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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 23

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????kate pov????
“I just asked you a question, what are you doing here” I said walking in wanting to take the child from him but he moved pass me still holding unto liliana

“Why Kate? Why didn’t you tell me” he said starring at Liliana as if she was some precious gem to him

“Its simple you were getting married” I said

“But that doesn’t justify what you did,even if I had been on a sick bed you still had to tell me that I was going to be a father” he said and I saw the pain etched on his face

It had really pained him that I didn’t tell him about being pregnant

“Would that have made you change your mind?would it have made you marry me knowing that you wouldn’t fulfil your dying mom last wish” I said

“It would have change a lot of things kate,” he yelled and suddenly liliana who was smiling before began to cry

“Give the child to me,she needs to eat” I said starring at him

He walked close and gave the child to me,just being this close I could Smell the faint scent of his Cologne and it made me feel the same sensation that I always felt around him, things that have promised myself that I wont feel again

I knew that someday I would meet liam again but I never thought that it will be this way

I sat and gave liliana her bottle which she drank hungrily

“Aren’t you suppose to breastfeed her” he said as he stood in the doorway starring at us

“Liliana is past the stage of breast feeding”I said and he laughed, a laughter which was cold and unfeeling

” seems like have miss out a lot in my child life “he said looking sad and angry

I knew he was sad because he wasn’t there when lilana was in her womb and angry because she hadn’t told him

“You chose that path on your own” I said and he starred at me angry

“Tell me something kate,did you keep my child a secret because you wanted to punish me for choosing to fufil my mom last wish” he said

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“You must really think.low of me right?” I said

“Then make me understand kate, why did you have to distance yourself from me,why leave with our child and didn’t even bother to tell me a thing, tell me why?” He said as he stood by the door

“Liam let’s not talk about this” I said not wanting to reopen old wounds

Just then the door open and my mother walked in

“Why dont I take little liliana while you both talk” she said and I gave the sleeping baby to her and she left quietly

I stood up from the bed feeling mixed up,this is all Lucy fault,she just had to open her big mouth and tell him where they were and now he is here trying to disrupt the little peace I have created for myself,well I.won’t allow that,I thought as I stood starring out of the window


“Okay you really want to know why I did not tell you right,well this is why?it just so happen that on the day I found out that you were not my brother and also found out that I was carrying your child you broke the news of your marriage to me,I felt so sad and hurt liam,you have no idea how hurt I was when you told me that and then I went home decided to leave but Lucy convinced me to tell you about it and stupid me thought that if I did you would stop the wedding and come back to me but on getting to the hospital, I saw your mom and she told me how happy she would be if i would leave you for good because you were happy with Sarah”

“And you believed that?!”

“There was no need for me believing her okay,I saw and read everything, you never once came to see me and when I tried reaching out to you,I was told by your Darling mother that you were happy now with Sarah,some thing I know to be the truth” I said starring at him angrily

“Thats a lie Kate”

“Its the truth,you never really cared enough,you are a coward who hid behind his mom dying wish to leave the woman he love alone,I think that’s a lie right??? You no longer love me” I.said holding in the tears that threatened to pour

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Have shed a lot of tears but not anymore and most especially not in front of him

“Kate I ……”

“Dont liam,please,I know it will be a lie from your side,we have spent a year apart now and have grown used to not having you in my life and like wise you,I don’t love you anymore and you dont love me too,the only thing that is linking us both is liliana,you can come visit her,I dont want my daughter growing up and not having the love of a father”

“Kate is this the end for both of us” he said suddenly after keeping quiet for a long time

“It ended a long time ago liam,there is no more going back to the past,we only have to look forward to the future,as have said you can come see liliana whenever you like,I won’t stop you” I said

“Fine if that’s how it will be then so be it” he said

Just hearing him put a finality to our relationship I felt like dying

“I better leave now ” he said and turned about to go but stopped and walked towards me

He pulled me into a tight embrace,I wanted to push him away at first but held him to me

“Am sorry for everything Kate,really I am” he said and walked leaving me feeling so weak

As soon as he was gone,my sisters walked in

“What?didn’t you guys kiss and make up” Jessica said

“I doubt If that will ever happen again” I muttered to myself as I cried and they all walked towards me to give me a hug

????liam POV????
I stopped right in front of Kate little apartment

She might not be expecting me again for today but I had to come back,I had seen a little toy that I knew liliana would love and I bought it for her,well I ended up buying a lot of other things but Kate wouldn’t mind right,its for my daughter and my daughter deserves to have the best

With a cheerful smile on my face I went towards the door and opened it only to see Kate all.dressed and dolled up,she doesn’t dress like this to work and it was closing hours,why is she dressed up and where is she going,I thought as I walked in

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“Just please take care of liliana before I come back ” I heard her say

“Sure miss Kate” the nanny said as she drifted into the nursery where liliana is

“Oh my!!!why are you here liam” she said as she turned to face me

I couldn’t talk because I was starring at her,she looked so beautiful as ever,giving birth to a child hasn’t diminish any of her beautiful curves, she looked so perfect,my crazy imagination is already imagining the both of us in bed and thats how it have been for the past few days now

Have been forcing myself not to think or look at her,we had both decided to move on but my crazy libido wouldn’t let me do that,it kept on making me see Kate as a lady who I can have in bed rather than the mother of my child”

“Why are you here ?” She said

“To give this to liliana”I said

” I couldn’t resist,so I bought it for them”I said again

“That’s so kind of you” she said and took it from him and went to give it to thw maid

I couldn’t resist and I starred at her beautiful derrière

Gosh what’s wrong with me? I thought and just then the door bell Rang and I went to answer only to find a guy starring at me

“How may I help you” I said

“Am looking for Kate” he said

“May I.ask why?”

“Its none of your business liam” Kate said behind me as she picked up her bag

“Well I have to know because of liliana” I said

“Well am going on a date with John here,just contact me if something comes up” she said and took john outstretched hand and walked off with him

I suddenly felt so angry,I wish I could kill that John guy,I won’t let that bastard take what belongs to me,to heck with staying away from Kate, she is mine and I will keep on fighting for her,I won’t give up on her not now or ever