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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 7

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{I thought he Is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
???? Kate POV????
I woke up to find myself in a strange room,where am I?I thought as I looked everywhere while sleeping on the couch.

Suddenly everything came back to me,I remembered what happened

I still can’t believe that liam is the owner of this company,he could be playing a trick with me,I thought

“Will she be alright” on hearing his voice,I quickly layed back on the couch

Am not ready to talk or see him,I pretended to be asleep and I heard his footsteps as he walked into the room

I suddenly felt him beside me, I knew he was watching me so I kept on pretending to be asleep

I felt him touch my cheek,what the hell is wrong with him?I thought as I kept on pretending to be asleep

“You can stop pretending now,I know that your not asleep” he whispered into my ear

Have been caught already,I thought as I opened my eyes

“You can fool yourself and everyone Kate but remember this you can’t fool me” he said walking to stand by the window

I sat watching the new guy in front of me,he is different from the gardener I once knew,he looked more cold,withdrawn and ruthless.

“What? Still starring to know if its really me” he said again mocking her

“Am just wondering why you lied,why did you let us think that your just a poor gardener” i said

“My reasons are something personal to me but what I can tell you is that I enjoyed every bit of my time acting as a gardener” he said smiling

So everything had all been a game to him,even their one night had been a game to him

I shouldn’t think about our night together,i had kept it buried for a month now and besides it had all been fun to him and also to me ,its best if i just get down to business

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I got up from the couch and immediately regret it,i found myself feeling so dizzy,if Liam hadn’t caught me i would have fall down

“Easy Kate,your still feeling dizzy” he said helping me to sit on the couch,still staying close to me

“Am fine,I will be alright” I said trying to move from him because just having him so close to me is pure torture

But he moved towards me again touching my forehead

“Your head is not burning which only means your not having a fever or something and the doctor said you will be alright” he said

“I said am fine okay,acting like you care about me doesn’t suit you,so please lets just get to work” I said and he stood up

“Fine let’s get to work,after all your just here to work,when you’ve fully get yourself,meet me in the office” he said and walked out

I never thought meeting him again would go this way, just by the look in his eyes, I could tell that he hates me so much and I won’t blame him,I had sent him off like some kind of dog and am sure he won’t ever forgive me for that.

I stood up and was about to leave when I saw a picture of him and that same girl, I found myself wondering who she is?but she is not really my concern though,what I have to do right now is to get him to sign the paper and then I leave.

I went back to his office and saw him already checking out the documents I had with me

“So what do you think of the proposal” I said

“I don’t like it” he said throwing the papers away

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“What do you mean by you don’t like it” I said getting up to pick all the documents

“I get to save your company and what would you give me in compensation nothing? What sort of business is that” he said

“If you read it well you will see that we are giving you 80% of our share,isn’t that enough” I said

“Not enough” he said suddenly starring at me in a strange way

“What more do you want us to add to it” I said

“I dont know,you tell me”he said

” well we can possibly add some more shares to it or we co……..”

“Don’t you get it,I don’t want any shares,I only want one thing and thats you” he said starring at me

“What are you saying?”

“Ever since that night I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind,even though you pushed me away in a cruel way,I should even be hating you for what you did but I find myself still wanting you” he said

I could only stare at him,Hearing him say he wants me made me feel thrilled and excited in a way but I know that I can’t let that happen,a one night with him is a mistake already,I won’t let myself be used like this.

“Well sorry to say sir,we will just have to cancel the deal,as you can see am still engaged and will be married next week, so keep your darn company to yourself” I said standing up

“Like seriously your still getting married to that good for nothing” he said

“Mind your word Mr lancing,I won’t sit back and watch you call my fiance names” I said and suddenly he stood up

“Your still the same gullible Kate everyone push around,I thought that by now you would have known the real martin”,he said

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” I already know enough about my fiance,if there is nothing left for us to talk about,I will leave now”I said packing up my stuffs

Suddenly I felt him pull me to him,”not again Kate,i won’t let you act all high and mighty with me, am no longer the gardener you always know,am a different guy now and what j want,I get,you won’t be an exception “he said with a determined look on his face and out of nowhere he kissed me.

I tried pulling free but I he much stronger,I knew I had no choice than to just stay passive in his Arms

” you have no idea how much have missed kissing you “he said

” let me go”I said before losing my sanity in his arms

“Until when would you keep up with this,you know you want me as much as I want you,just say yes to me,leave martin and come with me” he said

I found myself wanting to believe his words,wanting to go with him but i just can’t do that,I can’t leave everything for a man who just wanted to use me to sate his lust.

“Let me go” I said pushing him away

“Kate don’t make this difficult” he said

“Just leave me alone okay,am about to get married soon,so whatever fantasies you have about me just forget about it” I said and quickly went out of the office

????liam POV????
I stood watching her leave?not again,not for the second time,I can’t be losing her again.

I thought that if I stayed away,she will miss me but doing that only made things worse,I will have to persuade her more I have to do something drastic.

And just then an idea came into my head and this time for sure, I know Kate will leave everything to come running to me

And she will,I thought smiling,she will soon????????????