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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 6

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{I thought he was a gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????kate POV????
I woke up the next day feeling a little good and better than last night

I couldn’t sleep last night all because of the girl I saw him with liam,after hours of thinking who it could be I decided to just forget everything, afterall what ever Liam do now is none of her concern and she is best left without thinking of him.

She got dressed getting ready for work only for Lucy to barge into her room

“Haven’t I told you to knock whenever you are coming to my room” I said

“Am sorry sis but I heard recently that a restaurant would be opened soon and I want us to go” she said

“Now?you know that am going to work” I said

“It won’t really matter if you go to work late for the first time and besides back then you had asked me to do you a favour which I did and now its time to pay back” she said

And knowing Lucy she won’t rest until you’ve payed back your due to her

“Fine go get ready and let’s leave” I said

We both set out in my car and we got to the the restaurant.

Lucy loved everything about food,she is a chef at least that’s what she went to school for but she hasn’t been putting that to work because like the rest of her sisters she also likes leeching off dad.

They were given a menu and they picked a seat near the window and ordered their food and began to eat

“I knew this would come out great,I think have found my new restaurant” she said happily chewing on a shrimp

Just then she said “oh my God”

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“What’s wrong?”

“You won’t just believe who just entered” she said starring at me

“Who” I said turning only to see liam and that same girl from yesterday walking in

“Its the gardener” Lucy said smiling,feeling nervous all of a sudden I turned back to eating and all through the eating Lucy kept on talking about him.

“He looks so good in a tux,who is he Even with?I never got to know why he was fired from our house, seems like life is treating him well or maybe its the girl that he is with that he is leeching from,oh curiosity is killing me Kate,why don’t I just invite them to our table” she said raising her hand and immediately I pulled it down

“Are you crazy,we are in a restaurant, try to behave yourself” I said almost yelling at her

“Fine,there is no need to be grouchy” she said and they kept on eating the food

Kate kept on eating the food even though she wasn’t paying attention to the food,she just kept on swallowing hoping she could get to eat this fast and leave.

“Its a bit odd though, he saw me waving at him but he just starred and kept on chatting with that Lady, could it be that he didn’t see me or he just pretended not to know me” Lucy said

I can put all my money on the second option Lucy said, why would he still want to talk to either of us?my sisters hadn’t made life for him easy in our house and i,i had been the one who sent him away for good,so if he is angry with them,then he has all the right to

“Hey look at the time, am deadly late,can we leave now” I said and she nodded

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After paying we left the restaurant, we were heading to the car when suddenly Lucy said

“Oh its liam,I will just go and say a quick hi to him” she said and before I could stop her she had already ran off

she got to them and hugged him tightly and he also did,they chatted for a while and then I saw her pointing over to where I was and I quickly looked away.

How could Lucy be putting me in a tight spot,I thought as I got nervous,I just hope liam won’t pay attention to her and come over to say hi to me.

“Hey let’s go” Lucy said tapping me

“And liam?” I said

“He has gone already,seems Like he had something urgent to do because when I told him you were here he just said he had to attend to some meeting” Lucy said as they got into the car

Or he just doesn’t want to talk to me,I thought sadly

I got to work and immediately I was told to go to my dad office

I got to his office only to enveloped in a hug by him

“What’s wrong dad” I said smiling back

“Remember the buyer I told you about yesterday?” He said

“Yes I do”

“He has finally agreed to buy the shares,our company will be saved” he said happily and I also felt happy for him too

“Now all we’ve got to do now is to prepare the shares document,the man is a busy man and our meeting with him today will only be for an hour,so go get ready love,you will be the one going to the company to offiate the deal” he said

And I nodded happily”let me go get the necessary thing,I will be back”I said feeling so happy about the sale our company

A few hours later,I got out of my car standing in front of a well known building,LANCING EMPIRE

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lancing empire is known to be one of the best company in their States, working with them will be a real boost to their company

In hand with all the documents i walked into the company,a sweet and kind receptionist showed me the way to the top floor where I would meet William lancing the owner of the company

Just thinking about the name made me remember liam their gardener,I smiled just comparing the names together.

I got to the top floor and met his personal assistant.

“Mr lancing is waiting for you in his office” she said taking me to the room

She opened the door a bit and walked in to announce my arrival.

“You can go in now” she said to me.

I breathe in a bit before walking in,I saw him standing by the window,he had his back turned to me.

“Hello sir I am ka …….”

“Kate Lawrence, there is no need in introducing yourself, we both know each other already” I recognised him even before he Turned to face me

“Surprised right?” He said starring at me

No this couldn’t be,he is only playing a trick on me just as he always did in the past.

“Hello liam,I would like to say I am happy to see you again but I can’t say that,as you can see I came to meet Mr lancing,so if you can call him for me,I would be grateful” I said shaking a bit

“Well you see I won’t be able to call him for you” he said walking towards me

“Because I am William lancing,the owner of lancing empire” he said and i immediately I got dizzy,and I just found myself falling but not to the ground,I found myself falling into his arms,losing consciousness ………………