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The Golden Boys. Episode 30

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An American Romance Series

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 30
I packed up my bags and got into the school bus which had been prepared to take us to the museum and back. students who had cars were allowed to make use of theirs and I couldn’t make use of mine cause grandma would be needing it for her usual hospital check ups

the students chated away happily as the school bus drove out of the school premises

I sat on the back sit alongside some grade 4 sy
students who won’t stop making a hell of noise
I just can’t wait to write my final exams and get done with high school, it’s giving me so many unhappy memories

i is wed Janet so much
i missed my final old school even though it’s a local one, I still prefer it to this high school with rich and spoilt kids who seems to be proud jerks

this is gonna be my chance with brain, he needs to give me an explanation or better still break up with me if that’s what he wants
I won’t die if he leaves me,
will I?
luckily for me, the golden boys are gonna be joining us in the excursion cause they are in final year with me, though they have private class where they do received lectures

I had only had an opportunity to stay with him in his private class and I also had lunch countless number of times in his private cafeteria
then he was my sweet caring and understanding boyfriend
but right now, all am seeing is a rude, annoying and proud jerk who seems to have used me and wants to dump me

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A call came into my phone and I picked it up an seeing Molly was the caller

#hey! baby
watsapp#I spoke into the phone
#are you and brain having a brawl?#she asked and my heart skipped

she must have watched his interview from school

#how’s school Molly?# I asked trying to dodge her question

#talk to me Samantha and don’t dodge my question!
are you and brain having issues?# she asked and I held my chest, placing my left palm on it

#nope Molly!
we are cool# i replied trying to sound convincing
#alright then, give him the phone I wanna speak with him# she requested and I froze

#what makes you think he’s here?#I spoke into the phone

#I know he’s there with you Samantha!
don’t dare lie to me cause he’s adducted to your presence# she said and I felt tears well up in my eyes

#right now we are on an excursion down town and brain isn’t here with me,I will inform him you called when I see him# i said and earned a few glance from the grade 4 students seating beside me

they must have herd my discussion with Molly and would obviously be wondering which of the brain i was talking about
well then, who cares

#how about Janet and grandma?# she asked
#grandma is fine and had gone for her medical check ups while Janet called this morning to wish me good luck on the excursion and she’s presently in school# I spoke into the phone
my voice was the only thing I could hear in the bus and I earned me some angry looks

#alright then that’s the reason why I called
send my regards to brain and my best Buddy kelvin# she giggled and hung up
I lean my head on the head rest and slowly doze off
I woke up itching my sleepy eyes and I discovered it was dark already

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did the ride took so long?

I got off my seat and discovered i was the only one left in the large bus
omg! where are the others?
I looked around in surprised and my eyes caught sight of a burning fire with people sitting around it, hugging their kneels to myself

okay, what’s going on?
aren’t we heading to the museum?
we should be there by now, what’s delaying the ride then?

I came out from the bus and my eyes caught sight of tents all over the hall like field

“hey!” I called to a boy and he stared at me with an unwritten expression on his face

“please what’s going on?
why aren’t we in the museum we were heading to?” I asked and he scoffed

“where have you been all this while?
perhaps your among the girls who dashed into the bush immediately we got stuck in here, with their boyfriends huh?”he asked and I scoffed

“nope am not!” I replied plainly
“then were have you been?” he asked and I frowned

“it’s none of your business okay!” I huffed at him

“well, two school bus actually broke down here and we have to spend the night here till tomorrow when the school authority will send another bus for us to continue the journey to the museum or go back home
but according to some students, the teachers and school authorities said we shouldn’t proceed again to the museum cause most parents had been angry about the news and that most of their kids may catch cold or fall sick” the boy said nonstop, he looks like a talk active

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“so that means we are gonna be camping here?” I asked and he nodded

“but the golden hoys are spending the night in their rides but the teachers made a strict warning to us that no student must be found in the school bus” the boy said and walked off even before I could say another word

can’t believe we are gonna be spending the night in the open,
not like it’s new right?

I lean my back on the school bus and shut my eyes
I really need to go look for someone to squat with or probably look for a tent for myself

I felt a touch on my shoulder and turned towards the owner, only to see…. him….brain.
what’s he doing here?

“brain!” i called in shock
he was looking super cute and hot in the cardigan he wore alongside a black trouser, he had no Jeweleries on and his hair was covered in an head warmer,his feet were covered in a blue stockings which matched his Cardigan and he had a white foot wear on
while I was still in my school uniforms, all students were in their school uniforms except the golden boys, seems their guards took extra clothing with them

“hey!”he called and stood in front of me

oh! God

“what do you want?”I asked in a gentle voice

“am sorry for everything I did Samantha, just know I will never hurt you” he said and I kept shut

where’s he driving at?

“Samantha I just don’t know how to say this,….am sorry but it’s over between us” he said and I saw the entire world collapsing right in front of me and I thought I was gonna pass out