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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 9

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????kate POV????
“I just asked you a question,what is going on here” Martin said

“Its not what……”

“It is what you think martin” liam said pulling me to him

I turned to stare at him and he gave me a smile before turning to stare at martin

“Kate is this the truth” Martin said

“Its not……”

“Don’t be a fool by asking more questions, you saw for yourself that we were both kissing,if you hadn’t showed up Kate and I would have been in bed now” liam said again interrupting me

How could liam keep on lying,I thought as angrily pushed him away

“Martin,please I can explain” I said moving to him

“Explain what?that you and I have been lovers for months now” liam said behind me

“Shut up liam” I yelled at him

“No Kate,let him tell me everything,I want to know”martin said

“They are all lies martin,lets get out of here and I will explain better” I said

“No Kate,I won’t leave until I get to know the truth” martin said

“And I will tell you,Kate is quite shy and scared to tell you,so I will do that” liam said and I angrily walked back to him

“Don’t you dare say a thing,don’t” I yelled at him but he only gave me one of his sexy smiles before pulling me close to him

“You see martin,Kate and I have been lovers,we have been seeing each other when have been working in their house,I was even the first guy to have you, right my darling Kate”he said starring at me

“Let me go,Martin dont listen to him”

“You see martin,she is only acting this way because she knows its the Truth, if I were you,I will think twice about marrying her,she is already my woman, so I suggest you back off” he said and as if to show him that claim, he pulled me more close to him

“So you just called me here to show me this?” Martin said starring at liam

“I did ,to show you that Kate isn’t the innocent virgin she is anymore,to tell you that Kate is now my woman, got any problem with that”William said

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“No,no problem,you can keep her for all I care and as for you Kate,you will regret ever choosing a gardener over me” he said

“A little thing that you must know,am no longer the gardener you knew,if you want to know more about me,you just ask around and they will tell you who I am” he said

“You can go to hell,you both can go to hell,you can keep her for all I care” he said and walked out of the room

“Martin wait, wait” I yelled trying to run after him but liam hold on me couldn’t let me run after him,I stood there crying,not because we have been caught but because or because pur wedding is going to end,I was crying because I felt like a part of my life is getting ruined and its all because of him,this is all liam fault

“You shouldn’t waste your tears for a good for nothing like him” he said and angrily I pushed him off me

“You must be happy right!!! Youve managed to ruin my life,you have no idea how much I hate you” I said hitting him hard on his chest crying

“You dont hate me Kate, you are just scared, scared to let yourself go,scared that of the feelings you have for me” he said holding me close to him

I kept on crying not for any other thing but for the things liam just said

I knew within my heart that Its the truth, am scared to feel these things for him,he is like a storm ready to destroy the perfect little world that have create for myself and I don’t want that, not now or ever

“Stop crying okay,it hurts to see you these way”

“Then you shouldn’t have called Martin here, you shouldn’t have lied to him” I said

” I had to,to help you to see the real him,did you see the way he act,the things he said,if he had truly love you,he would have listened to your explanation, he would have punched my face and took you with him but he didn’t do that to me he looked like he was relieved to find you here with me”liam said and I thought about what he said

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Martin hadn’t behaved like a jealous or hurt fiancé,he had had this relief look on his face.

“If I were the one, I would have definitely killed him” liam said still holding me

I pulled out of his arms and starred at him,”Martin loves me and I know that…….”

“For Christ sake Kate when would you wake up,that guy doesn’t love you and I would prove that to you right now” he said and pulled my hand…

????liam POV????
“Let me go liam,where are you taking me” she kept on yelling behind me but I didn’t care anymore

She had to know what kind of a guy Martin is,she had to know that he is not worth her tears

“Liam where are you taking me” she said as we both stood at the entrance waiting for my car

“You will know soon” I said and soon the car came and we both got in

I know that what am about to do will hurt her a lot but I have to do it,tom make her wake up from her wonderland, to bring her to reality so she knows that Martin is not a saint.

The bastard had the nerve to be angry when he saw the both of us together then let’s see what he would say now that Kate would know his secret

I drove into the narrow streets and stopped just a few paces behind a house

“Where is this place liam” she said

“Look at that car,do you recognise it” I said

“That’s Martin car but what is it doing here”

“You would know soon” I said and just then a Lady walked out of the house

“Recognize her too” I said

“She was once martin secretary but I still dont get why we are he…..” She stopped on seeing Martin getting out of the car and walking right into that girl arms kissing her

I looked at Kate,I knew it would be hard for her to take.

The bastard kept on kissing his slut,if the day wasn’t that bright,they would have had sex right in front of the door step.

The girl stopped him and pulled him inside the house.

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“See I told you that Martin isn’t worth it” I said

“He must have an explanation for this” she said and before I could do a thing she got out of the car and went to the door.

I ran after her and manage to catch up with her when she was about to go into the house.

“No don’t Kate,his answers would only hurt you more” I said blocking her path.

Just then we both heard martin laughing inside

“Finally my dearest,I have gotten rid of that girl” he said

“But how!”the girl with him said

“It just so turns out that that slut has been cheating on me with their gardener” he said

“Wow that’s a news to be spread about but why are you looking so angry,you’ve managed to get rid of her,you should be happy”

“Yes I ought to be but am just so mad that that stupid gardener beat me to it,have always wanted to be the first guy to sleep with her,I lied that I love her,even went all the way to trying to get married to her but it didn’t work,the stupid thing just had to open her legs wide for that stupid gardener” he said and hearing him say that about Kate got me so mad,I didn’t know when i just burst into the room and went straight for him

Hitting him so hard,I could hear his slut screaming from behind me but I didn’t care,I just want to hurt him the same way he hurt Kate .

“Your going to kill him,let him go” his slut kept on saying behind me

“Liam that’s enough!!!!” On hearing her voice, I stopped

She walked towards me and pulled me away from him

“You shouldn’t have hit him” she said

“What are you going to defend this creep now” I yelled at her

“No you should have just done this instead” she said walking towards martin and kicking him right on his manhood

“Let’s see how you make love with your slut now” she said and taking my hand we both walked out of the room

I felt so happy that she took my side,thats my Kate,I thought smiling to myself