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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 72

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 72

Brenda’s POV

“I will sleep on the floor then, you can sleep on the bed.” I told Scot who seem to lay tirelessly on my bëd.

“How come you are talking like someone that does not know how a snake behaves? A snake can be dangerous on the floor, if you sleep on the floor, it might bite you.” He said and I stood akimbo.

“You want me to sleep on the same bëd with you, right?” I asked.

“Your choice.” He replied indifferently. His eyes were still closed.

I knew I had no choice but to slëep bëside him.

I need to shower too, I went to the bathroom and bathed.

I came back with a tow-el around my body and I went to where my dressings were, I wanted to wear my night gown.

“Come and sleep already, I don’t want the snake to bite your heels.”He said and I looked to the floor to see if a snake was already around.

” I want to wë—ar my night gø—wn, first.” I said

“Forget that one, just come and sleep.”He said.

” huh? Nåk-ed? Beside you?” I asked.

“You are on a to–wel, come quick.” He said but I hesitated.

“Snake!” He screamed and I ran and jumped on the bed.

As a matter of fact, I ju-mped on him. rø-llled from him and fell to the other side of the b-ëd.

Scot turned to me, his eyes were still closed.

I was only on a towel, it was only a short tōwel that covered only the ãre-a of my b—-st and @—ss

I felt ashamed that I will sleep that at with Scot but I have no choice.

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“Are you sleeping already?” He asked.

“No, you just sleep.” I said and he moved closer to me.

I remained where I lå—-id and was unable to move.

“Move closer to me.”It was more like an order not a request.

I obliged sheepishly and moved close to him.

I was so close to him that he could feel my b——-st on his chëst.

” Good! We will be w-arm this way.” He said and took the blãn-ket.

He cøvered the both of us.

I was not sleeping, I was just wondering what his next move would be.

I’m totally under his influence now and anything could just happen.

He wasn’t making any move again, he seem to be sleeping off now.