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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 8

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????jacqueline POV????
I got to back to the office, feeling so sad,I had to give dad the sad news,I thought as I went to his office but he wasn’t there

“Where is dad” I asked his secretary

“He is in the board room with the board members” she said

“But why did he call the board members” I said

“That’s because he is happy,happy that we have finally found a buyer and also because our company will be saved,so he gave a call to all the members asking them to come,you can go to the board room now,they’ve been waiting for you to arrive” she said and I nodded before walking off, dad shouldn’t have called the members, how would I tell him that the deal didn’t go well,how would I tell him that,I thought as I kept walking to the board room,I got there only to hear my father saying

“You all have got to trust my daughter, she will surely get him to sign that contract,you’ve got to put your faith in her” he said

“What If she doesn’t succeed”????

” are you even sure that she will secure the deal”????

“You should have given this task to someone else”????
” relax everyone,I know you all still don’t have faith in my daughter but I do and am sure that she will get the contract,have told my secretary to send her in as soon as she comes,so let’s just be patient “he said

Oh God!!!dad really have high hopes for me,but what should I tell him that I didn’t get the contract? That Liam wants me in exchange for the contract?that I failed in getting the contract? I couldn’t do that to him, not to him or to the board members.

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Sighing a bit I went to into the room

” oh she is back”my father said walking towards me

“So tell us miss Lawrence,did the signing go well”????

” yes it went well,Mr William lancing have decided to buy our company shares”I lied

“See I told you my daughter could do it” my dad said hugging me, I looked around and saw the relief look on All the board members faces, they were all happy that I got the contract,if only they knew what liam asked in exchange. I thought as I starred at them all.

I have to talk to liam,to make him understand that I can’t do what he wants and that if he doesn’t sign the contract,a lot of people will suffer from it.

Am sure that deep within his heart,there is still a soft place.
Later that day, I could be seen going into an expensive hotel,a hotel where liam lived.

I had to talk to him before anyone from the office tried to talk to him

“You must be miss Kate,well Mr William has asked me to give you this key once you get here” the hotel receptionist said giving me a key

I took it and with her help I got to his suite on my own

I opened the door and went in,he was sitting on the couch,looking so relaxed,having a smile on his face.

“Welcome Kate, welcome” he said opening his eyes to stare at me

“Come have a seat” he said to me

“What am about to say to you, doesn’t require me to seat” I said

“Fine then start talking”

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“Can’t you reconsider,the company really needs your investment and besides you know am getting married” I said and immediately I said that he stood up

“Still hooked on getting married right?”

“Yes I am,Martin loves me and I love him and…….”

“Are you really sure that guy loves you?”

“Yes Martin loves me,whereas you dont,the only thing you want from me is sex” I said starring at him angrily

“Well I won’t deny that part I want you again,have always wanted you Kate,you were the only one who treated me fairly And Also badly,tell me why did you have me fired back then” he said

“Because I saw you as a threat to martin happiness and also to mine” I said

“You still haven’t know how to lie”

“What do you mean” I said moving back when he moved close to me

“Whenever you lie,you keep moving your hand and you were doing that right now,so tell me the truth ” he said

“Fine,Jessica asked me to do it and I did it only because I didn’t want you anywhere around me,you were some type of threat to my happiness” I said

“So you hadn’t sent me away back then because you think I was a not a man of your class” he asked

“No I hadn’t,what made you think that” I thought

“Never mind but now that I know that you didn’t send me away because you think that am not a man of your class then that only gives me more determination” he said moving close to me

“Determination? On what”

“On getting what I want,which is you” he said and immediately I moved away from him

“Why won’t you just understand that you can’t have me, not anymore,am an engaged woman,soon to be married” I said raising my hand to show him the ring on my finger and angrily he walked towards me,pulled the ring off my finger and threw it away

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“Why did you do that?” I yelled at him

“I hate seeing that bastard ring on your finger, don’t you know that your mine,the only ring that should be on that finger of yours should be my ring” he said

“There is just no talking to you,youve gone crazy” I said going to pick my bag ready to leave but he caught up to me,snatched my bag and throw it away and he pulled me to him

“Let me go Liam” I said trying to pull free

“Can’t you see that your driving me crazy,I want you so much Kate,don’t get married,say you will stay with me” he said and before I could answer, he kissed me

Although I wanted to push him away,I found myself pulling him to me,kissing him back

I don’t know why but whenever am in Liam arms, I just go crazy,I do the unthinkable,never before have I felt this way in Martin arms, never!!! I thought still kissing him feverishly

The doorbell rang and that brought me back to reality

I wanted to pull out of his arms but I wasnt able to do that because he kept a tight hold on me

He pulled me closer to him and yelled for whoever is at the door to come in and then he took my lips back into his and began to kiss me again

It wasn’t until I heard Martin voice that I pushed him off

“What the hell is going on here!!!!” He yelled and I stood starring at him