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The Golden Boys. Episode 10

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A week later

David (golden boys mansion)

” manager Rex called” I said to the boys walking into the sitting room with a wine and a glass cup

“what did he say?” Travis asked with his eyes fixed on the laptop he had on his thighs

“he wants us to release the second song”I said opening the wine and decanted some into the glass cup

“Tell me your joking?” Manson asked pulling his headphone off his ears

“am damn serious!” I replied twirling the glass cup in my hand
“that can’t f***king happen
the first song is more better than the second one”Manson rasp staring keenly at me
“so I thought” I replied sipping from the glass

we had actually been busy lately practicing for different competitions and up coming shows
we had been able to rack up our brains and eventually came up with three songs

we had planned on releasing the first song we had come up with which kinda looked cool
but our manager had rejected it saying the second is cool than the first one

“what’s is reason for choosing the second song?” Tristan asked climbing down the stairs

“I really don’t know!
that doesn’t even seems to be the problem” I rasp

“what’s the problem then?
I see no reason to get worked up
the second song kinda look cool too” Eric replied and Manson rolled his eyes at him

“your just Like manager Rex
you guys know nothing about music” he teased and Eric chuckled

“well then!
we should probably shoot the second one cause manager Rex likes it
he’s our manager and knows more than we do in the world of music” Tristan said and I furrowed my brows

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“you guys don’t just get it
the problem is this!
the chorus isn’t okay and the fourth verse hasn’t been completed” I rasp and they all stare at each other before bursting out in laughter

“and what could be easier than that huh?” Travis asked and the others chuckled

“he’s been a week since you came back David, don’t you think you need to hold a concert or something?
at least to tell the whole of Australia that your back” Tristan said and I frowned
“I actually planned on doing that but manager Rex won’t let me” I said pouring another glass of wine for myself

“i don’t seems to understand manager Rex!
there’s nothing wrong in holding a welcome concert for your old and faithful fans” Travis said and I chuckled

“his excuse were pretty cool
he actually said my arrival had spread all over the country and everybody ate anxious to see me
so he actually told me to
lie low and make the whole excitement down least my crazy fans will turn the city stadium upside down or perhaps suffocate me to death” I said and Manson chuckled

that excuse isn’t worth it
you know!
you can actually increase the securities on the gate be the ones around you, so the audience won’t come an inch near you”

“that’s never gonna he possible
the crowd is gonna be much
do you know almost all the town and cities will be here?” I said and he nodded bringing out one of his phones

“so how do we go about the song we wanna shot!
it’s okay right?” Tristan asked staring at me and I scoffed

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that’s the main problem
the chorus aren’t …” I was saying when Eric interpolated rudely

“c-mon, that’s damn simple!
just go give it to brain and he will fix it up
giving the fourth solo, it’s perfect match” Eric said and I gave him a hard glare

“that’s it!
that’s were the problem comes in
brain hasn’t been home for some time now” I said and Manson chuckled
he likes doing that

“ask his dad about him if your doubting me dude” I said and he chuckled again

“perhaps he went for a long vacation or perhaps he went on a date” Travis said and I scoffed

“i don’t think so!
brain won’t do that without none of us aware of it
perhaps he had a brawl with his dad again on the busy stuff”I said and walked out of the sitting room to take the lift upstairs to my room
” practice is in two hours time!
and you guys should fix up the song before manager Rex ask for it” I said and walked into the lift


“you shouldn’t have been so harsh to him
for all you knows, he might really likes you” i said to Janet as her cabby speed up the cab in a fast and slow pace

“why didn’t you go for him huh?
I love David and isn’t ready to cheat on him” Janet said fuming in anger

“c-mon Janet!
wisen up!
you and i know you’ve never seen David life
neither as he saw you and here you are killing yourself over golden boy David” I said surprised she had turned down one of her admirer who had confessed his feelings to her today after closing

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“he should open his mouth pretty wide and eat up those cheap flowers he bought”
I waved good bye to Janet and her cabby speed off

I took a bend and finally caught sight of our house
there I saw brain sitting on his pavement with his dog
he really loves it

why do I have the feeling he has been waiting for me?

“hey!” he called immediately he sighted me
he stood up with his dog and walked towards me, while a smile crawl up my face

“you’ve gat something on your hair” he said and I raked my hands into it but found nothing

“lemme help you out!” he ordered and stuck something into my hair

I placed my hands on it and pulled it out

he stuck a flower in my hair!!

it looks super beautiful and kinda expensive

“thanks!”I muttered and he kept mute smiling like it’s the only thing he knows how to do