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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 3

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
Written by Bella writes????????????
????kate POV????
I woke up the next day to feel someone kissing my neck and it felt so wonderful.

I closed my eyes and smiled at whoever was performing wonders by kissing me

“You look so beautiful in the morning” he said and that broke the spell

I opened my eyes to find myself in the workers room and there was liam all over me,starring at me,what the hell happened, I thought as I pushed him away.

“Hey what’s wrong?” He said starring at me

I took a quick look at everything and saw the mess have put myself in,I just slept with the gardener, I just cheated on my fiancé,this is crazy,how can it be me?why did I do this?I thought starring at everywhere apart from him

“Hey?” He said again touching my shoulders and I moved away from him

“What’s wrong with you, why are you suddenly acting cold” he said

“Why shouldn’t I!!!this should never have happened,I shouldn’t have slept with you” I said

“You were Happy to do it last night,why are you now behaving this way” he said

“Its because I am engaged,have done something immoral,have cheated on martin” I said feeling so guilty

“No you didn’t cheat on Anyone Kate” he said getting up from the bed,naked.

I quickly averted my face and I heard him laugh

“Its too late now, you saw the whole thing last night and you love every bit of it” he said walking towards me and holding me

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“You wanted it to happen,you loved every bit of it and I did too,there is no need regretting it” he said

I pull free from him and stood up from the bed

“You can convince me liam,this should never have happened”

“Don’t say that Kate,what happened between us is destined to happen” he said moving towards me

“Its not,I shouldn’t have let anything happen,please liam stay away” i said as he walked close to me

“Now that we are down to this I want you to know that I like you a lot Kate and I don’t think I can let you go easily” he said kissing my shoulders

This is getting worse as it is,I shouldn’t have slept with him,I shouldn’t have done this, if I want this to stop I have to stand my ground with him

I pushed him off angrily and I walked past him

“No liam don’t come close to me okay,please, this is a mess as it is,so please leave me alone” I said and took my clothes and went into his bathroom,I quickly wore my clothes and went back into the room,thank God he isn’t here,I thought as I quickly left his room.

????Liam POV????
I kept on digging the floor,feeling so angry and hurt

How could she have ask him to forget everything

It had been a very good night last night, he had thought that with him being the first man in her life she won’t be leaving him,she would leave that Martin and come to him but she didn’t,she keeps on wanting to be with that good for nothing Martin

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I still have to tell her what martin said last night,the Bastard is having a lover while Kate hates herself for cheating on him

I have to tell her the truth,had to make her understand that martin is a cheating Bastard.

I began to walk to the house when i saw martin walking into the house,I saw Kate running up to him hugging him tightly.

I felt so sad just seeing her in his arms,had she really forget everything that happened between them,is she really that cruel…….

????kate POV????
“So you want to tell me something right?” Martin said starring at me

I can’t tell him what I did ,I just can’t, if he knew everything will be ruined,I just can’t tell him…….

“Its nothing Martin, why not just go in,mom will like to have a word with you” I said and he kissed me and went in

I stood outside thinking,”so did you tell him “liam said behind me and I turned to see him walking towards me

I didn’t want to talk to him,I just dont feel like talking to him,I thought walking off but he caught up with me

” let me go liam,dont you know that I don’t want to talk to you”

“Why?is it because your feeling guilty about our night together” he said

“Shhhhhh…..someone might hear you ” I said getting scared

“I dont give a damn kate and I can’t forget what happened between us last night,I want you Kate” he said pulling me to him

“But i dont”

“Yes you do,you want me as much as I want you,your just scared” he said touching my face

“Liam, let me go,someone might see us”

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“I dont give a damn,I want to kiss you and am going to” he said and kissed me

I tried pushing him off but he is more stronger than me and I found myself kissing him back

“My God what’s wrong going on here”

We both turned on hearing someone spoke