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Back In His Arms. Episode 7

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Episode 7
At 5pm,she arrived at the hotel. She was very excited about meeting Max again.
“Where were you? l was worried sick?”,he asked.

“Did u miss me?”
“Yes l did and do that again”
“l don’t follow your orders anymore. Actually I’m going out”
“it’s none of your business”,as she slam the bathroom door on his face.
Within minutes she was beautifully dressed.
Nate couldn’t take her eyes of her.
“l have to go now. l don’t when l will be back so don’t get worried too much”
“Can l drop you”
“No… l know my way there”
She walked out of the door as Nate took his keys to follow her.
Nate arrived at the party. There he saw his wife with a guy.
And who is he? Why is he touching her?
Nate heart began to pound as the guy captured Elle’s lips.
“I’m sorry Elle but l couldn’t control myself “,Max apologise
“Don’t worry… l love it”.
“So…..”,as he wrapped his hands around her waist , “should we continue”
“Yes.. .”,she answered. Her hands on his chest suddenly she felt a grasp.
“Hey…”,as she turned to face Nate.
“She is my wife…”,and Nate punched him on the face.
He pulled Elle into the car.
When they arrived at the hotel,He held her wrist tightly.
“Let go of me”,she exclaimed.
“l said let go…”,as she started struggling.
“Elle,don’t let me start this”
“Start what?”
“Start this?”,as he scoop her into his arms.
“Put me down. You Bastard”
She was shouting and struggling but he held on tight. All eyes were on them.
As he walked by the pool,she was still struggling and unfortunately she fell in the pool.

She couldn’t swim so she began to sink.
Nate stretched his hands to help her out.
“Let me help u”
“l don’t need your damn help”
“Do you want to die”
“Elle allow me to save you and insult me later”
Elle touched his hands and pulled him inside the water. She was giggling.
“Damn you”,as he held her tight and carried her out.
“Thanks for making me w€t”,he said again..
“You are welcome “,as she smiled.
He carried her into their suit and place her down.
“You jerk … how dare you”,as she hit him with her purse.
“Instead of you thanking me. You repay me like this”
“Yeah…”,as her green eyes were flaming with anger.
“What are you doing?”,she yelled as he carried her into the bathroom.
“You are…..”
“What Elle? Say it! l told you your days are going to be unforgettable”
“And yours is going to be hell”
“Are you going to undress”
“I will never undress in front of you”
“Or do you want me to undress you?”
“No l don’t need your help”
“Better”,as he smiled.
Elle was done bathing and it was now time for Nate to bath.
As she wore her night gown,a sudden crush followed by a shout shattered the silence.
Curiosity got the better of her As she slid out of bed.
The door to the bathroom was shut. She knocked but she received no answer.
She turned the handle and found out the door was unlocked.

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Her bare feet made no sound on the carpet as she entered the bathroom.
As she saw the sight of his blood-soaked up made her gave a sharp cry.
“Elle”,he stopped dead,clearly shocked to see her ,”What are you doing here?”
“l heard a crash…”,Elle couldn’t year his eyes from his arm, “What have you done?”
He glanced down and said, “it’s not as bad as it looks. l cut my hand on some glass and made it a bloody mess on me. l knocked a bottle of cologne on the floor and then compounded my clumsiness by trying to pick the shades of the glass. The damn cut won’t stop bleeding.
Can you look at the bathroom cabinet for a bandage?”
“Sit down and let me dress the wound”
She found the medical box. He sat on the edge of the bath and unwound the towel to reveal the deep cut across his arm
“I’ve kept pressure on it and elevated my hand. The bleeding seems to be easing”
“l don’t think it’s needs stitching”,Elle said after she inspected the wound.
“You are lucky”

“Yes.. . l don’t fancy another trip to the hospital tonight”
She stared at his mouth remembering how it felt on hers when he had kissed her and unconsciously w€t her lips.
The atmosphere in the bathroom altered and s£xual tension was almost noticed.
Driven purely by instincts,he threaded his fingers through her hair and drew her head towards him.

He was sitting on the edge of the bath and her face was levelled to his and her lips are very close.

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Nate crushed his lips on hers as she welcomed it…