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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 2

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
written By:BELLA WRITES????????????
????Kate POV????
“Who the hell do you think you are to meddle in our affair” martin said walking towards liam

“Am Kate friend and I won’t sit back and watch you hurt her ” liam said

“Like seriously Kate,you should chose your friends wisely, you the daughter of a wealthy man is friends with a gardener, common Kate how can you stoop so low”

I suddenly got angry after hearing what Martin said,just because liam is poor doesn’t mean he should look down on him

I got in between the both of them and stood facing Martin

“Am not stooping low,everyone deserves to be treated equally and that goes for Liam,he might be a gardener it doesn’t mean I should not befriend him,he is my friend and I wont let you insult him” I said

“Your supporting him over me,your fiance” he said

” am just saying the truth and am not supporting anyone”

“Well that doesn’t look like it, your taking that gardener side and I won’t stand for it,I just won’t” he said and walked off angrily

Another one of his tantrums,I just hope he doesn’t makes things worse.

“Are you okay” liam said behind me,I turned and gave him a smile

“Am okay liam” I said

“That guy is a real pig,isn’t it time you leave you before it’s too late” liam said

“I can’t do that not when everything is all prepared and you know my dad,if I decides to quit the wedding today,he would make things hard for me and I dont want that” I said and suddenly he moved close to me holding my cheek starring at me intently

“Would you run away,go far away,somewhere you know they won’t be able to find you” he said


“I can help you Kate,just say yes and you won’t be able to marry that shit of a guy” liam said

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I find his offer too tempting,if I left without saying a thing,It would be irresponsible of me and whether I like it or not have made a commitment to martin and have got to fulfil it

“Say yes Kate,I can take you some where you……”

“No liam,have got to stay,have made a commitment to martin and I just can’t leave,it will be irresponsible of me” I said moving away from him because suddenly I felt so fascinated with him close to me

“But that guy doesn’t deserve you,just leave all this and let’s go'” he said

“No liam,I can’t, I just can’t” I said and left him standing there.

I got back to the party and was stopped by busy body sisters

“What were you doing out there alone with the gardener” Lucy said

“We were just talking”

“Really?talking? We saw him holding your cheeks” Jessica added

“And he had this lover look on his face when he was talking to you” Sandra said

“What do you have going on with him?” They asked in unison

“,nothing!!!! Have told you guys countless of time that I don’t have anything going with the gardener, please just leave me alone” I said and walked off leaving the three of them starring at me

???? Liam pov????
I walk around in the garden feeling so restless,why would she want to continue with a loser like Martin,i have to find a way to stop her from doing something stupid.

I was heading into the mansion when I heard someone voice

I went to where the voice was coming from and I saw martin there,he was on the phone

“Yes my darling,I can’t wait to get out of this boring party and come to your arms” he said to whoever was on the phone.

Could it be Kate but Kate is in the party right?I turned and saw Kate heading to the pool side

If he isn’t talking to kate then it means the bastard has a lover

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“Kate?she won’t ever find out,don’t worry I have her in control,tell me what you will do to me once I come your house my love” he said

On hearing what he said I wanted to go to him and punch his face but I stopped myself,its a good thing that the bastard has a lover,well that means that Kate won’t be marrying him when she finds out that he is cheating on her.i have to tell Kate about it I thought as I left the Hall.

????kate pov????
I sat on the chair starring at the pool, it looks so beautiful in the night.

Why wouldn’t it?dad had spent a lot of money on it.

ThankGod I made an excuse and get out of that party,I felt so suffocated,I just had to be on my own,to think,I don’t know why suddenly am feeling weird anytime am around liam,I feel so happy and safe around him,something which have never felt with Martin or anyone else.

Just then I felt his presence,I turned and found him behind me,he was starring at me in a strange way .

“Hey why aren’t you at the party” he said coming to Sit beside me

“Because am feeling so suffocated, I just had to escape,so I lied that I was retiring to my room and knowing this place to always be peaceful, I came here” I said

“Kate I need to tell you something” he said suddenly and judging by the look on his face,its something serious.

Could it be that he wants to tell me that he likes me,could what my sisters be saying the truth?

“You dont really need to tell me” I said and he starred at me

“Have got to tell you,its really important” he said

“No please dont?I don’t think I can take it” I said.

Unknown to her he wasn’t trying to tell her about his feeling for her,he only wanted to tell her about Martin and his lover

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“Just listen to me” he said

“No liam, not you too,am as confused as it is,I don’t want you to confuse me more” I said

“Confuse you?”

“Yes, I know that you like me okay,my sisters told me that you like me not as a friend but as something more” I said starring at him

“Is it true ?”I said wanting to know the truth

????liam pov????
I stood starring at her,I had no intention of talking to her about my feelings for her but now that she has brought it up,its best I tell her the whole truth

” yes Kate,I like you a lot “I said and heard her gasp

” but you can’t?you shouldn’t have?you know that am engaged”she said

“An engagement of benefit right?you don’t want him and am sure you dont even desire him,whereas I know that you want me” I said

“Then you don’t know me well enough” she said

“I know you so well that I know that you are lying, should I prove you wrong” I said moving to her and pulling her in my arms

“What are you doing liam,let me go” sge said

But I wasn’t listening to reason anymore, I only wanted to taste her lips,lips which have always fascinates me and without further thinking I kissed her

????Kate pov????
He kept on kissing me Even when I pushed him away.

I wanted to feel disgust by his kiss but no I didn’t feel such,instead I found myself wanting more,my body craved for more

He stopped suddenly and I found myself pulling him back

“Easy okay,we will continue but not here” he said and before I knew what he was doing he carried me in his arms and took me to his room,he put me down on the floor and held me to him

“Are you sure about this my love” he said kissing my neck

I could only nod In response”yes I am sure “❤❤❤❤❤❤