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The Golden Boys. Episode 49

5 min read

An American Romance Series

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 49
Semi Final

“practice is in two hours” Travis yelled and I scoffed placing my watch on my wrist, while brain and Travis were feeding their eyes on the TV programme they were watching

“am off guys!
see you when am back ” I said to no one in particular and Mason. frowned on seeing me

“where do you think you are going to?
practice is in two hours ,didn’t you heard Travis? or you’ve suddenly gone deaf?” Mason cussed stuffing sole peanuts into his mouth

“am going on a date okay?
so you and Travis should go find girlfriends for yourselves rather than look for peoples boyfriend to bored with lame ass practices”I shot back at him and brain snickered taking a glance at me

“damn it man!
you look hot”brain complimented and I smiled
“have always been hot you know!”I said boastfully and Tristan chuckled
“if there’s anyone who’s hot here, then it should be me” he chipped in and I frowned

“don’t you ever open your mouth and chip into our conversation ever again, when real men ate talking, flirts don’t talk!” I said bending down to lace my shoes and brain burst into laughter while Tristan held a smile on his face
he wasn’t looking peeved at all

“and where’s David going to dressed like a clown?” manager Rex asked walking in from outside

when did he came in here?
he won’t let me leave and I can’t possibly keep Janet waiting!
she would think I aren’t serious with her!

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“he’s actually…” Tristan was saying when I shut him up

“actually, manager Rex I wanna go fill my car, it’s almost running out if gas” i lied walking to the door when he drew me back

“go sit your ass back on the couch lemme get a guard to go fill it” he said and I frowned going back to the couch reluctantly

am done for!

“the stars high singing competition is around the corner!
so how prepared are you all?”manager Rex asked and I felt my brain flying away from me

am stuck

I stare at brain and he kept on smiling at me, just then I saw Eric climbing down the stairs and a smile broke into my face

ah! finally!

“David!” he called and I took my gaze to him pretentiously

“Janet just called saying she’s sick” he said and I smiled

“what!?” I picked up my phone screwing it pretentiously Like I wanna make a call as I walked towards the door

all thanks to Eric
manager Rex will never allow us leave his presence

“David” he called
“my girlfriend is sick!!”I yelled and dash off into my car

the rest should deal with him!
I got into my car wore my face mask and zoom off


“hey! brain!
you wify needs you, seems she had a miscarriage” he said and I frowned, that wasn’t what I text this moron to say

“your girlfriend would be the one to miscarry your baby not mine!”I rasp climbing up the stairs to meet Samantha in my room

thank God am free!

“where are you heading to brain!
I haven’t finished” he tried saying

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“oh! cut it out manager Rex, my wify just had a miscarriage!”I said and Eric tittered as I continued climbing the stairs

“oh! shit!
I forgot my handbag in the club last night”Tristan yelled stupidly and bolt out through the door

before manager Rex could understand what was happening, we had all disappeared
leaving him to his boring talks

“hey! babe” I called immediately I got into my room and Samantha smiled exposing her well arranged white set of teeth

“how are you and my baby?” I asked placing my hands on her tummy

“he’s fine” she replied and I frowned

“the baby is gonna be a girl, so stop all those ‘he’ stuffing said and she frowned
“he’s a boy” she argued

“shut up madam!
I placed the baby into you and I know the sex I placed in there” I rave

“shut up mister!
am the one carrying the baby and I know what sex am carrying” she said with her hands on her hips

“it’s useless arguing with you” I said and she laid close to me on my bed

“when are you starting em..em..unclenater….
yes! unclenater?” I asked and she burst into laughter

“it’s Antenatal please” she did and I shrug my shoulders

“whatever!” I replied
“it’s not yet time Brain!
you worry too much” she said and I smiled

“go dress up!
I wanna take you somewhere!”I said and she smiled

“I love surprises” she screamed jumping on me
“yeah I know that anyways! so go dress up” I said and she gave me a slap on my head while i gave her a light slap on her ass before she got off the bed

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“you spoilt brat!” she yelled and I chuckled
“aren’t we there yet?” she rasp and tried pulling the blindfold off her eyes as I gently shove her out of my car

“chill baby mama!
not like I wanna kidnap you” I said and she kept mute till we got to the surprise and I pulled the blindfold off her eyes

“woah!” she gasp on seeing the estate in front of her

“omg! brain!
are we gonna be living in one of this houses?”she asked in excitement

“nope!” I replied and she frowned
“so why are we here?”she asked

“well, this estate actually belongs to my baby mama!
starting from today your gonna be collecting the rent from each of the houses here” I said and she jumped on me

“omg! brain!
this alone is enough to make me a millionaire!
don’t you think it’s too much for me?”she asked still on my hands

“there’s nothing that’s ever gonna be too much for you Samantha” I said placing her on the car bonnet

“Marry me Samantha!” I said and she gasp
“is that a proposal?” she asked and I nodded

“where’s your ring then?
and your kneels aren’t on the floor” she said jocosely and I quickly knelt down

“I will get the ring later but for now ‘will you marry me’?”I asked and she jumped on me where I knelt on the floor

“yes I will brain!
I sure will” she said and I wrap her legs on my waist, kissing her rough and fast
“I love you” I muttered kissing her hard and she couldn’t get the chance to reply
love is sometimes bitter sweet