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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 17

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????kate POV????
I stood in front of the mirror starring at myself clothed in my wedding gown

Well it’s not what you will term as a wedding gown but to me it is.

For the past two days now liam has been busy prepearing the things we need for the wedding and after days of going around,to the court,to the Photoshop, to the jewelry company to get the rings the day have finally arrive

We had invited noone,we only got a witness,its best if no one knew until we were married

But Its sad though,I won’t have any of my love ones on the most happiest day of my life.

Hey Kate are you ready yet” I heard liam say

“I am but wait,do not come in yet” I said and gently touched up my make up,rearranged my white dress and turned only to find him starring at me

“Hey its bad luck for the groom to see his bride to be before the wedding begin” I said

“But have seen you already and have seen you without your clothes on either” he said walking towards me,he got near me and pulled me close

“You can still change your mind, once you and i are married they would be no going back” he said starring at me

“I am really sure about this liam,I want to spend the rest of my life with you” I said and he hugged me

“I promise you won’t regret this” he said holding me and I held him tightly

“I know that already” I said having a feeling which I can’t put a name to but I knew that it’s a bad feeling, a very bad one.I thought as we both walked out of the room and down to the lobby

“We wish you good luck” the hotel staff said to us as they waved us off and I smiled back at them

“How did they find out” I said as I starred at him

“I asked them to help me prepare an after party for the wedding ” he said as he opened the car door and I sat in the car before he drove off

????sarah POV????
I walked into the Hotel intent on seeing liam,I was walking past the reception desk when I heard it

“Liam lancing?he is really getting married today?”????

” of course he is,just left with his beautiful bride to be “????

On hearing his name,I stopped, liam can’t possibly be getting married, maybe they were just lying,I better go and ask

I got to the two who were asking and with the right amount they began to talk and I stood dumbfounded, they must not get married, no they can’t

I quickly brought out my phone and called Miranda

Liam will be mine, he only belongs to me alone and no one else

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????liam pov????
I stood beside the judge and the witness waiting for Kate to walk in and soon she walked in looking so beautiful as ever,yes I have seen her in the dress but seeing her now again,only made me realise how beautiful Kate is.

I would have love to have given her a very big wedding where all our families will be there but that can’t be,at least not now,when everything have gone down a bit,I will give her the most biggest wedding on earth when all is back to normal

She walked to my side smiling at me and soon the wedding started,we exchanged our vows and did the necessary thing needed

” what God has join together let no man put assunder,I now pronounce you man and wife”the judge said and I starred down at Kate who is now my wife just knowing that she is my wife gave me great joy

“Won’t you kiss your new bride” she said teasingly

“I sure will” I said and kissed her and just then the door opened and Kate parents along with Miranda and Sarah ran in

How the hell had they found out that we were here?they never told any one

“Dad,mom what are you doing here” Kate said holding my hand

“Yes why are you here and besides,no one knew this place” I said

“Dont tell us that you both are now married?” Kate father said starring at us

“We are now married dad” Kate said

“Oh no,no” Kate dad said in anguish

“Why did you do it ?” My mother yelled starring At me

“You know we both love each oth………”

“We have told you already,you can’t be together, you just can’t ” Kate father said holding a piece of paper

“But why dad,why do you insist that we must not be toge….. ”

“Because you both are siblings, you both have the same blood running through your vein” Kate mother said interrupting her

“What!!!!” We both said together

“Its the truth liam,your Kate half brother” my mother said and I felt Kate hold on my hand loosen

This can’t be,it just can’t be…

????kate pov????
I stood starring at them all,this cant be true, this is just one of their lies to separate us

“But how come?” I heard liam said beside me

“The truth is that you are not my son” Miranda said starring at liam


“Your the child my late sister had with Kate father”she said

” tell me this is a lie”liam yelled suddenly angry

“Its not my son,your mother died giving birth to you and I took you under my wings and treated you like my son,I wanted no one,most especially you to find out the truth but when I saw you with Kate,I knew I had to do something” she said

I stood listening to it all,this can’t be!!!liam can’t be my half brother,he just can’t

“The DNA test I did is here,you are peter Lawrence son” she said taking the piece of paper from my father and then handed it to liam

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Just with the look on his face,I knew that it was the true,I still didn’t want to believe,I kept on hoping that its all just a lie,but by seeing liam expression when he read the paper I knew that it was the truth

I fell on the floor and my mom and father ran towards me and even liam

“My love,my love are you alright”

“My baby are you okay”

“Do something peter,I think she is losing consciousness”

I could hear their voices perfectly and I wasn’t losing consciousness, I just felt so drain and I felt like dyiing,finding out that the man I love is my brother is just so heart shattering

“My darling are you okay” my parents kept asking and I felt suffocated,so very suffocated, I needed to leave,needed to be far away from all this,I removed their hands from mine and stood up running off like a mad lady,I didn’t care where I was running to only if its a place where they won’t ever find me

I could hear liam and my parents calling but I didn’t care, I saw a taxi and hailed it and then got in,I could feel the tears pouring from my face

“Where do you want me to take you miss?”

“Anywhere as long as its not here” I said crying and he quickly did as he was told

????liam POV????
I stood in Kate house with the rest,its been hours and we haven’t been able to locate Kate

I hope nothing bad happened to her.

“This is all my fault,I shouldn’t have told her,she shouldn’t have known” Peter said and his wife held him to her

I still can’t believe that the man sitted here is my dad,that have been living a lie for years now and that the man I thought to be my father is not my father and that the girl I love so much is my half sister

Why is life playing a cruel joke with me,I thought as we all waited for Lucy, Sandra and Jessica to arrive so they could tell us if they found her but when they came it was all still the same, no one knew where Kate was

I got so agitated and decided to go search for her,I was about leaving when my mom or better yet the Mom who raised me up held my hand

“Don’t go and look for her,just stay here” she said and I gently removed my arm

“She is the woman I love and I won’t just leave her like that, I won’t” I said and walked off, I could only think of one place that Kate could be,I got into my car and drove off

????kate pov????
I sat on the bed starring at the room that had been decorated with flowers,I knew it was all liam plan,he had done this thinking we will come back here to have our wedding night but that won’t happen now right?because he was her brother, her damn half brother,why is life being so cruel to me,I thought as I cried and layed on the bed of liam room

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I was still crying when I felt someone touch me and I knew who it was even before I turned to look at him

“This is so just unfair” I said crying and he pulled me to him hugging me tightly

“Your right it’s not fair,not at all” he said holding me tighter and by just thinking about spending the rest Of my life without him, I cried a lot and he held me until I couldn’t shed more tears

“Okay now” he said

“I will never be okay” I said and he held my cheek starring at me

“Yes you will be okay,you’ve got to stay strong through this,don’t let this put you down” he said

“But I can’t!!! I can’t live the rest of my life without you,I love you so much” I said

“And I love you too more than life itself but its got to end now,you and I can’t just be” he said and I pulled him close to me hugging me

“No no no,don’t say that liam please dont” I said crying

“We can do something about this,they could have made the whole story up,let’s go get another DNA test” I said but he gently withdrew from me

“No Kate,they are saying the truth this time,mom would never lie about something big as this”

“But I dont want to lose you,no I dont want that” I said

“If it were up to me,this wouldn’t be happening,I also don’t want to lose you but it has got to stop,you’ve got to understand that” he said and he pulled me to him again

I knew it was hard for him just as it was hard for me but he is right, it has got to stop, they’ve got to finish this relationship of theirs

While I sat still crying, he helped me pack my things

“Your sisters are waiting downstairs for you,its best you go to them” he said holding my luggage

“So this is it then,this is goodbye” I said standing up

“Don’t think about it that way,we are siblings after all and I could come see you whenever I have the chance”

“We both know that we want to be something more to each other than siblings,it wouldn’t work liam,so let’s just leave it as it is” I said and with one final look at him I turned about to leave but suddenly he pulled me back and kissed me

“I love you a lot Kate,I love you so much” he said holding me close to him

“And I love you too, will always” I said starring at him,he gently pulled away from me and wiped off the tears from his face

“Go now Kate,go before I change my mind and have you stay for good” he said and with one last look,I left his room and his life ….