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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 20

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????liam POV????
I went into the house and saw sarah in the house wearing one of the shirts,how the hell did she get in here,I thought as I stared at her

“My dearest you are finally back” she said

No wonder Kate was angry,she think i have slept with Sarah

“Why the hell are you here?”

“To see you of course,can’t you see that I miss you already” she said moving to me and angrily I pushed her away

“Right now your going to go in get dress and then leave my house” he said

” but. . . . ”

“If I come back and meet you here you would regret ever stepping into my house” I said and walked out

I need to see Kate,to talk to her,to let her know that Sarah doesnt mean a thing in my life

I got into my car and drove off ,I was still driving when my phone rang


“Are you liam lancing”

“Yes I am,who are you?”.

” I am calling from saint Lois hospital, your mother has been brought here and she is in a critical stage “the Lady said and I stopped the car

” I will be there soon “I said and reversed

She might not be my real mother and she might have done things to hurt me but I still love and respect her

I got to the hospital and was making enquiry when the doctor called me

” how is my mom!”.

“Let’s go talk in my office” he said and together we both went there

“Your mom has been diagnosed with cancer,and am afraid to tell you that’s it is the last stage” he said

“But how come?mom have always been healthy”

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“She knew when the cancer started but she never payed attention to it and she never got herself treated until it got this worse”

“Doctor what can we do”

“We can’t do anything,its the last stage Mr lancing,all we have to do is to just make her happy through the remaining days of her life” he said and although I felt sad and hurt,I nodded and left his office to see her

She was on the bed locking so fragile and weak,I didn’t even notice nor asked how she was feeling, I feel so guilty

She opened her eyes and smiled at me

“I had told the doctor not to say a thing”

“And so you can bear all of it alone,well sorry mom, I will be here to watch over you whether you like it or not”

“I dont want you watching over me,i …….arrrgh” she said suddenly holding her head

“What’s wrong”

“Its just the headaches, its back again and it hurts so much” she said holding her head

“I better call the doctor”

“No dont,just stay here,It will be gone soon” she said as tears fell from her eyes

“Mom your in a painful state let me get the doctor”

“Don’t worry liam,am used to it and if the doctor have spoke to you then it only means that you know that I am sick and soon I will die”

“No dont say that mom,you will surpass this” I said

“We both know that that’s a lie that’s why I want to see you happy, to see you get married before I die,give me that chance by marrying Sarah” she said as the tears fall from her eyes

“But mom?”

“You and Kate are siblings,your love is,just impossible,Sarah loves you and if you give your heart the chance am sure you can love her back,please son fulfil this last wish for me marry Sarah” she said starring at me

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????kate POV????
With the DNA test in my hand,I went into liam company, intent on seeing him,the secretary told me that he was not around and that he was at the hospital,my first thought was that something happened to him but I found out that Miranda is the one sick

I went straight to hospital,intent on seeing liam and using that opportunity to speak to Miranda

She needs to tell us why she went through all that stress just to separate liam and I

A kind nurse told me the room number and I went there,the door was opened and I could see liam along with Sarah holding unto him and Miranda lying on the bed starring at them happily

“Now that liam has agreed to marry you,the wedding must be done immediately” Miranda said and I gasped when I heard what she said

“Oh finally I will be marrying the man of my dreams” Sarah said and kissed liam cheeks

“But there is a problem, your still married to Kate” Sarah added

“The divorce is being processed and within a week we will no longer be husband and wife and then I will marry you Sarah”

On hearing liam saying it himself she said a no loudly and it got all of them starring at her

On seeing her liam removed Sarah hand from his but there was no point doing anything because i already heard it all

” Its a good thing you are Here Kate,come greet the couples to be,after all liam is your brother “Miranda said smiling

” I don’t think I have to congratulate them,sorry I bothered you”I said and walked off

I heard liam calling me but I quickly got into the lift and press the button before he catches me

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I felt so heartbroken, this couldn’t be happening not again I thought sadly

I got to the parking lot still clutching the DNA sheet in my hand when suddenly I felt someone pull me

I turned and saw liam behind me”we have got to talk’ “he said and I got so mad that I slapped his face hard

” we have nothing to talk about,I heard it all you know and I wish you all the happiness in the world”i said

“Please Kate don’t leave like this, let me tell you the reason why I. …….”

“I don’t want to know your reasons, all I know is that you are a coward,you can’t even fight for our love,whereas I. ……to think I was so happy coming to show you the test result” I said

“What test result?”

“Your mother lied okay,we arent related,your not my father son” I said throwing the sheet at him,he picked it up and read it

“Its true”

“Yes it is true and stupid me came here thinking everything will good again,thinking I will have you back in my life and you will be in mine but I now I know that we aren’t meant to be” I said crying and he walked towards me but I moved back

“I dont want you touching me,I dont even want you near me, go ahead and marry Sarah and I will live my life on my own and I hope and pray that our paths never cross again,I certainly will do my best in making that possible and I hope you do too” I said as I wipe off the tears

“Kate,don’t go,listen to my reason”

“To hell with your reason,just stay away from me” I said and got into the car and drove off determined to tear him out of my life and heart for good …….