January 19, 2022

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The Golden Boys. Episode 21

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I ran my hands through my hair in anger

holy motherfucker!! am going crazy!

“calm down brain! the cops are on it” Tristan said and I flare up, bumping my fist on the wall sending punches into it

“the cops are on it?
that’s what your saying ?
she’s been gone for a whole week dude!
seven whole days and those f&*king gormless cops haven’t gotten a link to her whereabout and you are asking me to calm down?

do you have the faintest idea what she means to me
do you?”I yelled in anger and he kept shut

“take it easy Brian!
we are all worried too” mason chipped in and I sent him an hard glare

“get me another bottle” I ordered a nearby maid

“don’t even dare!
brain you’ve been drinking all day and it isn’t good for your health brain
it isn’t!”Eric chipped in ordering the maid not to bring me another bottle of wine

oh! good Lords!
if only they have an idea what Samantha means to me!
I wonder were she is right now!
how’s she coping?
her grandma must be worried by now and I need no soothsayer to tell me she’s been kidnapped

I shouldn’t have let her go in the first place, I should have sent a guard to go with her but I had no idea this was gonna happen!

I drank the remaining wine in my glass cup
I really need more drink and if they don’t wanna get me one, am gonna get it myself

I stood up from the couch I had sat and walked towards the bar in shaking legs
I got hold of a wine, pop it open and began drinking directly from the bottle

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oh! heavens
am going crazy!
I won’t forgive myself if anything happens to Samantha

“come on brain, that’s enough!” I heard a voice behind me but couldn’t tell who owns it , I felt a hand snatch the bottle of wine from me
I turned to see David replacing the drink back into the bar

“David lemme have the drinks back please” I pleaded and he refused looking angry

“I won’t let you sit down there and mess up yourself” he yelled

“I can’t help it David, I just can’t
there’s no news of her whereabout dude!
what if she’s dead!” I rasp resting my head on one of the bar stools

“how do you think she’s gonna feel if she actually comes back and see you in this state huh?”he asked patting me slowly

David is my Buddy
maybe because we had been together all through our growing
up days
he understands me more than the others

“what do I do David?
what do I do?” I cried with my head still on the bar stool

I miss her
I miss everything about her

we had just finished performing our song back then in the concert, when the driver I had assigned to her, told me he couldn’t find her and I assumed he had hurriedly took a cab home
not until the security guard on the gate reported that he had seen her hop into a car which doesn’t Even look like a cab

I had been so worried and devastated
her Best friend Janet, had gone home in search for her but couldn’t find her and her grandma reported that Samantha never came home that day

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I feel so weak!
debilitated and disorganize
I won’t forgive myself if any harm befall Samantha,
I won’t!

“you gat to take it easy dude!
drinking yourself to stupor isn’t the best way to approach it” Eric chipped in and sat on another bar stool

“this is the reason I don’t wanna fall in love with any lady,
I don’t wanna feel the numerous heart break and all that!” David said and mason let out a Coy smile

“that’s why you ought to follow my life styles dude” Tristan said and David scoffed

“being a flirt is the last thing am ever gonna do, I won’t risk it” he said and mason chuckled

“back to brain!
what are we gonna do about him?” Travis spoke up for the first time decanting some wine into a glass cup
I stretch my hands towards the glass cup to get a hold of it but he shove it far from my reach

“let me get a sip Travis please” I pleaded but he scoffed
“not until you get back to your senses
can’t believe your so chicken hearted to shed a tear cause of a girl
a mere girl!”he said and I flare up

“am talking about my girlfriend here Travis!
my one month old girlfriend and not any other girl!!” I yelled and he clasp his palms together

“the cops actually called this morning” he said and my eyes shone

“any news in her?” I asked expectantly

they actually called to say they’ve not seen her but her still on the search” he said and I bump my fist in anger

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“those lame ass cops!
I better go look for her myself” I said picking up my car keys

“brain your drunk and can’t drive in this State!” David yelled but I ignored them and walked out

I felt so much pains on my hands which were tied behind my back
I couldn’t see where I was cause a blind fold was placed on my aching eyes

I feel so scared
brain and grandma must be worried

oh! good lords!
I pray I get out of here in one piece

i haven’t heard the sound of voices since I woke up from the ground were I had sat

it’s been over a week since I was abducted and hide here, yet I haven’t heard a word from anybody apart from a tough guy who often comes in to feed me with sour and tasteless meals
I had no choice than to open up so I don’t starve myself to death.

and I discovered I wasn’t even in my monthly flow
I was so dumb not to have remembered we are in the middle of the month

the door to the place I was locked in flung open and I jumped back in fear

omg! what’s going on?

the Door haven’t been flung open in such an angry manner before!

I feel so scared as I heard the sound of heels on the floor as the person walked towards me

I felt so scared and feared I was gonna pass out
what do they want from me?