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Back In His Arms. Episode 4

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Episode 4
“Uh….. how could you….”,he crushed his lips on hers. She fought it for a while and pushed him back.
He grappled her by the waist and kissed her again.
She hit him on his chest to let her go bit he was do strong.
Within a few minutes she was enjoying the kiss.

She wrapped her arms around his neck to kiss him more deeper. The kiss was tender at first,soothing the arche for a moment be raged fire a new.
Nate’s hands slid his back letting one dip lower to cover her lace covered cheek.
With a gentle squeeze,his hand continued to slid down her silk covered thigh to behind her knee,hitching her leg up to wrap around his waist.
Elle groaned as the new angle brought his er£ction into direct contact with her moist arching s£x.
The sensation was overwhelming and she knew it was just the beginning. Her mouth moved hard against his,her hands clawing at his shirt.
Her fingers were at his collar,undoing his shirt.
With his chest bare,she ran her hands over it marveling at his hardened muscles as she remembered.
She let them dipped lower and lower until the tips slid beneath the waist of his pants.
She brushed the skin there,eliciting a groan and a sudden start as Nate grabbed her hand.
Mate’s lips travelled from her jawline of her throat.
A tingle of anticipation courses across her spine,her body shuddering of his mouth on her sensitive skin.
Elle tugged of his shirt and threw it on the floor.
His mouth travelled to the swell of her bre@sts.
As he took one tight peach n!pole in his mouth,her head flew back,her eyes closing on their own.
“Oh Nate”,she cried out,her fingers running through his hair and pulling him closer.
Elle was addicted to him,addicted to how he made her feel.
Mate got down on his knees,his lips nipping at her tensed stomach,his tongue circling her navel and dipping lower.
Every muscled in her body tightened knots when his hands brushed over the edge of her lacy panties.
The panties came down inch by inch.
The anticipation making her crazy until he eased one leg up, the next to cast them to the side. She was left n@ked.
Elle couldn’t opened her eyes.
She was exposed,her trembling aching body display to him. His hands travelled from her ankles.
Her legs trembled as he moved higher,his touch blazing a trail across her skin.
With a gentle pressure he eased her thighs apart, exposing her to the coal air before his warm breath tickled down her skin.
His fingers danced lazy circles on her thighs,teasing her hip bones.
Elle swallowed hard,her breath caught in her chest as she waited.
Nate didn’t dissappoint. He tasted her,drawing a strained cry from her throat with its sudden attack.
It was followed by a second then more lingering caress that early enough to undo her.
He must have sensed it because he paused,giving her time to recover then he continued his erotic assault on her body.
Elle cried out again,her hips straining to meet him.
“Nate please…..”,she panted. She wanted him after two long years without his touch.
She didn’t want to wait another second and have him again.
“Please….what…Elle”,with each pause his fingers flicked over her.
“fvck me….”,she spoke dirty to him. He had moved to the other side of the room,undoing his belt and slipping out of his pants. He was looking at her.
Devouring her with his eyes.
In one last moved…he was exposed as she was.
Without a word he circled his arms around her waist and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around him and held his shoulders to keep her steady as he slowly lowered her into him. He groaned as he was buried deep inside her.
They stood there nearly for a moment as they savoured the sensation. it’s been so long.
She couldn’t explain the feeling but some how it was more than a physical pleasure of s£x.

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There was a connection there that had never been broken.
Nate eased at the back against the wall,her hands cupping the swell of her bottom.
His fingertips dugged into the ample of her flesh.
Slowly he withdrew and thrust forward beginning an easy rhythm.
Elle clung to him,her face buried in his neck as he moved. With every movement he went deeper and thrust harder,driving her closer to the edge.
His breath was soft and ragged in his ear,mingling with soft whispers she couldn’t quite understand over her own cries.
Her breath gritted tight. Her nails digging into his flexing shoulder blades. She couldn’t resist Nate.
She was swept up in it,overwhelmed by the sensation she had deprived herself of for so long.
When she stilled,softening in his arms from exhaustion,He quickly moved,shouting her name with his last few thrust.
Exhausted ,he eased her back against the wall.
Her whole body was throbbing,her skin feverish and slick with sweat.
Nate propped his elbows on the wall beside her and leaned against it to breathe,his body cuddled between her trembling thighs.
With her arms wrapped around her,he kissed her and carried her to bed. Right there they both fall asleep.

The next morning when Nate woke up,he saw his wife in his arms. Last night was amazing for him but he still loves her no matter what happens in the past.
As the thought of her lover appears in his mind, he hates himself for sleeping with his wife lastnight.She looks cute when sleeping and he couldn’t stop staring at her.
He gave her a neck kiss. She reacted to his touch and opened her eyes.
“Good morning”,he whispered in her ear.
“Good morning…”,she whispered back.
He kissed her lips.
“How was your night…?”,he asked.
“It was amazing..”
She was talking as if nothing happened between them in the past.
“Was l better than your lover?”
“What lover…?”
“Elle …dont fool me”
“What are you talking about?”
“She is still lying…”,he yelled
“l have no idea of what you are talking about…”,she yelled back.
“Your lover and you in the guest room. l saw how he kissed your cheeks. Can you deny that”

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“No….but he he isn’t my lover”
“Will you stop lying?”,Nate’s lost his temper and gripped her shoulders.
“Stop shaking me…l am saying the truth… I should have known…Betty told u this”
“l just don’t care who told me. All l want is the truth..”
“is that what you want?”
“Yes..”,Elle stood and wore her gown and went to Nate’s office.
That’s where she saw Betty (Nate’s assistant)
Elle hit her desk frowning, “How could you this to me”
“What did l do..”
“You knew perfectly well the guy l brought home was my cousin then why did you have to lie to my husband about it..”
She was just staring at Elle. Elle gripped her shoulders.
“Answer… me or do u love Nate…”,she yelled.
“Yes…”,she shouted..”l love Nate since the first day l worked with him..”
“What!”,Nate said surprisingly.
“I lied so l could have him all to myself but none of my plan worked. I’m sorry Elle you’ve been a great friend and l betrayed you..”
Tears filled Ellie’s eyes.
“You’ve destroyed my life Betty.. You made me went through pain”
“I’m sorry Elle”
“You know what you can have him but l don’t need him anymore”,as she walked past him. Nate got her wrist.
“Let me go… Now you’ve seen the truth “,as she released his grip.