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The Golden Boys. Episode 5

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I stood behind molly taking a glance at the new neighbor and my eyes landed on the same pair of chocolate brown eyes
him again?

what’s he doing here?
this cute looking proud jerk!
his he the new neighbor Molly had told me about?

“hey”” he called and i slowly took my eyes back to him
“what do you want?” I yelled and a smile broke on his face

he’s damn cute
I don’t wanna be caught drooling on him again

“my dog” he stated plainly and I turned towards Molly
“go get him his dog” I rasp and she rushed in to get it , while I still stood by the door, wishing he would say something.
he looks cute and when he smiles, it looks like I should smile back
his skin was white and flawless
he looked so ethereal and he was shirtless
he had no abs, but he looks manly
I took my eyes to his body and gasp
he was having a white towel on and a silver coloured foot wear
he looks like a rich kid

but what’s he doing here in the slum if he’s rich then?
perhaps he’s an highway robber who likes hiding in the slums, away from the cops?

“am sorry about the incident that happened this morning, I was angry then” he apologised and I kept mute

“who the hell asked for your apologises?
ugly looking peacock” I felt like saying but shut my mouth up
I couldn’t even looked him in the eyes
I was nervous for some reasons I really don’t know

“here is it” Molly said handing the dog over to me
I got hold of it and gave it back to it’s owner.
I shivered as his hands brush against mine, he held the dog in his hands and began striking it’s furs gently

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“hey! Kelvin,
don’t play such games with me again okay!” he whispered to the dog before turning towards Molly and I

“thank you so much!
I won’t mind us being friends” he said and I frowned

his he being serious?
be friends with him?
did I placed a tag on my head saying I need a friend, huh?”

“yeah! we are friends already”molly said and I saw him stare at me
I don’t even know his f**king name

“oh! really? thanks anyway”he replied

hasn’t he gotten his dog?
shouldn’t he be leaving by now?
I took my eyes back to him and he was still staring at me

hold on, why’s he still staring at me?
hasn’t he seen me before?

“I like your dog” Molly said and I gasp
is she trying to strike a conversation or something?

“oh! really?” he asked
“yeah!’Molly replied and chuckled
“and i like his name too”she replied and he mouthed an ‘oh’

“I actually didn’t like the name in the first place, Travis actually named him Kelvin” he said and my eyes shone

which Travis is he talking about?
Golden boy Travis?
I guess it’s some lame ass random guy called Travis cause Golden boy Travis won’t stoop so low to touch this dog, though it’s neat and cute

“mind telling me your name?”he asked and I flinched
hope am not the one he’s talking to?
“am molly and she’s Samantha, my elder sister” she said and I gasp
what the hell !
did she have to say mine?

what a cute name you both gat” he said and Molly won’t stop smiling

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“well then, am brain” he said
he has a nice name

“see you some other time, my dog must be hungry already!” he said moving away from our door

I bang the door immediately he left and drew Molly to myself in an abrasive manner

“why did you tell him my name huh?” I yelled and she frowned
“am only trying to be friendly” she said and I flare up
“you promised you were going to stay away from him, didn’t you?” i asked and she shove my hands off hers
“yeah I did” she admitted

“but you just broke your promise didn’t you?
you promised me this morning and here you are! you broke your promise in a matter of hours, didn’t you?”i fired at her

“I broke my promise cause you broke yours
you promised me your not gonna tell grandma what I told you this morning but you threatened me with it” she said and I sighed
“but I didn’t broke it, I only threatened you” I said
” by trying to blackmail me, huh?”she rasp

“c-Mon molly, your too young to start breaking your promises now,
promises are meant to be kept not broken” I admonished
“but you told me plainly that they were meant to be broken” she rasp and we heard a knock on the door

I felt so much anger in me
what’s wrong with that jerk huh?

“will you get off our door with your lame ass dog!, we don’t wanna be your friend!
so get lost and stop causing a brawl between my sister and I” I yelled from the sitting room where I had stood with Molly

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“will you come open the door you little cockroach’s” I gasp on hearing grandma’s voice and Molly and I ran towards the door to unbolt it
I kept on dancing and dancing
geez! am tired!

I picked the bottle water I kept on the pavement and drank from it

grandma and molly must have slept off already
I had been dancing since we finished having dinner
it’s one of my evening routine to dance and practice styles in case any party would come up, where i do earn some money from going to dance there

of recent, there’s been no party so I had to keep practicing so I don’t lose my dancing steps.

i placed my head phone back on my head when my eyes ran into a white looking dog, then it fell on the same chocolate brown eyes

what the heck!
don’t tell me he’s been watching me all this while!