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The Golden Boys. Episode 48

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An American Romance series

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 48

The Car drove through the gate and Richards driver halted the car in the garage

i caught sight of Brain in the company of David, discussing with the cops
brain seems to do the talking and he was actually barking at the cops who looked stupefied

“Samantha!” Molly called rushing towards me and that was when I noticed grandma beside her, then Janet followed suite
all brain and David could do was to stare at me like am some sort of ghost or something!

“Samantha!” he called In shock, happiness and anger

“Brain!” I called and ran into his arms ignoring grandma and Molly who had been advancing towards me

“Samantha!” grandma called in shock
“what’s going on?” David chipped in as brain planted a soft kiss on my lips

“Samantha Janet reported here few hours ago that you were sedated and kidnapped, so how come your here?”molly asked but I kept mute placing my head on brains forehead

I still can’t comprehend it all that Richard had let go off me
he really loved me and he’s sorry for his mistakes
too bad, I have someone who loves me more!

suddenly I felt a hand shove me forcefully from brain and the person stood in between brain and I,
I looked up to see grandma with an angry expression on her face
I lost my balance and almost fell but Janet was quick to catch me like a goal keeper, thereby preventing me from falling

“Grandma am pregnant!!!!” I flashed her an angry stare

“oh yeah your pregnant!
is that what is preventing you from telling us what happened to you?
I almost lost it
brain was worried
Molly cried her eyes out and Janet here is down with a twinge on her head and here you are screaming your pregnant!.
now start talking before I hit the baby out of your womb” grandma’s eyes darted in anger
and I took in a deep breath, telling them all they crave to know

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“f**k!” brain exclaimed in anger
“Richard did, let you go?” molly and grandma chorused simultaneously and grandma shot her a glare that shut her up

“what are you still waiting for?
take your damn truck out of here!!” Brain yelled at the cops and they apologized and rushed off

Richard can do that?
he let you go just like that?
oh I feel for him?” Janet said and I took my eyes to grandma

“now that you are okay, lemme go treat my banging headache” grandma walked into the house dragging molly along with her

I took my eyes round and caught sight of David and Janet conversing while brain leaned on his car he had come in with David

don’t tell me he’s still angry?

“Brain!” I called rushing up to him, hugging him from behind
he was crying!!

“am sorry Samantha!
an sorry I couldn’t rescue you
am sorry!”he cried hugging me properly

“it’s okay brain!
he didn’t hurt me, I swear!”I argued

“I know! but it kinda makes me look weak!”he said and I kissed off his tears

“Brain don’t say that!
your the strongest and coolest guy have ever came across,
am proud your my baby’s daddy” I said and he smiled kissing my hair

“I love you” he mouthed
” I love you more”I replied and he giggled
“let’s go in brain am tired” I cooed pretending to be tired
“I get that” he replied and we moved in leaving the two newest lovers to themselves

“am hungry and I think I would need a bath” I said immediately I got into my room and brains eyes shone

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“lemme bath you then!” he said winking at me lewdly

“oh! please don’t!
I don’t want the baby to be three” I said wrapping a towel on my body after pulling off my clothes

“perhaps we can make it four!” he said and I frowned at him

“and who’s gonna push them out?” I asked and he smiled
“you push out two and I will push out two!”he said confidently and I burst out into a mocking laughter

“do you think it’s easy like the way you push in the baby into me?” I asked and he feign a frown

“you are corrupt” he added shoving me gently into the bathroom
A week Later


” don’t tell me your mum did that?” dad asked in shock when I had finished narrating how mum had abducted Samantha

“she was the architect of our problems dad!
I couldn’t do anything cause she’s my mother and your wife
Samantha actually pleaded with me to let go of it though mum looked like she had genuinely repented but I couldn’t let go of it cause I feel it’s proper for you to know about it
and if mum dare repeats this act on my girlfriend and unborn baby, I won’t mind snapping off her breath with my hands” I said and Samantha shot me a hard stare and I gave her a winks
she muttered a cuss I couldn’t hear and looked away

“thank you brain for bringing it to my hearing and am sorry once again Samantha! cause you are the brain behind all that has been going in in my home
firstly, you made brain who he his now
secondly you pardoned my wife’s I’ll behaviour and thirdly you gifted me with a grand child
I never thought this will happen cause brain told me a long time ago that he isn’t gonna marry early
thank you Samantha
thank you” dad hugged her and she kept on smiling

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just then mum came in from the maids quarter where she had gone to inform the maids to come serve us

“they will soon be here” she said excitedly sitting beside Samantha
“you abducted Samantha and thought we won’t know about it right?” dad threw the bomb and mum gasp

“an sorry but have repented already that’s in the past now”she said and Samantha nodded in agreement while dad flare up

“shut your mouth you ingrate”dad yelled
“honey I…”she tried saying

“one more word from you Celine,you will open your eyes on an hospital bed” dad barked at her in anger and mum fell on her kneels

“honey am sorry!
it was a mistake” mum pleaded already in tears

“you are sorry?
what if you had succeeded in killing her?” he yelled

“honey it was…” she tried saying
“don’t make me a murderer” dad yelled

“Samantha am sorry!
brain am sorry, I…..” she was saying when dad threw one of his phones at her

“take the stairs and go up to our room
we will trash it out when I get there” he raved and mum ran up the stairs in fear and tears

“dad please take it easy on her” I pleaded
“how could your mother do that to an innocent lady!”dad rasp and slump on a couch

I turned my gaze to Samantha and she looked sober
I think we’ve over stayed our welcome!!