in”

“That’s odd,dad is always with mom all the time”

“That’s what I thought too,I figured out that Miranda had to be telling dad something very important,I dont know maybe she blackmailed him or made him sign something and that’s why dad is supporting her” I said

“We’ve got to find out what they talked about,that’s the only way to know how we can deal about this,don’t worry Kate,I will help you find out” she said and I.gave her a tight hug

Its only Lucy that understand me best I thought

????liam pov????
I sat in my room trying to call Kate,have been calling her now but she hasn’t been picking up and am starting to get worried,could it be that her father have decided to lock her up

No,no he wouldn’t do such or could he?I thought and immediately I found myself getting up and taking my car keys,have got to check up on her,I thought as I opened the door only to find her there starring at me

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“Surprise” she said smiling at me and I pulled her into a hug

“Why wreent you picking my calls,I was so worried” I said holding her tightly

“My phone is dead,that’s why I didn’t pick” she said giggling

“This is not funny,I was so worried”

“I know and am happy that you are still worried about me” she said


“After what my dad did to you today,I won’t be surprised if…….”

“Shhhhhhh……I won’t ever leave you okay,your my life the only one I want,nothing they say or do can make me leave you” I said and saw tears in her eyes

“Oh liam you dont know how much I love you” she said and kissed me and from there we took it to bed❤❤❤❤

It was late in the morning that I woke,not to find her beside me,where could she be?I thought as I went to look for her,I saw her standing by the balcony in one of my shirts, I walked to her and pulled her close

“What’s wrong love,why are you here and not in bed” I said

“Am worried liam,what if they succeed in separating us” she said

“No one will separate us” I said turning her to face me

“But dad and Miranda are bent on doing so,I think your mom is blackmailing dad with something and that’s why he is doing all this, I only have to figure what it is but am afraid that before I figure it out,we would have been separated” she said

“Now listen to me,whatever your dad and my mom are both planning,we won’t let it affect us okay,we will stay strong and fight for our love till the end,promise me that” I said

“I Promise” she said and I kissed her

????kate POV????
I quickly put on my dress and arrange my clothe and then set out to leave

“Honey am going ” I yelled to liam who was in the bathroom

“Why dont you wait,let me take you home”

“Dont worry Its best I go home alone” I said and quickly left the room,I got downstairs and opened the door only to find Sarah and Miranda there

“And what the hell are you doing here” Miranda said

“As you can see this is my fiance house and I have the right to come here as I please” I said

“You just don’t get it right!!! There just can’t be any relationship between you and liam” she said starring at me

“And why is that?is it because you say so”

“Its not because I say so but its the truth,you and liam can’t be together, you just can’t be together” she yelled and I stood starring at her

She really meant her word but why does she insist that we are not meant for each other,why?????