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A Night With A Cute Guy. Episode 13

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????A night with a
Cute guy????

✍️Prin cess✍️

????Episode thirteen????


I thought for a while what seems right to me……hmmmm….this is really a tough decision.

“well….I wanna be with lisa”,I said and I peered into Richie’s face…..tears formed in her eyes.

“alright then……”,thee dad said.

”wait father”,lisa interrupted.


I can’t believe he chose lisa over me!

But why do I care? I……I hate….him…..or do I?

“i never agreed I wanted to be with him”,lisa blurted.

We all stared at her.

“dont look so surprise…..you see blake over here…..I loathe him…you can’t punish me by making me spend my whole life stuck with him”,lisa added.

Dad breathe out loudly.

“lisa,…I have heard you ..blake…. that means…..you are getting married to Richie”,dad said.

“wait, Richie, what do you have to say?”,mum asked.

I don’t know! I ran to my room leaving everyone probably puzzled.


“and the hot gets hotter”,I muttered.

This is like a movie, with only thing missing…….Popcorn????

Blake stood up from his kneeling position .

“i’ll talk to her”,I offered and ran upstairs.

I entered richie’s room and locked the door.

“what do you want?”,she asked.

“chill….I just wanna talk to you. Come on, seat upright, let’s talk like sisters”,I said and sat next to her.

“what!”,she asked dryly.

“well, am not here to console you, neither am I here to mock you or make jest of you but…I want you to pour out your feelings to me”,I said, as kept she sniffed????.

“well, I have nothing to say to you”,she replied harshly.

“come on sis. Look, I know we haven’t been getting on lately, but for now, just talk to me! Why didn’t you give a reply?”,I asked.

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She breathed out loudly.

“after what he did………..I don’t think I love him anymore”,she replied.

“oh, I see! Love confusion! Anyways, I love him”,I said.

“WHAT!”,Richie shouted.

“yea, I do, I love him so so much, I can’t do without him”,I replied and she slapped me.

“how dare you say that to my face?”,she half yelled.

“what! Is it bad to love someone? Infact, lemme go and tell them I want to get married to him”,I said and stood up.

“dont you dare lisa”,Richie half yelled.

“but why?”,I asked.

“coz I love him”,she yelled, but realised herself and I smiled.

“that’s what I wanted to hear”,I said and hugged her.

We both went downstairs.

“i am ready to get married to him”,Richie blurted out…..