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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 14

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????liam pov????
“Just tell me what’s bothering you?is it something bad,will I get really mad?” She kept on saying

Gosh am scared, scared that if I tell her this,she might end our relationship and if she do that,I will really go crazy

“Just tell me please” she said as she pulled me close to her

I took her hand and kiss it and then walk her to the bed

“You don’t really know why I decided to hide my true identity right?”

“I dont,would you like to tell me about it”she said

” yes,I was born from a rich family, I had a father,mother and a brother,I would say life had been great then but suddenly everything changed when both my father and brother died”I said and she squeezed my hands in sympathy

“Am so sorry”she said

” thanks my love,after their burial, mom became so unfeeling and cruel,the love I had felt from her in the past wasn’t there anymore, she controlled almost everything about my life,what course I took,the kind of girls I date,the kind of life that I lived, I never really complained about it but when I found out that the girl I was about to marry then cheated on me I broke it off but the lying Bitch managed to convince my mom and my mom made life impossible for me so I could get back with that bitch, so one day I left everything and set out to build a life on my own and I managed to do that “he said

” and that’s why I admire and respect you alot, is this what you were going to tell me, its not something of a big deal love,for a moment there I thought it was really something worse”she said happily

“That’s not all Kate’

‘You mean there is still more” she said

“Yes there is,you see,my ex girlfriend still say that am her boyfriend,wait let me show this to you” I said and showed her Sarah latest update,a picture of the both of us kissing and a clearly written statement saying liam lancing is my boyfriend .

“Is this lady crazy,how can she post such a thing? ” Kate said starring at it angrily

“She is a real bitch but mom is much more worse,I have a feeling that once she finds out that both you and I are together, she will do her best to stop this relationship and that’s what I don’t want” he said

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“Don’t worry love,nothing will ever separate us”

“You don’t know Miranda lancing,she is a cruel and unfeeling person and she will stop at nothing just to have her way, so please love dont fall for any of her ploy cause I know that soon enough she will find me and she won’t want us together,so promise me Kate,you won’t ever trust any of her words only trust me okay” I said kissing her hands and she nodded having a scared look on her face.

“Everything will be alright,it will be” I said hugging her

????kate pov????
I went downstairs to receive some important file that I had been expecting.

Just thinking about what liam had told me earlier got me thinking a lot

He had said his mother is someone who gets what she wants,what if she manage to separate me and liam,no no i musnt think about that,am suppose to think positively, yes i have to think that way

I got to the lift and was about to enter it when Andrew came pulling me back

“What is your problem?” I said

“Just want to tell you that your boyfriend is not who you think he is” Andrew said and I knew that he was going to tell me about liam double life

“Oh really?who is he then?” I said

“He has been lying to and I know for a fact that he already has a fiancée” I said

“Named Sarah right?” I said and he stood starring at me

“Yes I know and don’t be so surprised okay, i know what kind of guy my boyfriend is, no need of you telling me, so you and your malicious gossip can go to hell” I said and got into the lift.

I got back to room only to see liam parking our things

“What’s wrong love?”

“My mother just called me, I dont know how she managed to get my number but she on her way here and I dont want her to see us” liam said

“Is she that scary?”

“More worse than that,help me to pack,i don’t want to see her yet” he said and I went to him holding his hand

“If you escape now, you will still see her later on,why not just face her now” i said

“No Kate,I don’t want to see her,support me by going back with me” he said and I nodded

I began to pack our things,we finished and went downstairs to check out

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We were waiting for our car to arrive when a limousine stopped in front of us,and two lady walked out of the car, who could they be?I wondered as I starred at the much older lady but when I starred at the younger one I knew I had seen her face somewhere?could it be her

“What the fuck” on hearing liam curse beside me,I knew then that they were the two people liam didn’t want to see right now.

????liam pov????
“Hello my Darling” she said

I stood starring at my mom, this is what have been dreading, I didn’t feel like seeing her and now here I am forced to see her

When she had called me back in the room,I knew she would have known where I am,that’s why I began to pack,I didn’t want her to catch up with us and now she has just done that.

“Its Been three years son and is this how your going to greet your mom” she said again and I felt Kate hands pushing me

I starred at her and she mouthed at me to go hug her,having no choice I went to hug her and I still felt that Same cold vibe from her

“Won’t you greet Sarah too” she said

“Why are you here mom” I said changing the subject

“To see you of course,for three years,you haven’t come home nor bothered to come see your mom and now that have come to see you,you are acting this way?” She said

“Am sorry,am just busy,I kind of have a flight to catch up to” I said

“Oh really?I was thinking we three could go out together,have booked a table at a restaurant,common let’s go,we have a lot to catch up on” she said pulling me away

But I removed my hand from hers, “am with somebody mom” I said and she turned to stare at Kate

I turned too and stretched my hand to her and she walked forward and took it in hers

“Mom meet …….”

“You dont have to introduce me to your secretary,you know I dont have an interest in the lives of those that work for us,so you dont have to introduce us,now let’s go” she said

I knew she said that intentionally but I wasn’t going to let that slide,I was about to talk when Kate beat me to it

“My name is Kate Lawrence and am not Liam secretary or worker,am his fiancee” she said and I stood starring at her

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Fiancee?never would I have imagined that she will call herself my fiancee

“That has got to be a joke” my mom said starring at me

“It is not a joke mom,Kate is the girl am going to marry” I said

“But what about me” Sarah finally spoke up

“You can go to hell for all I care” I yelled

“I won’t let you talk to Sarah like that” my mom said

“I should have known that you aren’t here to see me,your only here to cause trouble but sorry mom,I wont let you waste my time and like have said we have a plane to catch so goodbye” I said and walked to our car with Kate and soon we were on our way back home.

????kate pov????
I sat in the car starring at him,he has Been quiet for a while now,has been like this since we were on the plane

I knew he was angry because of what happened with his mom earlier

I held his hand and he starred at me”tell me what’s bothering you”

“I thought mom visit had truly been because she missed me and is truly hoping to see me but I had been wrong” he said sadly

“Dont worry love,your mom will come around soon” I said

“I hope so,I just hope so” he said

He stopped the car right in front of a blue building

“Where is this?”

“My house” he said as he came out of the car

“I thought you said you are taking me back home”

“Well I changed my mind,I still want you with me for a little while” he said and opened the door and then lift me into his arm

“Its just you and me baby” he said and carried me into his house

It was late in the evening that we left the house

We both got to my house and he decided to walk me in

I got into the room and found mom and dad in the room which is odd

“Mom,dad we are back” I said smiling happily

“Am glad you both are” on hearing Miranda voice we both turned around,what is she doing here? I thought as I starred at her

“Kate,liam,have your seat we have a lot of things to talk about” my father said starring at me and I knew that whatever they are going to say to us,I won’t like it one bit