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The Golden Boys. Episode 47

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“f**k!” i muttered in between clench teeth, trying yo pull the god damn rope off my hand but I couldn’t, it was damn strong and my wrists were beginning to hurt me.

who could have abducted me again? who?
perhaps his mum?
but brain told me he told his father about the baby and they both accepted it.
then why would she abduct me again huh?

isn’t she happy am carrying her grandchild?
brain told me she and his dad are presently out of the country, so how come she abducted me again?
is she gonna kill me this time around?
kill me and her grandchild?
perhaps she isn’t behind it maybe it’s……..”Richard”

the name sounded in my head and my heart skipped.

it must be him, Richard.
I have no enemy right, so who’s gonna abduct me if not him.
I feel so tired and exhausted from yelling, I need to get the f**k out of here

“somebody help” i yelled and my voice echoed around the room and bounce back into my ears.
oh! heavens am f**king tired

“hello!!!, can somebody hear me” I yelled still no reply
” someone should come get me out of here, it’s not right keeping a pregnant woman in this state, it’s not right for me and my baby,
we are hungry and wanna go see our daddy” I yelled in anger

my back hurts
oouch! my waist, where are the f** king kidnapers huh?
where are they?
I look around the room, the door suddenly flung open and three young men walked in.
I gasp on seeing him

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“Richard!!” I yelled in shock.
geez! this mother f**ker had the right to abduct me huh?
Brain will kill him if he finds out.

“hello beauty” he called in a mocking smile and I felt anger in me

” Richard how could you do this to me huh? how could you” I yelled in anger and tried hitting him, but the ropes on my hand prevented me from ripping off his skin

“keep shut baby, I told you I won’t let you go easily
didn’t I?” he asked and I frowned feeling frustrated already

“Screw you Richard” i spat on him and he squat in front of me grinning to himself in satisfaction

“I love you Samantha,I always love you and it was a terrible mistake I made back then
am sorry”he apologised and I kept shut staring at him more out of anger

“let’s go faraway Samantha, let us go and live our lives far from their reach”he said and my eyes shone.

is this guy okay?
like is he Sane?

“our visas are ready Samantha
we will be flying down to Germany in two hours time” he said and my heart flew

“I don’t want to go anywhere with you Richard, leave me alone !!
am f**king pregnant for my baby’s daddy “I yelled in anger and could see pain and regret in his eyes

“yeah I know “he said
“I wish that baby was mine” he added and I gave him an eye roll and he turned towards one of the men with him
” is the flight ready?” he asked and my mouth dropped open

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his he being serious?

“I don’t know what happened sir but the flight seems to be getting more delayed”the guard replied and Richard ruffle his hair roughly

“get my private jet ready
contact my pilot, hurry up we’ve gat no time”he said and the guard bowed and left leaving just Richard and the other guard

“Richard please let me go back to brain please” I couldn’t help pleading and tears began falling off my eyes

“stop crying Samantha!
I don’t like seeing you in this state” he said and I increased my crying mood making the tears roll down my cheeks rapidly

“Samantha!” he called and touch me slightly on my shoulders

“let me go Richard
I need Brian
my baby needs him
don’t take me far from him please” I pleaded and he bowed his head, were he squat in front of me

“I love you Samantha!
I love you so much
its so painful to watch you slip off my hands
I made a silly mistake, yeah!
but please forgive me
please Samantha”he pleaded with his head bowed and i kept mute, still crying for my baby
my self
my love life
my baby’s daddy
we’ve gone through a lot to stay in this relationship

“Do you love him” Richard asked with his head still bowed

“yes Richard
I love him more than I love myself
we’ve fought so much for this love Richard!
please don’t spoil it” I pleaded in tears

“then go to him!” he said raising up his head and I saw tears rolling down his eyes

“Richard!” I called in shock

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“go to him Samantha!
I can see you love him so much
I can’t possibly spoil this love knowing its hard to find
I pray I find someone like you Samantha!
someone that we will fight for our love and conquer like you and brain did
am sorry for the tears I caused you
am sorry!” he said in tears and pulled the rope off my hands

“you can go” he pointed at the door and my heart skipped

is he really doing this?
did he loved me that much?

your private jet is landing soon” the other guard walked into the room and announced to Richard

“send it back!
there’s no need for it” he said and the guard looked surprised and walked out obsequiously

“I will get one of my drivers to drive you home” Richard said and made to leave the room when I ran to him and drew him into a hug
he looks surprised

“am sorry I couldn’t take you back Richard
am sorry my heart yearns for someone else and not you” I said and he hugged me back

“it’s okay Samantha!
the love I have for you couldn’t make me hurt you and his baby
i wish you both well” he said and pecked my forehead
he held my hands and led me out of the room

it was then it dawned on me that two cute guys fell for me
perhaps I aren’t unlucky but lucky
can’t wait to see my baby’s daddy