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Back In His Arms. Episode 8

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Back in his arms
Episode 8
Nate’s tongue probed expertly between Elle’s lips to coax them apart.
From the moment he had captured her mouth she had lost and with no thought in her head she parted her lips and heard him give a low groan as he exploded her inner sweetness.


He was the man if his fantasies. Nwte had openly started that he was going to make her life hell.

Why then was she responding to him?
Because she could not help herself,whispered a little voice inside her head.

Nate finally broke the kiss and Elle knewvshe should pull out of her arms and end this madness.
Besides she even said she isn’t going to allow her to her like this. She knew it but she couldn’t do it.

He trailed his lips over her cheek,her throat and shivered with pleasure when he found her sensitive place behind her ear.
“Elle,you are so beautiful”,he said as his deep sensual voice made her shiver again with a fierce,sharp need that started low in her belly and radiated through her body.
Her heart stopped when he slid the strap of her nightgown over her shoulder.
Her bre@sts arched with a sweet heaviness and when he brushed his fingers over the swollen peaks,straining beneath the silk,she jerked as if an electric current had shot through her.

He gave a husky laugh ,” l know. That’s the same way l feel too… When you arrived at the casino,l took one look at u and l wanted you in my bed over and over again”
“Nate…”,Elle gave a keening cry when he tugged her nightgown lower and bared one of her bre@sts.

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He stared at her ,”No games”,he said harshly.
“if you don’t want this then go now…”,he continues.
He hand actually shook as he reached out and slid the other strap of her nightgown down her arm until her punky n!poles were revealed to his angry gaze.
“What’s your answer Elle”,as he stared into her stunning eyes.
He clasped her shoulders and pulled her close to him.

Nothing mattered but her honey taste of her As he lowered her head and captured her mouth in a potent kiss that demand response she gave so willingly.
Elle’s heart thudded hard against her rips when Nate suddenly stood up from the edge of the bath and scooped her in his arms.
He place her on the bed and stared down at her, “I want to make love to you”
Elle touched hisceeks. Her heart leaped when he turned his head so that his mouth grazed her fingers..
“I want you but tonight,l don’t feel like doing this”

“Why are you doing this?”
“Goodnight Nate”
“We need to talk Elle”
“I just want to sleep”
Nate couldn’t believe this. He was so turned and he rejected her tonight.
The following day,Elle was already dressed. She was a little angry about what happened yesterday.
“Where are you going”,he demanded.
“Anywhere as long as l don’t want to be around you”
“Are you going to see your lover”,Nate got hold of her wrists and he spins her around to face him.
“I’m not going to allow you to do that to me ever again. I am going to lock you right now”,he continues
“You have no right over me. No right over my freedom and no right to decide whom l will love. A few weeks and we will be divorced so don’t act as if you are the most caring husband because you are not”,she said sarcastically.
“Elle…. let go and eat. l don’t want to argue with you”
The restaurant was elegant as Elle smiled.
The waiters were quietly attentive.
“What did the waiter say to u”,he asked curious.
“He said I am beautiful and you are lucky to have me”
“Well I agree with him. You look beautiful in that dress”
Elle glanced down at the pink dress covered with patterns of white dress.
“Seriously everything is in Italian and I don’t even understand a thing. You better understand a thing”,he murmured as she moved her chair closer to his and patiently translated the choice of dishes.
He found it hard to concentrate on what be is saying when he was achingly aware of her luscious lips.

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His eyes darkened and he gave a ragged laugh as he moved his chair backwards.
“You are driving me insane,Elle”
“it’s natural to drive my husband insane”
“Who was that guy last night”
“Like you said he was my.lover”
“We both know that a lie. You are trying to make me jealous”