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The Golden Boys. Episode 19

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A week later


I slipped my foot into a silver flip flop and walked out of my room heading downstairs

“good morning ma” a maid greeted
and I replied her with a wave of hands as I took the stairs down to my large sitting room, my eyes caught sight of grandma lying on the massaging machine and a maid sat close to her obviously she’s the one hired to take care of her
well the maids are quite much and I don’t get to recognized them

“good morning grandma” I greeted and walked towards a double seatee

“breakfast is ready ma’am
I was actually coming to get you”one of the chefs said and I let out a smile
“alright thanks” I muttered and she scurried off

Brain had actually got me a duplex and a car, saying it’s a gift from him to me for accepting him as my boyfriend
he hired lots of maids and drivers for us
and he often sends me weekly allowance for my wardrobe
he had Molly attend an expensive boarding school andi and grandma are the once left at home.

luckily for me, we both attend the same school, the students really don’t know brain and I are dating though they had their suspicion cause he hardly let’s me out of his sight.
it’s quite obvious he’s madly in love with me, he spoils me rotten with money, but I won’t let it get into my head

I still can’t believe am dating Golden boy brain!
same guy I had knocked down with my bicycle!
the same guy who’s every ladies crush!!
the same whom every lady will kill for!!!
the same wealthy Mr popular!!

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it sometimes feels like am in a dreamland

I took a seat in the dinette and uncovered the plates, picking up my cutlery, I dug into the meal and began munching it slowly
brain really have a high taste cause my cooks are the best

my phone suddenly ringed and a maid helped me get it from the couch were I had left it
she handed it to me and my cheeks flushed on seeing brain was the caller
I immediately punched the answer button, placing the phone on my ear

#hey babe! what’s up#his music like voice flowed into my ears and I smiled

#good morning# I replied instead and could feel his smiles

#hurry up babe! we are waiting# he said and I froze

holy shit!

we were suppose to see his parents today and it skipped me

am in for it!!

“why did you were something like this huh?” brain asked giving me a light Peck on my lips

“what’s wrong with it?” I asked taking a glance at my dressing
it doesn’t look bad

“what if I rip it off your body” he said and I smiled watching his eyes roll up and down my body

“are you done eye raping me?” I asked giving him an eye roll
“I haven’t even started” he said and we walked inside together and there were his families

his dad Scott Peters the CEO of B.S entertainment
seems he loves his son so much cause he seems to have named him after his numerous properties and companies
I wasn’t even surprised to know the mansions password is actually brain Scott!!
so much for being an only child

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his dad really looks a little younger than his age, seems money is the secret behind it.

brain actually said his dad was once in the force and had been a sheriff before he became wealthy and invest in so many business which brought about the birth of B.S entertainment
as such is dad Mr Scott Peters, is a money bag
he obviously had built his wealth through hard work and that’s the route my brain his obviously tooling

“good day sir” I greeted and his dad stood up on seeing me, wrapping his hands around me

“I need no one to tell me your Samantha, the looks in my sons eyes has said it all
just know your welcome to our abode” he said and broke the hug

I just hugged Scott Peters!!
I mean the same money bag!!
who will believe that?

“oh! my Angel!
your more beautiful than he had said ” his mum said and drew me into an embrace

wow! she’s pretty!

“thank you ma” I replied trying hard not to stutter
it seems like am dreaming

omg! I bless the day I found brain!
I bless the day I knocked him down with my bicycle
I bless the day he asked me to be his girlfriend
I bless all the days, weeks and months we’ve spent together
he’s the best

the sitting room looks large and elaborately furnished
I held my self tight to prevent me from moving my eyes up and down the beauty before me

“hey! beauty!” Golden boy David waved at me and I waved back trying so hard not to freakout

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brain is making me feel like a star already
sitting in the midst of worlds celebrities and richest men is enough to freak me out
if only Janet was here with me, she would have passed out
she really wasn’t surprised brain and I are dating, she said she’s been suspicious of it long before he became a celebrity

“can we please proceed to the dinette now!
am famished!” Golden boy mason said and we all chuckled

The Unknown

I paced back and front in my room in anger
the different rings and bangles I had on my wrist shutter in sounds as I walked about in anger

how dare that bitch huh?
how dare her try to divert brains love for me huh?

he was suppose to take anything I tell him!!
he was suppose to obey every of my decisions!
he was suppose to listen to me!!
only me!!!
not some cheap whore of a girlfriend and she had the boldness to come in here!

I will teach her how ruthless I can be
I smiled bringing out my phone