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One Night With A Billionaire. Chapter 1

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{I thought he is a poor Gardener, not knowing he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????kate POV????
“I think you should wear this,it will suit you more”

“Wear this,its better”

“No blue suits her best,she should wear this gown”

I sighed as I watch my sisters fight over the dress I will be wearing tonight at the engagement party

“Why don’t we let her pick,which one would you prefer Kate” Sandra said

“Pick the blue, it suits you better” Jessica added

“No the red one,its more sexy and martin will love it on you” Lucy added

“You guys don’t need to pick for me, I already know what to wear” I said and went to bring out a white gown

“Always dressing up as a Maid” Jessica said as she sat on the bed

“Its what am comfortable in,I dont really like that gown” I said and watch them gave me a disappointed look

Its always been like that between my sisters and i.
Well a little intro,am Kate henshaw,the third daughter of Peter henshaw,am 24 years and am what guys will term as average beauty,my sisters are what people refer to as damsel,Angel and gorgeous,am a kind and shy person,my sisters Jessica,Sandra and our last born Lucy,as have said earlier my sisters are what they call damsel,my sisters are always followed by men and am always left out and I dont really mind because working and getting to the top is what really matters to me.

Have always thought that I won’t ever get married but martin came, well its not a love at first thing,its an arrange marriage my dad prepared for me and I dont have any choice than to accept and martin is a sweet guy.

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“My God he is really hot” Lucy suddenly said from the window.

We all went to check out the person she was starring at and its the gardener, liam stood downstairs shirtless,planting some leaves

“Have never seen him shirtless before ,he really is hot” Sandra added

“Its a shame that he is just a gardener,if only he was rich,at least if he was in our class,I would have slept with him already” Jessica said

And I watched them,ever since liam was brought into their mansion to work,they’ve never liked him,always insulting him and humiliating him whenever they get the chance but I have always found it cool being with him,he makes me laugh, advice me sometimes and he is always ready to fight for me anytime am being bullied by my sisters.

“Just look at his biceps, ohhhhh I really love hot men” Lucy said

“Just yesterday,you had been calling him a fool and now he is hot to you,you all are just the same” I said

“We are sisters,so we will be the same, you are also the same with us,dont try to act like a saint,I know you also like the gardener” Sandra said

“And what makes you say that?” I said

“The way you look at him and the way he stares at you,haven’t you seen the way he looks at you,that guy likes you” Jessica added

“Liam and I are just friends and please dont repeat that again, I dont want martin hearing some crazy rumour created by you” I said starring at them

I starred at Liam downstairs,could what they say be the truth,no liam only sees her as a friend and I also see him as a friend too.

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I thought and just then he looked up at my window and smiled, I could see my sister Lucy waving at him but he only smiled at me and that got me blushing something which have never felt with martin,I quickly went to the room……

❤liam POV❤
I saw her by the window,she was starring at me,looking gorgeous as always, I gave her a smile but she went inside without waving as she always did, is it because of her sisters who are with her ?

I thought as I starred at her window,I saw Lucy the last daughter waving at me but I ignored her,I only want Kate greeting and besides what have come over her,she never liked me along with two of her sisters.

I only get along with Kate,Kate who I find isn’t as shallow and classy as her sisters

She is more better than her sisters but she doesn’t know that,anytime I chat with her,she is always saying,she is ugly and that her sisters are more better than her,if only she knew that she is far more better than them and she is not ugly, well to him i find her to be a very beautiful lady.

A lady i admire and like a lot,its just a shame that she is getting married to her fiancé and her engagement is tonight, i wasn’t even invited.

????kate POV????
I walked around the party with martin,greeting the guest invited by mom and his mom.

I remembered telling the both of them that I only want a small gathering but knowing my mother she would invite the whole world if possible…

We were still greeting the guest when martin pulled me outside,we got to the garden and he pulled me to him kissing me

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“You drive me crazy Kate” he said kissing

Because it’s an arrange marriage have never let things gone far between martin and I

We only kissed and cuddle but have never gone to bed together

“Let me make love to you,right here” he said suddenly kissing my throat

What is he saying?there is a party going on and he wants us to make love and besides he has promised me that he will only sleep with me when we get married, so what has bring the Change now,I thought as I pushed him off

“No martin,it’s our engagement party tonight and besides you’ve promi…..”

“I know what I promised but am tired already,we will be getting married anyway,let’s just do it once and for all” he said pulling me to him,kissing and touching me in places no man have touched before

“No martin,let me go,let me go” I said pushing him away

“Dont get me angry Kate,I want you already” he said

“Then you will have to wait,no dont touch me Martin” I said trying to push him and just then I heard laim voice not far away

” the Lady said you should leave her alone”

We both turned and I saw the angry look on liam face, if care isn’t taken, he would beat the hell out of martin and I couldn’t allow that to happen,not when there is a party going on……….