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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 73

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 73

Brenda’s POV

I watched Scot slept off, I smiled and slept too.

I woke the following morning but couldn’t find Scot by my side again.

He must have gone to his room.

I went to start getting dressed for work, while inside the shøwer, I rememberex how we escaped the chef’s chase yesterday.

Scot is really clever and protective.

I got dressed and went to his room but couldn’t find him there.

Where could he be?

I dialed his number but was ringing in his room.

I waited for few more minutes and when I didn’t see him, I decided to risk going to work myself.

I went out to take a cab, I was uneasy while inside the cab. I kelt hoping the cab is not kidnapping me this time.

The cab arrived at my company and I stepped down, I had paid the man so I just walked inside.

I saw the chef walked out of the kitchen as I walked in, we did not greet.

While working all day, I kept hoping for Scot’s call but I didn’t receive any.

I started getting disturbed, where could Scot be?

After we had closed for the day, I was packing my luggage to leave when someone came to me and said; “The chef sends for you?”

“Tell him I’m not coming?” I replied bluntly to the person and he replied ‘okay’ and walked away.

Where could Scot be?

I went to where we use to sign out but couldn’t find the sign book there.

I turned around to a worker whose seat was there and asked; “Where is the time book, please?”

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“It’s now at the chef’s office.” He replied ordinarily and continued what he was doing.

The chef must have done that purposely because of me.

Signing out is a must, otherwise, it will be claimed that I left work at an inappropriate time.

I went inside his office, I did not look at his face.

I just went to the time book and started signing out

I noticed he stood and went to the door but I ignored.

I do not want to believe he went to lock the door, it’s quiet impossible for him to r@—pe me at his office.

I felt a hand around my waist and I jerked back fearfully, the pen I was holding flew away from my hand.

It was the chef.