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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 5

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{I thought he is a gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}???????? ????
(Billionaire in disguise)????????????
A MONTH LATER????????????
????kate POV????
“Hey have you heard the latest”????

” what ?”????

“The company is bankrupt,soon we will all be jobless “????

” but why?how come one of the biggest company is bankrupt”????

“Its all because of that of miss Kate”????

” miss Kate,what has she got to do with this? “????

” she is about to get married right?well her father have spent a lot chunk of the company money for her upcoming wedding”????

“How do you know that?”????

” am her father secretary right???”????

On hearing all of that I walked out of my office, what rubbish are they saying about the company going bankrupt,I thought as I walked to the two girls

“Oh miss Kate” they both said on seeing me, they had thought I wouldn’t be in the office

“What rubbish are you spitting from your mouth, the company isn’t bankrupt” I said

“Am sorry to say this miss Kate but its the truth, your dad didn’t tell you,so as not to worry you but you’ve got to know that the company has lost a lot of money by just preparing your wedding for you”my father secretary said to me

“But dad would have said something to me, I need to talk with him” I said walking off ready to confront father

If this bankruptcy rubbish is really true then its all martin and his parents fault,they had been the telling my dad to make the wedding a big one,I never knew dad would have said yes to it,how could he?

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I got to his office without even bothering to knock the door,I went in, I found him by his desk, having a worried look on his face.

“Don’t tell me its true dad ,the company isn’t really bankrupt”I said again

“How did you find out?”

“That doesn’t matter dad,just tell me please” I said

“Its the truth”he said and immediately I went to hug him,I knew how much the company meant to him

” dad Is this because you carried the full cost of my wedding “I said still holding him

” its not that my child,the company has been having money issue since the beginning of this year,its been hard for us to get a contract anywhere “he said

” oh dad I never knew, I and my sisters kept on collecting money and you never told us what situation you were in,am sorry dad”

“Dont apologise my child,it will all be fine and Besides am waiting for an important investor heard he is interested in buying a large amount of share in our company,if he does buy it then we will make our loses back”

“And that will make the person the major holder Of our company” I said sadly

“Yes it will but the good thing in all of this is that we can still safe our company” he said

“Yes we can dad” I said feeling a but sad for dad

This company has been his whole world and now he is losing it to someone else,if I had the money, I would have payed but I dont,we will just have to wait for that investor, he or she will determine the future of our company

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Later that day before going home, I went to the mall,to get something’s needed for my wedding which will be taking place next week Saturday

By Saturday I will be getting married to Martin, I will be his wife and probably the mother of his kids

Just thinking about that got me having goose bumps,I just can’t imagine my life with Martin,I can’t.

I got to a section where plants and flowers were being sold,just seeing them made me remember him.

Its been a month since have asked him to leave our house,a month since he has left,not hearing a thing from him or about him.

After sending him away, I felt guilty, I had asked dad to try to contact him,to give him work in the company but it all turned out to be in vain because we found nothing…. Well its good we didn’t find him,if he comes back into my life, I will keep on remembering my night with him And I dont want that.

I was heading out of a mall when suddenly I saw him or rather someone that looks like him

He was coming out of the flower shop that I just passed,he looked really different, gone were the shirts and jeans only to be replaced with a smart suit,he had trimmed his long which had made him looked like a pauper and now he did his hair stylishly,he looked classy and different,could it be that he has found a new work place where they payed him more,I thought starring at him

He said something to the girl beside him and she smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek and soon they both left

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I stood wondering who that girl could be,is she is new girlfriend,lover or maybe wife, just thinking about that got me feeling angry and why?I don’t know.

I got back home still thinking about what I just saw,I phoned martin to cancel our dinner date,though he threw a lot of tantrums,he finally gave in and cut the call even before I could finish talking.

I went to bed still thinking about liam and the Lady I saw him with ,now more than ever I really want to know who that girl is and why liam.is with her.