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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 21

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
“Isn’t there a way to change your mind” Lucy said standing by the door in my room

“Don’t even try because my decision have been made”I said as I packed my clothes into the suitcase

” but ka……”

“Dont but me Lucy,you of all people know why I need to leave” I said sadly

“I know and its all because of Liam but you can stay here and move on with your life,you don’t have to leave”

“I have to or else I will be tormented by liam presence for the rest of my life,can’t you see that I keep on thinking about him,he decided to marry Sarah even when I showed him the result,he hasnt come to see me and hasn’t even called and I was going through the newspapaers just days Ago and guess what I saw,they have both let the press know about their marriage, you have no idea how that hurts” I said as I kept on packing

“I do sis but you need to stay,think about us” Lucy said

“I do think about you, that’s why I am leaving,you all have been worried about me and it isn’t fair,I will deal with my problem now and to do that,I need to leave to start afresh” I said sadly

“Okay have you think of your child?you haven’t told liam of its existence and besides what will happen when the child wants his father,what will you do” Lucy said

“I will know when that time comes” I said as I zipped it

“Please Kate think about your child,tell liam about it,who knows he might change his mind and come to you” she said

“I don’t think so and please Lucy no more,have got a plane to catch ” I said as I walked outside

The Goodbye were made and I left the house

All through the ride to the airport, I kept on thinking about what Lucy said

What if I tell him about our child,he might just cancel the wedding and come back to me,I thought having hope once again

Instead of passing the familiar room that will take me to the airport, I turned and to the hospital road,if liam was somewhere on a Saturday, it will be at the hospital with Miranda, only God knows if she is lying just as she did with the DNA test

I got out of the car and went into the hospital searching for the room where Miranda was, liam will surely be there,I only hope that Sarah isn’t

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I got there And opened the door only to see the doctor with her,checking on her, there was no sign of liam and Sarah

“Oh sorry I interrupt, I will come back some other time” I said about to leave when Miranda called me back

I didn’t really feel like talking to her but when she had called I decided to go back

The doctor finished and left the room “my guess is that you are here to see Liam” she said starring at me

“Yes but he is not here,so I better leave” I said

“Am glad that you have finally given up on pursuing my son” she said

“For the record Miranda its your son who gave up on us,he decided to be a coward and choose to leave me for Sarah” I said

“My son is not a coward,he is never a coward and he decided to marry Sarah because I begged him to do it,it is my last wish” she said starring at me

“If you think that I will fall for your lies just as liam did then your wrong,your not sick and Liam decided to marry Sarah because he wanted to ” I said feeling so angry

“Its the truth,I might have lied about the DNA test but this isn’t a lie,I am dying of cancer and to fufil my dying wish liam decided to marry Sarah” she said and for the first time, I looked at Miranda well enough,she looked so thin and pale and weak,she really had cancer

“Look I know that my son loves you but I just dont want you for him,I have imagined sarah with him, she will be the perfect bride for him,so if it isn’t so much to ask can I ask you to please stay away from liam for good” Miranda said a little weakly

“You dont need to tell me that,I already know it but let me just ask you one thing,why Sarah?why not me?”

“Because your the daughter of the man I once loved and also the man that broke my heart” she said

“Are you talking about my dad?”

“Yes your dad,I met him first,I loved him first and he made me believe so too but it only turn out that the only person he wanted was Lucia my sister,I never got over it,I never forgot it and when I found out that liam is seeing you,the only thing I wanted was to make him hurt you like your father did with me” she said with tears in her eyes

“But he didn’t and I took matter into my own hands but you managed to find out the truth,this sickness thing and asking liam to fufil my dying wish isn’t part of my plan, I just wanted to see my son with someone I know that will love him for the rest of his life”she said

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” but wanting to punish me for what happened between you and my father is a cruel thing,I love your son a lot,more than life itself but he has decided and he is fufiling his dying mom last wish who am I to interfere,I am leaving so be rest assured,I won’t ever be bothering liam again”I said and began to walk out when she said a

“Thank you,thank you Kate” on hearing that I got so sad and angry that I left the hospital and the country in tears

????liam pov????
I ran into the hospital feeling scared,I had gotten a call from mom,she hardly ever call me except,no no,I mustnt think bad things

Mom isnt dead,she just can’t be,I thought as I ran into her ward

I found her on her wheelchair with Sarah beside her

Why is Sarah here?I thought as I walked in

“Mom what’s wrong,why did you call for me” I said as I knelt in front of her

The sickness has really eaten her up,she looked so weak and frail,she could hardly things on her own,the wheel chair is a kind of support for her cause she could hardly make use of her legs

It hurts to see the once vibrant Lady,who could do anything by herself looking like a ghost already

The doctor had thought that her remaining time on earth will just be a few months,they didnt know that her she would survive this long

“Your fiancee here came to complain about you” she said

“You know better than to come speak to mom about our problems” I said angrily starring at her

“She had to know okay,its been months since we have been engage and you haven’t tried to take it further than that,when will we get married” she said

For months I haven’t Been able to bring myself to marrying Sarah,have only secured myself in telling her that we should be in a long engagement which she agreed to but recently she has been going crazy,wanting me to set the date which is something am not her ready to do

“When I decide it okay, you knew what you were getting into when you decide to marry me” I said

“I knew it perfectly okay and I know why you haven’t still decided to move on,its because of that damn Kate right,that’s why you won’t marry me,well am sick and tired of waiting,am out okay” she said standing up and leaving the room

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“Liam you shouldn’t be doing this sarah,she has always been devoted to you through this past months, the only thing you can give her now is to marry her” mom said to me

“Am trying mom,please don’t ask more from me” I said standing up

“Its Kate right?” She said suddenly and I stood up to stand by the window

Kate,its been so long….. I thought sadly to myself

“I know that I meddled and ruined your relationship back then,I even made up a fake story and DNA and am glad that you forgave me for it all but son it’s time you let go of the past,Kate is gone and am sure that she is happy with someone already so please liam take a go at life again,marry sarah” she said

She was right, its time i did something with my life after all Kate has been gone for a year now and she will be rebuilding her life why don’t i just do the same

“Fine then,I marry Sarah” I said and she smiled at me

Later that day, I walked into the club, I had phoned Sarah to talk to her and she had asked me to come here

I was standing in the club looking for her when suddenly I bumped into someone

“Oh sorry” I said and stared at Lucy who was also starring at me

Its been long since have seen any of the Lawrence family

Though they still have an outstanding debt with me, I decided to just let Kate father handled it because I didn’t want to be in places that reminds me of Kate

Kate who had left and had never bothered to listen to him or to try to talk to him

“Excuse me” Lucy said with an icy voice

“Lucy wait,can we talk”

“We have nothing to talk about,not after what you did to Kate” she said

“Let’s leave Kate out of this” I said

“No I won’t okay,Kate is the only thing we have to talk about, you really have moved on haven’t you”

“Kate also moved on”

“Moved on?you call her being a mother to your baby,always starring at the kid and remembering your face moving on”

“What do you mean by my baby?” I said starring at her

“Dont act like you dont know a thing, you knew Kate was pregnant with your child when she left and you never bothered contacting her” Lucy yelled at me and I stood stunned

Kate was pregnant? Kate had my child? I can’t believe it……