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Vamp Blood. Chapter 3

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By Authoress Kelly.L????

????Hunter’s POV????

I could feel Luna’s heart beat going down,this is all my fault I cant lose her and I wont

“Hunter”she called and her eyes closed

I didnt know what to do,but wait if I bite her she will heal,well it worth a shot I really dont know what will happen to her after this but her life will never be the same again

I tilt her head to give me better excess

“Am sorry Luna but this is gonna hurt” I whispered and I bit her

Her eyes flew open and she screamed in pain
I wanted to stop but I cant I need to finish the job

I noticed she started changing her eyes turned from emerald green to gold,her hair grew so long it reached her knees and her fangs grew out as she continued screaming in pain

When I was done,I pulled out of her the spot where I bit her was coming out blood and I noticed there was some of it on my lips

I wiped it of,I carried her bridal style to the palace,I checked on her and she passed out

“Am really sorry” I said as continued my journey

????Luna’s POV ????

I woke up with a huge headache and I climbed down from my bed

Scratch that Bed!?? I looked around and I realized I was in my room I was about to leave when something caught my eye

My reflection on my mirror walked up to it and touched it, I filched,I touched my face

What the hell happened to me my hair,my eyes,my everything I really changed the last thing I remember is feeling pain

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Hunter where is Hunter,He bit me that’s why am so different

Hunter I need to find him to make sure his ok

I walked out if my room,I was heading to the kitchen when I heard voices coming from the

I got closer and the voices sounded like Dad,King Esmond(Hunters Dad) and Hunter OMG!! His ok

“You put my daughter in danger and you even have the nerve to stand before me” my father talked angrily

“Am sorry my Oing but if it wasn’t for me she would be….”he was cut of by a hard slap..from his Dad

“That’s enough you owe King Vald an apology,you were reckless and you will be punished” he said with a disappointed face

Hunter kept his head down and I felt so sorry for him it’s not his fault in fact he saved my LIFE I owe him more than anything

I have to save him,he doesn’t deserve Punishment and the punishment his will be close to death that’s how brutal it is

“Hunter” I shouted out his name and got everyone’s attention

“Luna” they all said in shock