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My V Bride. Chapter 49

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 49

Sonia’s POV

Albert and I walked inside the restaurant, he had pleaded with me that I should go out with him for lunch.

I succumb to his persostent request and here we are.

“Please sit.” Albert said like a gentleman and I sat.

He then sat and pressed a ‘remote like’ material that was on the table.

He pressed the green button and an attendant appeared to us in no time.

“Welcome…these are our menu…you could pick the one you want.” The attendant said and handed over a leaflet that looked like a magazine to Albert.

“Which would you want?” He stretched the leaflet to me.

“Anyone is fine by me.” I said. That wasn’t totally true cause there are some food that I did not like.

It’s our first time and I don’t think selecting food is okay for a reputable lady like me.

Albert selected a meal and it was served.

“I hope you like this.” He said.

“Sure.” I replied briefly and started eating.

It wasn’t a food that I totally loathe.

“I’m sorry for how I had painted myself in the past, I hope you can still trust me.” He said.

“Let’s see.” I said and continued eating.

“Can I call you for lunch next time?”

“Well, if I’m not too busy, I should respond.” I said and my mind drifted to Fred.

I had stopped eating and was just staring and I did not even know.

“Are you alright?” Albert’s word jerked me off my unconscious state.

I was beginning to loose weight cause of the thoughts of Fred leaving me.

I have loved him all my life, I still love him and I do not think I can ever stop loving him.

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Fred’s POV

Sonia’s mother looked away and continued speaking to the man. She is probably surveying the bulding and I thought our faces had met.

I let out an heavy sigh in relief.

I lowered my head still and was hoping that the woman will not see me till she leaves.

The two women with our leader walked towards we workers that were in line.

My heart never stopped beating.

“You did a good job.” It was Sonia’s mom speaking this time.

“Let them have the bonus.” Sonia’s mother declared and everyone jumped up for joy, with echoes of happiness excluding me.

I’m suppose to act like others but fear of her notcing me wouldn’t let me.

I never knew that, I not doing what others are doing is what could make her notice me.