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The Golden Boys. Episode 8

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I stood up from my bed feeling damn hungry, luckily for me, the banging headache and running stomach had subside
all thanks to my new friend ‘brain’

I strolled into the kitchen only to see Samantha on the kitchen apron
seems someone is cooking”I cracked leaning on the kitchen door

“will you come In and give me am helping hand!” Samantha said more like an order

“am sick remember!
you won’t want me to slump in your hands” I said and she rolled her eyes at me
she looked weary and worked on

“if you think your still feeling sick then get the hell outta here”she said and I gasp on seeing the delicacies she had prepared

“Samantha!!” I yelled and she pop up her head at me
“what is it?”she asked looking surprised
“you prepared all this?” I asked gesturing at the meals on the kitchen counter

“yeah I did!
it took me a whole lot of time to prepare them all” she replied taking her gaze back to the pan she had on the cooker

“they are damn too much!!
hope you didn’t exhaust the food stocks Samantha?
for goodness sake, this meals will last us for three days” I said and she furrowed her brows at me

“don’t tell m you aren’t aware grandma invited our new neighbor next door for dinner!” she said and it nudge at me

brain actually took me to the hospital today! and guess what?
he paid the bills!!” I said clasping my hands together and she gave me an eye roll

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“grandma actually told me all that so stop being a Tuttle tale and go set up the lamp it’s getting late already” she said and I squeak happily, rushing into the sitting room

I got hold of the lamps and turn it on before placing one in the sitting room
one in our room and the other in grandma’s room before hurrying back into the kitchen

“yeah take!” she said handing me a covered plate
“take this to grandma’s room” she said and handed me my dinner

“I will go eat up in my room” I said and walked out of the kitchen


molly left with her food and that of grandma while I pulled the kitchen apron,slumping on the nearest sofa

can’t believed I prepared three different dinner for some proud jerk
what if he didn’t show up?
worst still he refuse to eat the meal?

I walked into the kitchen, pick up a chopstick and began tasting the foods again

they aren’t bad right?

I made use of so many ingredients!
I won’t mind shoving the food into his dress if he dares reject them
it took me two whole hours to prepare them

I walked back into the sitting room and my eyes landed on the wall clock

what the hell!!
8:03, and he isn’t here?
perhaps he forgot grandma had invited him for dinner
or should I go knock up on his door?
am famished!!
it will be uncultured for me to eat my meals before he comes
it’s dinner and he isn’t suppose to eat up alone, since he was invited

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I pulled the kitchen cap off my head,pacing to and fro more out of hunger

why do grandma had to invite him huh?

I heard a knock on the door and I scamper towards it to unbolt it and there he was!
with his cute dog


“hi” I greeted immediately the door flung open revealing her
“hello” she replied motioning for me to come in
“mind me coming with him?” I gestured at Kelvin and she nodded negatively

“thanks” I muttered walking Into their sitting room
well, it really not looking bad though it’s poorly furnished

“your granny actually…” I was saying when she interpolated
“I know” she replied with an eye roll

is she being angry with me about the bicycle stuff?
but I apologized already?
she doesn’t seems to like me but I like her
she’s the only friend I can find here who’s reasonable and responsible

she walked into the kitchen and I placed Kelvin on my feet

I eye searched for her younger sister but couldn’t find her
she’s more friendly than her sister

she walked out minutes later with different bowls and jars of water, then placed it on he centre table

“here’s yours” she said shoving a bowl and a cutlery gently towards me while she held hers as she sat in opposite me with the table between us

I picked up the cutlery and spoon the sauce shoving it into my mouth

“woah!” I exclaimed in relish and she pop her head up at me
“you like it?” she asked forcing out a smile
“yeah! it’s Delicious” I replied and her mood changed
she looked some what happy

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“where’s molly and grandma aren’t they gonna join us?I asked and she gulped in her meal

“they’ve eaten theirs and have gone to bed.
one more thing inhere, we don’t talk while eating” she said and I nodded and continued eating while Kelvin fell asleep on my foot

she packed the dishes when we were done and sat on another sofa staring into her phone

she looks snobbish

“hey!” I called and she pop up her head at me
“you don’t seems to talk too much” I said and she let out a smile

“don’t know what to say about that” she replied taking her eyes back to her phone
“aren’t you gonna observe your normal evening practice today?” I asked and she rolled her eyes
“it’s left for me to decide”she replied

she’s acting weird
one minute she’s smiling
another minute she’s wearing a frown are all girls like that?

well I don’t think so cause her younger sister is quite friendly unlike her who doesn’t seems to like me

“so what school do you attend?” I asked trying to start up a conversation
“check the badge when next you see me on my school uniform”she said rudely

didn’t see that coming

“okay! so what grade are you?” I asked and she frowned
“ask my teachers when you see them” she said

she’s bad mouthed

“shut the door on your way out” she said and walked into what seems like her room