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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 26 (Finale)

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{I thought he was a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????kate pov????
“Where are we going kyle?”I said as I sat in the car beside him with liliana safely buckled in the back seat

” to see my mother “he said and I starred at him

“But you said …….”

“I know what I said and am sorry for lying but I had to find a way to get you to meet her,I know that after what she did you won’t want to talk to her but she has been asking me to bring,you” he said

“But we both know that Miranda doesn’t like me and I don’t too” I said feeling worried

If I see Miranda today she might make up something to seprate liam and I and I don’t want that

“Believe me when I say this,she has changed and she desperately wants to see you and her grandchild” he said pleadingly,he knew I couldn’t say no to him

“Fine then” I said

Its been a week since liam came back to me as promised,I was at first surprised but he told me that Miranda finally agreed and that Sarah is gone from his life for good

He persuaded to come back to new york with him and I did,when my parents heard about the news they were happy most especially Lucy who had played a very important role in our lives

If she hadn’t told liam where to find me,I might still be living a life full of loneliness and regret without him but thanks to her am with the man I love so much

But thinking about Miranda and what she wanted to tell me keeps on bugging me,what is the woman after, what does she want,I thought silently to myself

While he carried lilana I walked beside him

We got into the hospital and went to her room,it was still the same room she used the previous time I came over,I thought to myself as I starred at the lady who was losing life bit by bit

I had thought that once I got here,I will be so mad and angry with her but seeing her this way only made me feel more pity for her, I thought

“Kate,liliana” she said gently as she carried the child and held my hand

“Am sorry that have been so cruel with you,youve only love my son but have never seen that, can you forgive a old dying woman” she said crying

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I held her hand tightly and said to her”I forgive you Miranda and your not going to die”I said

“That’s the fact dear,am going to die soon and that can’t be changed” she said

“I will go call the doctor” liam said excusing himself

“The poor thing, he has been so worried about me,promise me one thing kate, promise me that you will always stay with him” she said

“I love liam Miranda and nothing will ever make me leave him,well not again” I said and she laughed

“You must really hate me right!!!!”

“Well at first I did but when I knew you were doing all of it for liam,I couldn’t hate you for it anymore” i said

“Oh Kate, you have no idea what your forgiveness mean to me,thanks dear” she said and I found myself bending to hug her

While she played with liliana,I kept on waiting for liam to come back but he had only gone out to get the doctor,what could be keeping him,i thought starring at the door

“If you want to go and look for liam,you can, liliana and I will be fine” Miranda said

“Really?I would hate to leave you on your own” I said

“Don’t worry,I will be fine” she said and with one last look at them,I went in search of liam

I was walking through a corridor when a little boy ran to me,pulling my hand

“What is wrong?” I said

“You are miss Kate right?” He said

“Yes I am”

“Then come with me” he said and I found myself going with him

He led me to a garden where I saw some Roses formed with my name on the floor

On another part the rose was used to write I love you,what’s going on,I thought as I looked around for the one person I knew that could do this

Suddenly a flower was put in my front, I took the flowers and turned to see Liam behind me smiling at me by now a lot of passerby and hospital patients were starring at us

“What’s this” I said

“Its to tell you how much I love you” he said

“But you tell me that everyday and you show it to me in many ways and am contented with that” I said feeling like a Queen

“But I haven’t done it the right way yet” he said bringing out a ring and kneeling in front of me

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“Liam” I said surprised

“Kate,youve been there with me ever since the journey,I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you,do me the honour by saying you will marry me” he said and suddenly I felt a lot of emotion at a time

It took me a while to speak which by then had got the people who were watching us yell at me to say yes

“Kate?” Liam said still kneeling

I went to him and held him up,”yes,yes I will marry you”I said smiling and laughing at the same time

He smiled and slipped the ring in my finger and then he kissed me which got the people cheering loudly

“Mother also helped me in surprising you” he said

“Really?no wonder she had told me to go and look for you,well am happy,happy about it,happy about getting married to you again and happy that I will be spending the rest of my life with you” I said

“Same here love, same here” he whispered and kissed me again….

“Here comes the bride,here comes the bride” Sandra sang as she helped me put on the veil

“Sandra your singing is just giving me headaches,just shut up” Jessica said

“Hey jess dont mess with me right now” Sandra said

“Girls calm down,today is Kate day,don’t ruin it with your bad vibes” Lucy said

“Hey who have a bad vibe” Jessica and Sandra said

“You both” Lucy said smiling and immediately they ran to her tickiling her

I sat on the chair starring at the three if them,they’ve always been this way,I thought smiling

“Hey girls don’t be mean,today is my day and am the one that should be payed attention to” I said

“Oh really?want a bit of big sister tickling” Jessica said

“Oh no,anything but that?” I said getting up

“Hey easy,I was just joking okay,you might ruin this perfect gown” Jessica said helping me to smooth the gown down

“Hey Kate,have been wanting to ask this,since youve gotten married to liam the first time why do so again” Sandra said

“That’s because he has promised to get me married in a church, he knew that I always wanted to get married in a chruch and he promised to fufil that for me which is something that is happening today” I said happily

“Awwn so romantic, am so happy for you sis” Lucy said

“Thanks Lucy and thanks to you two too” I said and they came to hug me

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“We love you so much” Jessica said

“And I love you guys too” I said……..

Then my mom came in saying that we will be late,we quickly finished the rest and while my sisters left with my mom in the other car,I came with dad

I got to church feeling so nervous and excited

When I walked down to meet the love of my life,I felt so good,knowing that as long as he love me our love will survive it all

We exchanged vows and did the rightful thing and soon was declared husband and wife

He kissed me passionately and I did too

We went for the reception party and it took a very long time before we were allowed to leave for our honeymoon

Liliana would be staying with my parents and also with Miranda,who had decided to leave the hospital,to spend the last days of her life with her grandchild

Miranda have finally let go of the old wound,she have finally decided to forget the past for good and now my mom alongside dad are always with her,to watch over her

I smiled at them all and waved at them

We got into the car and drove to liam beach house where we would be spending our honeymoon

“Its so beautiful” I said

“Not as beautiful as you” he said carrying me over the threshold

I stood by the window thinking about everything, from when I first met liam to when I got married to him

He came behind me holding me to him and I snuggled closer

“What are you thinking of” he said

“About us and everything we have gone through” I said and he turned me around to stare at me

“And here we are still loving each other ” he said

“Yes here we are” I said happily

“I love you so much Kate and don’t you ever leave me”

“I wouldn’t dream of doing that because I love you ,I really really love you my handsome gardener” I said smiling at him

He picked me up and I stared at him

“Where are you taking me” I said

“To make baby number two” he said and I laughed

“Your a bad bad boy liam” I said happily and snuggled close to him

With him by my side,I knew that life would be great for us cause love is what we need and thats what weve got for now till eternity………..

THE END????????????