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Back In His Arms. Episode 3

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Back In His Arms
Episode 3
She arrived to the restaurant wearing a black gown with a four-inch heel. She even look more beautiful.
“Hello gentlemen “,she said.
They responded by giving her a kiss on her cheeks. She sat close to her husband.
it seems he was making feel with them but they weren’t understanding. She needs to help him.
As far as she was very fluent in Italian then she can win their hearts.
As things were getting tougher she began to speak the language to plead with them.
Mate didn’t even understand what they were saying.
Within 10mins they accepted his deal and left. Now she turn to him with a bright smile on his face.
“So are u gonna thank me?”
“How could you do this?. l don’t need your help. Elle l never need your help”
“Then why did you invite me here? To sit and to watch you like a television.
“Am leaving..”,she stood up walking to the entrance,removed her black heels and began running towards the casino.
“What are you doing? You can’t just walk here bare foot”,Nate stated.
Elle laughed ,”l know the owner.He won’t mind”
“l mean it’s isn’t safe. You could step on something like glass”
“Since when did you care about me. After all l don’t need your help. I’m leaving”
She turned and began walking more faster than previously but unfortunately she stepped on a broken glass.
“l told you. Come on let me treat it.”
She pushed him, “l can do it myself. l don’t need your help”
She turned running and marching away,shoes in her hand.
“Elle come back here “,Nate jogged after her to grasp her wrist.
“Let go of me..”
“l will not… you are going the wrong way. The elevator is right here”
She looked around and start walking in the correct direction.
“Would you please let go of me?”,she asked.
“Not until you put the shoes back on”
“I’m hurt and l can’t walk in shoes right now”
Then suddenly Nate went low and carried her in his arms.
“What…… put me down”
“No.. you are hurt. “
As the elevator opens he brought her to their front door as he let her low.
“Thank…..”,Nste interrupted her by capturing her mouth with his. Elle fought it only for a moment before wrapping her arms around his neck to tug him close.
This kiss was hard and desperate. They were hungry for each other.
He backed her up until she was pinned against the door of their rokm.
Nate could feel the intensity of their touches started to build.
Their hands feverishly dancin6over their bodies as their mouth threatened to favour each other. His palm cupped her bre@sts through the silky fabric of her dress. She m0aned.
“I’m really tired. Goodnight”,she pulled away from him and marched to the bathroom. How could she do this to him as he has waited for two years to touch her body like this.
Nate woke up the next morning thinking his wife was in bed.
He rolled over the bed,opened his eyes and saw nothing. Elle was gone.
She left him a note saying, “Don’t look for me . “
Damn,she might be angry over last night issue and he was a fool to scold her like that. She has left again.
Meanwhile Elle was with her best friend Kate. Kate has always made her happy since the day she married to his brother Rex.
“So tell me what happened?”,Kate asked.
“Before l tell you … is Rex here”,she asked.
“No… he has travelled”
“Okay… l ran away from my husband”.
“What.. but why?”
“because l don’t feel comfortable with him”
“He treats you badly…”
“No…but he hates me”
“Since the day we got married he has been a wonderful husband till oneday he started calling me names”
“Have you cheated on him..”
“No… l can’t do that..”
“And did you ask why he hates you…”
“Yes bit he did not say a word..”
“I’m sorry Elle..”
“l know… can l stay here for some few days”
“Yea… besides I’m lonely here…”
“Okay.. ..”
“Can we go for shopping..”
“Yea.. .that would be fun…”
One week passed and she arrived early in the morning.
She was afraid her husband would scold her again.
She couldn’t think of anything but bite her lower lip.
Suddenly he opened the door and her heart pounded.
He came more closer to her.
“What? Are you going to scold me again”
“No l have a surprise for you Elle”
He tied her face with his tie around his neck.
“What are you doing?”
“Just keep quiet and follow your instincts”
“But what…..”
“Shut the fvck up Mrs Reynolds or l will tie your mouth too”,as he took her in his arms.
She was totally confused.. it’s been long since he did this.
She could hardly remember but in the past when they were newly we’d he had always surprise her. Wait… is this the way to get her in bed again.
Within minutes she felt her feet on the ground. He could feel him removing the the tie from his eyes.
When she opened her eyes, there were roses everywhere and a bottle of wine.
it was a romantic dinner.
“What is this?”,she frowned as if she hated everything.
“A dinner”,he replied.
“I’m not interested. l have better things to do than to have dinner with you”,as she turned but he held her tight.
“Elle I’m sorry… l shouldn’t have scold you the other night..”
“it’s alright. Can l go now?”
“Not until you dine with me”
“And what if l say no..”
“l will have no other choice to beg u”
“Okay.. .”
She sat on the chair but couldn’t look straight her into his eyes.
How she wished she hadn’t been here.
It’s just a week since Elle left him but to him it’s like a year.
And now he couldn’t stop staring at her lips. Those kissable lips.
They have tormented since the first day she arrived.
But tonight he went her in his arms and on his bed.
They had a great time. They were both in a private elevator heading to their bedroom.
Elle knew he was looking at her. She couldn’t bare to look at him back.
She was nervous. When she looked at his eyes, it tells him she needed him.
Nate’s arms wrapped around her in an instant, pulling the full length of her body against him.
His lips dipped down to brush against her.
“Nate what are you doing?”,as she pushed him.
“For God sake Elle you are my wife”
“You have no right to touch me”
“l have the right”,as he pulled her close to me.
“Let me go. I’m not going to allow you to touch me again”
“We’ll see about that…”,they both got out of the elevator. He pulled her to the bedroom.
He pinned her to the wall…
“Let me go…”
“No… “,he said as he pulled her dress off her..
“How could you…..”,she trailed as his mouth crushed on hers.

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