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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 74

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 74

Brenda’s POV

I stood distance away from the chef, I was scared but I hide it. My face was strong and I stared around for any thing I could use as weapon to defend myself.

“It’s so wrong for you to touch me at my wã–ist.” I said

“Indeed! But whom would you report to? That woman is just the assistant executive manager here, my dad owns a major share of this company.” He boasted and took a step close to me.

I picked up the stapler on the table and said; “I might hurt you if you try something stupid. You are so shaneless.”

He smiled; “What can a tiny little thing like you do to me? your brother had taken one of my leg, I’ll get back to him but I want to have you under me first.” He said and sniffed.

“I will make love with you now and let my c—–Ùm spread inside you so can have my baby. you will be connected to me for life that way.” He said and smirked.

It was the last thing I was expecting, that he would ever think of making love with me at his office.

This man is so crazy.

He walked to me and my face darted to his legs, I knew that his fake legs could be his greatest weakness now.

As he walked to me, I bent suddenly and hit him with the stapler on the knee, he fell to the floor and groan painfully.

Wow! It worked.

He groaned and cried as he held the knee of his fake leg.

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I smirked as I saw him groan in pan.

“You are one lëgged, what can a one leggëd man do , though?” I asked and grinned dryly.

I completed the signing out and before I leave, I walked to him and said; “You will only keep hurting yourself if you keep coming after me. And if you plan on hurting my brother, your second leg would be taken too.”

I now had the gut to speak, he was still on the floor unable to stand.

“Help me up.” He requested and I smirked.

“Remain there like that.” I said and went to unlock the door

“I can not stand by myself , please.” He requested and I had little pity on him.

I know where to hurt him if he tries something stupid again.