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The Golden Boys. Episode 44

6 min read

An American Romance Series

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 44

“good day doctor”I greeted immediately I got into the doctors office on his orders

“good morning to you miss…..”the doctor said
“Janet” I completed and he nodded

“you sent for me doctor!
how’s she?
hope there’s no problem?” I asked and he adjust the spec he had on his eyes and placed it on his nose

“can I get her parents contact?” he asked and I dallied for few minutes

“they aren’t in the country as we speak sir” I said and he looked down at the file he’s holding, then back at me again

“you can pass the information to me doctor”I said and he smiled

“that would be unprofessional for me to do, miss Janet”he said and I sigh

“am her Best friend doctor!
you can pass it over to me” I said with a worried look on my face

“alright then!
if you insist” he said and I breath out in relief

“we carried a test on her in order to know the nature and cause of her constant symptoms
and we discovered she’s four weeks pregnant” the doctor said and I wasn’t surprise

“thanks….thanks doctor”I said and stood up stupefied
I couldn’t even move properly
it was like I was carrying the world on my shoulders

oh! Samantha!
I fear for her
how’s she gonna take the news?
she’s too young to be a mother
she’s 19 and we aren’t even in college yet
how’s her grandma gonna take the news?
how about Molly?

hold on!!, who’s responsible for it?
perhaps that f**king Richard
damn that mother f**ker! he played a fast one on her
he might not even accept her and the baby

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so many silly thoughts rushed into my head as I opened the VVIP(very very important person) ward, were she had been admitted for a little bed rest

I stood by the door and watch her sleeping face
such a beauty!
why’s she so unlucky?
two strong headed heart breakers and a baby
isn’t that enough to feel unlucky?

I shut the door gently and sat on a chair close to her
I got a hold of her hand and kissed it slightly
she’s my best friend ever
the sister I never had
she has gone through a lot and needed to be happy
I could feel her pains
I could imagine myself in her shoes

“what did the doctor said is wrong with me?” she asked and my eyes shone

I din see that coming

“hmm..em..he said your okay and you can be discharge hm..em today!
yes today!”I said and mentally scolded myself for almost freaking out

“and why do I feel like your lying?”she asked and i let out a faux smile

“c-Mon Samantha!
I won’t dare hmm…em are u hungry?
do you need anything” I asked and she had a suspicious look on her face
“why are you crying?” she asked and I frowned
“who told you that?” I asked and she scoffed
“your face gave you away”she said and I took my hands to my cheeks

holy shit!
tears were dripping wet on it
I never realised I had been crying all this while

“can you please tell me what the doctor said is wrong with me?
am getting scared ” she said and tears rolled down my eyes

“Janet!” she called alarmed
“am I going to die?”she asked with fear all over her

“no Samantha!
the doctor said your pregnant, four weeks pregnant” I said and she kept mute for a while,obviously trying to get the meaning of what I had said

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“Janet what do you mean am pregnant?” she asked in shock like she doesn’t know

“your gonna have a baby” I said and she burst out like I expected

Janet am dying!!
grandma will kill me if she Lents of it” she said looking real scared

“calm down Samantha we are going to sort it out” I said and she yelled
“sort it out?
Janet we need to do anything as fast as possible am too young to be a mother Janet!
am 19!!
I have dreams Janet, big dreams!!
how can I be f**king pregnant when the dance competition is around the corner Janet , how!!
molly is too young to be an aunt”she cried as I tried pacifying her

“that’s not the big deal here!
the deal here is this, who is the father of the baby?”I asked and she gasp with her hands on her mouth

Janet! it’s brain!!” she said and I shrink

“brain!!” I called in shock and she nodded with tears rolling down her cheeks

“how can it be brain?
the fact that he took your innocence doesn’t mean he’s responsible, besides it’s been over a year now since he did that, let’s just say it’s Richard or have you had 53x with any guy apart from the two if them?”I asked and she continued crying, carrying her head on her hands

“Janet!” she called
“remember the first time brain showed up on my door?” she asked and I nod her to continue

“we did it” she replied and I froze
“you….you..mean…you….guys…” I couldn’t complete my words
I was in shock
a part of me seems happy it was brain

“how sure are you, perhaps Richard might be responsible” I said
“I never had a sexual inter course with Richard, I told him I needed a sex free relationship cause I was still recovering from the break up I had with brain!”she said and I smiled

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if it’s brain, baby then it isn’t a mistake after all

“it’s okay Samantha!
let’s see it as a blessing” I said but she continued crying

“this isn’t a blessing Janet!
it’s a punishment!
a multiplication of my sins”she snivelled

“don’t you think you should let brain know about it?”
he’s the father”I said and she frowned

“that’s never gonna happen!
I need to see the doctor” she said climbing down the bed

“what for?” I asked in surprise
“I need to abort this baby right here and right now” she said and I shrink
Samantha!”I called in fear
“don’t even think of stopping me”she said and saunter out of the room

I can’t watch her abort that baby!
it’s innocent!

i picked up my phone and pulled a call across to golden boy David!
thank God I have his contact, though I haven’t called him before

#hello# his soft voice came out of it
#please can I speak with Golden boy brain please I cooed

#it’s urgent# I added
#okay! give me a second# he said

#hello# Golden boy brain voice came out from the phone

#it’s me Janet!
Samantha’s friend# I said and could feel his smile

#oh! how’s Samantha?
is she there?”he asked

#nope! she went to see the doctor!#
I said and could hear him gasp

#what’s wrong?
is she sick?# he asked worriedly
#am sorry to tell you this way but you have to come down here immediately, least she aborts your baby#
#she’s pregnant # i added

he yelled and I heard the sound of chattering glasses