June 15, 2024

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My V Bride. Chapter 1

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My V. Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 1

Fred’s POV

I’m happy I got married to Sonia today. I can’t wait to drill her hard.

She has always tell me to wait until after marriage before we have s*x.

She obviously has no excuse now and I’m more than horny and ready to f**k.

We walked hand in hand to our room. I pulled off my clothes and went to her.

I tried to unzip her gown but she jerked back fearfully.

“Sonia! What is it? I’m only trying to unzip your gown.”

“I know…but why?”

“Why? We are married and we need to have s*x.” I said and tried to unzip it again but she flinched.

“What’s wrong, Sonia!”

“It’s my first time, you should take it easy on me.” She said.

“Sure, I will. ” I said and she finally let me unzip her gown.

She was left with her underwear, I carried her gently to the bed and pulled off her gown.

I had brought out my d**k ready to drill. I tried to pull off her p-@nt but I noticed that I couldn’t.

I try all I could to pull the p-ant off but it seems impossible, it’s like the pant is glued to her skin.

“Sonia! I don’t understand what is going on down here, I can’t pull off your p-@nt.” I lamented.


“Yes what?” I asked.

“I’m scared of being deflowered so I got a super glue and glued my p-@nt to my pu**y. ” She replied.



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