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The Golden Boys. Episode 39

5 min read

An American Romance Series

Written by me: Authoress succy

Season 2
Episode 39

what’s brain doing here?
why do they have to come same time?

this is so bad!!

“Samantha!” Richard called taping me gently on my wrist

“what do you want Richard!!” I yelled again, anger flashing through my eyes

“Samantha I can explain please!
it’s not what you think please”he pleaded frantically but am not going to fall for his charms the second time though I made that silly mistake with brain

“there’s nothing to explain Richard, it’s over between us,
don’t you get it!”I yelled and he bowed his head slightly
his looks portrays that of being sorry,

one thing I know for sure is that
Am not gonna take neither of them back, come what may!

“c-mom Samantha!
everyone makes mistake” he said and I flare up in anger

“everyone makes mistake,
yeah I know
but yours is beyond pardon
what’s f**king wrong In a lady saying she don’t wanna continue in her relationship huh?” I asked in anger and tongue lashed him terribly

“the Samantha I know isn’t this…” he was saying when I interpolated angry

“oh yeah!
Samantha isn’t like this!
she isn’t like that!
she’s just a dumb headed bitch I picked from the street!
isn’t that what you thought before letting that bitch lay on your bed huh?”I rasp at him angrily

I never said that, I swear!”he defended
“oh yeah!
you’ve never said that but you just did indirectly”I rasp and he ran his hands into his hair

“so what are we gonna do now?” he asked making his blues eyes Pierce into mine

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there’s no ‘we’ here!
what we have here is ‘you’, so you gotta walk out through the door or I won’t mind walking you out of here” I said and he looked shocked

“Samantha!” he called in surprise

“what? huh?
you know what Richard!
start going !!”I said rushing in anger to get a hold of the door
I flung it open and just then brain got to the door and walked in

what the hell !!
I forgot he just arrived, and now he’s gonna think I opened the door for him myself

so stupid of me!

on of his guards bang the door and stood outside with the others, patiently waiting for brain
okay now!
what am I gonna do to them?
what am I gonna tell them?
should I walk them out? or perhaps I should just run up to my room?
but what if brain followed me up like he did the other time?
how about Richard!
why did they have to come here same time huh?

I looked around the sitting room and suddenly flinch on realising that grandma and molly had already disappeared to God knows where!
leaving me alone in the sitting room with two cute, hot, charming and sexy dudes
who happened to be my heart breakers

I took in a deep breath and cast my eyes on brain

“oh! gees!
he sure knows how to get me”

did I just say that?
hell no!! he’s never gonna get me
not ever

Richard had sat down on the couch
gently taping his feet on the tiled floor

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this is more than I think!
I took my eyes to brain and he had his eyes fixed on his phone, while he leaned on the door
his pink lips kept on moving from left to right as he chewed softly on a bubble gum, I guess

okay!, what’s gonna happen now?
what am I suppose to say to them?
All the anger and hate I had felt n my system, suddenly seems to have melted away on sighting brain
he looks cute as ever
he had an orange Jean trouser on, alongside a multi coloured shirt,
his hands held so many phones than I could eye count
he wire so many designs and brands of bangles on his wrist and a golden wrist watch was sleeping on his left wrist
he had a cap on and the front was obviously turned to the back, giving him a perfect playboy look
his foot ware is indescribable and he drew so many tattoos on his wrists and hands
he’s already becoming a billionaire and a bad boy
where in heavens name did he had the guts to go put tattoos in his body

well then, it’s none of my business
in as much as I won’t wanna say this but I had to
the tattoo really looks cool on him
I just wonder what it’s gonna look like if I trail my fingers down those pretty tattoos
it’s gonna be fun!!
now it dawned on me that the ‘BS’ tattoo I had seen on him actually means ‘Brain & Samantha’
so sweet of him

hold on,did I just say that to my self?
‘come on Samantha!
he’s nothing more than Richard!
he’s a million times worst than him!
he took my innocence
broke up with me
he came out of the blues again and trickily got me laid
now he’s back again, for perhaps same mission and right now am gonna tell it to his face that he’s nothing more than a loser

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“so what’s going on here?” I asked summoning all the strength and courage I could find, looking from brain to Richard

Brain gave me a stare and I quickly adverted my eyes so I don’t drool over him again
not now!
not ever!

“Samantha !” Richard called and I turned my eyes towards Brain who hadn’t uttered a word
I felt so much like yelling at him and walk him out but I couldn’t find the strength to do that
his presence seems to weaken my body and I couldn’t find my tongue anymore

“you know what?
you guys should just….”I hadn’t completed my statement when I caught a glimpse of brain moving out

what the hell!
he left?
like,he just came in and left!
just like that?
who does that?

I took my eyes back to Richard who was now up on his feet

he took a step closer to me and I flinch
he took another and I put on a bold look on my face

“it’s obvious you prefer him to me
but trust me Samantha!
I won’t let you go easily” he said and flounce out through the door

did he just said that to me?
okay what’s going on?