January 17, 2022

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The Golden Boys. Episode 17

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“brain!” I called jumping on him
“hey! take it easy okay! i aren’t running away” he cooed and I smiled

“am sorry ” I said excitedly and he chuckled
“what exactly are you sorry about?” he asked twirling molly around in his hands
“for jumping on you” I said walking properly into our room and sat on my bed while brain sat close to me with molly on his thighs

“there’s nothing wrong in my girlfriend jumping on me
it’s normal and clearly shows she missed me” he said and I frowned
“if not that your now Golden boy Brain, I would have pull off your tooth for calling me your girlfriend” I said giving him an angry eye roll

come off it Samantha, I was only kidding and you know it” he retorted and I kept mute feeling pissed off

“Brain, from what I heard from Samantha! your now a Golden boy right?” Molly asked and brain nodded

“yeah baby!
all thanks to your sister, she’s actually my heroine” he gestured at me and I buried my face pretentiously on my phone like I wasn’t listening

“she’s your heroine?” molly asked looking surprised
“yes she is” brain replied and I could feel his stare on me

“was that why you called her your girlfriend?” molly asked and my eyes shone but I remained in the same position

“nope! that isn’t why I called her my girlfriend
she’s responsible, mature,smart, friendly and those are one of the reasons why I had called her my girlfriend”he said and my cheeks flushed

“hey! Mr Golden boy! don’t corrupt my kid sister okay!” I scolded him before taking my attention back to my phone

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“come on molly, tell her I aren’t corrupting you
I just told you a simple truth, not like am a bad influence,
am I?” he asked Molly

“nope! Golden boy brain isn’t a bad influence on me, he’s only being friendly by replying my question” molly said and I sigh silently

well then, that’s their business

” is grandma aware that you came to visit?” Molly asked
“yeah! I met her in the sitting room applying ointment on her toes and she actually told me you guys are here in your room” he said and molly giggled

“grandma hit her toes on the table during dinner” Molly giggled again but suddenly stooped like she just remembered something

“but brain……I mean Golden boy Brain, why did you come visiting?
it’s late already” molly asked and brain chuckled

“hey! stop calling me that okay!
not Luke you’ve seen me onstage or something” he cracked

“back to my question brain!
why are you here?” molly asked

“dad wants me to move back into the mansion since have been signed in the Golden boys record and he made me come get my stuffs, alongside a guard
so I really won’t he staying here again” he said and I snap my head at him immediately

“tell me your joking!” I said and he chuckled

” I thought you wanna snub me all day!”he said and I rolled my eyes
“answer the question brain!” I almost yelled

am actually moving out to dads mansion but not to worry, your gonna be given free passage anytime you feel like, for being Golden boy Brains girlfriend” he said and I ignored the sacarcism in his voice

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“omg! brain!
I aren’t gonna be seeing you often like i use to” I said, my eyes glistering already

“that’s one of the reasons why I don’t wanna be a celebrity
it’s time exhausting and energy draining” brain said and I suddenly felt like crying
it seems a part of me is going out of me

I couldn’t explain why I felt so bad and unhappy he’s moving out
not like he’s gonna live here forever though
but am really gonna miss him

“we will miss you!” I said and he frowned
“are you gonna miss me?” he asked with a grin
“nope! molly and I are gonna miss you” I said getting the jibe from what he’s saying

“are you shy to admit it?” he asked and I frowned
“admit what?” I asked
“nothing!” he replied

“not to worry am gonna call you all the time” he added and I smiled
“thanks, but where did you get my phone number?” I asked seizing him up

“from an unknown source” he said taking a glance at his phone seems he had a call

“I think I need to be on my way now, since the guard is done packing off my stuff” he said and stood up from the bed

“bye!” he waved at molly and I walking towards the door
“bye!” we waved back
he got to the door and turned back, he blew a kiss at me and I blushed

* A week later

I drank from the bottled water and handed the can back to Travis and Mason, were we had stood at the back of the stage

“c-mon don’t freak out” Eric said and I chuckled
“am suppose to be the one telling you that!
everyone knows you and stage fright aren’t friends” I cracked and we all burst into laughter

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Tristan was done singing and I was next
the Emcee introduced me into the stage as a new singer

“hit the crowd dude!” David said giving me a thumb up
and I winks at him

i gave a little greeting and appreciation to the audience before sitting in front of a piano
playing a slow and melodious tune from it

the crowd kept mute obviously taking down the tune
I placed the standing mic on my mouth and sang into it, closing my eyes as I sang the song and all I could see was Samantha…

@All hold my hands……
@hold me tight……
@ I don’t wanna let you slip off me…..
@I wanna hold you till it’s dawn….
@ kissing you till the end of the world…

I kept on singing and the crowd went silent
some screaming, some crying and immediately I ended the song, sounds and screams screams of Golden boy Brain!!!!! rent the air

the hall seems like it’s gonna split
I eye searched for Samantha, but couldn’t see her
the crowd was damn much

“you’ve won lots of fan already
your fast becoming a star” manager Rex said and I smiled

“Samantha is the secret behind it”I said walking off towards the other Golden boys